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February 4, 2002

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Power Transmission

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Precision balls

Silicon nitride balls are reportedly twice as hard, weigh 40% less, and exhibit 70% less thermal expansion than regular steel balls. With an operating temperature up to 1,800F, the balls are non-corrosive, anti-magnetic, and can be used in low-noise applications. In a vacuum environment they can run up to 500F without lubrication. Available in standard 1/32- to 1-inch diameters as well as specialty sizes, the balls are guaranteed to meet ISO standards. Applications include high-precision medical, automotive fuel injection, and anti-lock braking systems, as well as specialty bearings, and aerospace actuators.

Thomson Precision Ball Co., www.thomsonindustries.com. Enter 610

Microstepping driver

The CY-21-LP motor drive can be programmed from 25 to 300 mA for microstepping. This bipolar, chopper-type drive works with 2- and 4-phase step motors and operates in full- and half-step modes. Providing 16 microsteps per full step and a step frequency up to 200 kHz, this module can be used with power supplies from 12 to 42V dc. The driver can either have a cable connection using IDC connectors, or it can be turned upside down, then mounted on a printed circuit board or plugged into a board socket. Module dimensions are 3.3 x 1.0 x 1.675 inches. Applications are targeted toward OEM microstepping.

Cyberpak Co., www.cyberpakco.com. Enter 611

Positioning table

The 401XR and 402XR linear positioners measure 1.6 x 2.3 inches for small payload and compact conditions. Standard features include protective strip seals, precision-ground ballscrews, a high-strength recirculating bearing system, and dowel locating holes for repeatable mounting of tooling or a second axis. Modular options include non-contact linear encoders with resolutions to 0.1 microns and connectorized limit and home sensors. Configurable with selectable motor block and couplings to accept standard servo or step motors, the XRs are capable of multi-axis mounting with each other and with other 400XR products. Applications include life science, photonics, semiconductor, and general automation uses.

Parker Hannifin, www.daedalpositioning.com. Enter 612

Digital drive

DR100EE30A40NDC digital servo drive, featuring a 20 kHz digital current loop and Space Vector Modulation (SVM), reportedly achieves low heat dissipation and high current loop. The drive outputs up to 30A and accepts up to 400V dc supply voltage. The serial RS232/485 communication port and Windows-based utility allow for drive configuration and tuning. With or without Hall sensors, it may be used for encoder based sinusoidal commutation of brushless servomotors.

Advanced Motion Controls, www.a-m-c.com. Enter 613


The company's two new miniature incremental encoders, in both shaft (BSM) and hollow shaft (BHM) versions, are designed for mechanical rotary motion monitoring uses, with an 18-mm housing for space restricted areas. The encoders have angle step resolutions of up to 2,000 steps per revolution, 100 kHz maximum limit frequency, flexible interfacing, and -20 to +85C temperature range. Applications include attachment to miniature conveyor belt systems, X-Y plotter drive monitors, and miniature motors.

Baumer Electric Ltd., www.baumerelectric.com. Enter 614

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