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December 4, 2000

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Power Transmission

Step motor and driver

The aAlphaStep(TM)is a two-phase, hybrid, geared step motor and driver package with microstepping technology. The product is said to require no gain tuning, and to have a very high response since it runs open loop under normal conditions, and only runs in closed loop when a position deviation of 1.8 degrees or greater is seen. "The AlphaStep uses a built-in feedback device which constantly monitors the motor shaft to detect and correct for loss of synchronism. This is a major negative with most stepping motors, especially under a large load," says contest judge Larry Cartwright of Carnegie Mellon. "Oriental Motor's solution provides a resolver in the assembly and uses feedback information to determine when the motor is about to miss any steps."

Oriental Motor Corp., 2570 W 237th St., Torrance, CA 90505; FAX (310) 325-4146; www.orientalmotor.com.

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Servo actuator

The FHA-C actuator incorporates precise harmonic drive gearing, a brushless dc servo motor, and an optical encoder. Actuator accuracy is 30 arc-sec. The one-piece photoemitter/receptor optical encoder sends serial data via a 4-wire cable. A servo driver decodes the serial data signal to obtain the original encoder and commutation waveforms.

HD Systems Inc., 89 Cabot Ct., Hauppauge, NY 11788; FAX (631) 231-6803; www.HDSI.net.

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Belt drive

Designed for high-speed synchronous drives running above 500 rpm, the PowerGrip GT2 belt drive system features high-strength rubber compounding built into the belt teeth and durable nylon fabric on tooth surfaces. The high-strength tensile member has a neoprene backing that enables the belt to resist elongation and improves belt stability. The design lets the belts transmit up to 200% more horsepower than first-generation curvilinear synchronous belts, according to the company.

Gates Rubber Co., Box 5887, Denver, CO 80217; FAX (303) 744-4000; www.gates.com/sync.

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Busbar system

A flat busbar system with 40-mm spacing reduces the panel space required to distribute power to industrial control equipment. Features of the 360A system include: clip-on connections, a patented touch-safe cover system, and removable busbar-holder inserts to accommodate four busbar sizes. Multifunction 12 to 40A adapters are available in 45-, 54-, and 90-mm widths. The adapters include wire leads or conductor clamps, single or double DIN rails, and the ability to integrate AS-interface BUS modules to monitor control devices.

Rittal-Werk; www.rittal-corp.com.

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Caged roller guide

Type SRG caged roller guide features an elastomeric cage that isolates the rollers. The design eliminates roller-to-roller contact and roller skewing, which reduces heat, friction, and noise and increases operating speeds and product life. Side, inner, and end seals are standard to prevent debris penetration. QZ lubricator for automatic oil replenishing and LaCS contact scraper are optional.

THK America, 200 E Commerce Dr., Schaumburg, IL 60173; FAX (847) 310-1182; www.thk.com.

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External drive

The HLEZ drive allows travel up to 50m in a maintenance-free actuator package. The device employs a tread system similar to a bulldozer track. The tread interfaces with a precision aluminum rack that requires no lubrication. In addition, the drive can accommodate multiple heads on a single rail, increasing throughput and machine efficiency.

Parker Hannifin , 1140 Sandy Hill Rd., Irwin, PA 15642; FAX (724) 861-3330; www.daedalpositioning.com.

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Gear reducer

The MotionMaster 7300 planetary gear reducer combines mechanical strength, long life, and cost efficiency in an industrial-grade device that exceeds ISO 9001 standards. Involute net-shaped gears in a pressed, sinter-hardened powder-metal gear are sturdy but light in weight. And synthetic lubricants plus a gear set design that utilizes true load sharing among three planets increase product life.

Groschopp , 420 15th St. NE, Sioux Center, IA 51250; FAX (712) 722-1445; www.groschopp.com.

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Fiber alignment system

For 24/7 operation, FiberAlign 130 performs fiber-fiber, fiber-laser diode, and fiber-waveguide alignments. Its linear motor drive is a noncontact device that provides robust, accurate, and high-speed positioning. This center-driven, noncogging motor can achieve speeds of 300 mm/sec and accelerations of 1g.

Aerotech Inc. , 101 Zeta Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15238; FAX (412) 963-7459; www.aerotechinc.com.

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A proprietary material with a coefficient of friction of 0.75 to 0.95 enables XT Series Extreme Torque Brakes to produce triple the torque of standard brakes. The spring-set, power-off brake is about one-third the size of a standard unit in a given application, thus saving weight, space, and cost. The friction material has been tested under shock and vibration conditions in aerospace applications.

Electroid Co., 45 Fadem Rd., Springfield, NJ 07081; FAX (973) 467-5656; www.electroid.com.

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Motorized spindles

Dynamic Preload Control technology suppresses harmonic vibrations and chatter in the GHS line of motorized spindles. This feature lets users vary spindle stiffness and eliminate natural frequency harmonics incurred during machining. The spindles are available in four industry-standard cartridge diameters: 120, 150, 170, and 230 mm. Spindle motors are three-phase, four-pole induction units rated for 380V. A frequency inverter varies motor speed, and a closed-loop feedback system is available for infinitely variable rpm.

Russell T. Gilman Inc., Box 5, Grafton, WI 53024; FAX (262) 377-9438; www.rtgilman.com.

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KS Series ac synchronous motors produce double the torque of their predecessors, which lets users decrease the size and weight of the motor they need, increase system performance, and reduce cost. A simple resistor/capacitor control circuit provides high starting torque, quiet and smooth operation, and easy installation.

Superior Electric, 383 Middle St., Bristol, CT 06010; FAX (860) 584-1483; www.superiorelectric.com.

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Boasting 80 to 90% efficiency and a 250 inch-lb torque rating, the G250 right-angle gearbox lets users obtain higher output torques using smaller motors and reduced current levels. The design uses bevel gears to transmit power from the motor to the gearbox more efficiently than the standard worm gear.

RAE Corp., 4615 Prime Pkwy., McHenry, IL 60050; FAX (815) 363-1641; www.raemotors.com.

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Linear actuators

Designed to accelerate 3,000-lb loads with aggressive move profiles, HPLA actuators suit large work-area gantry robots and heavy-duty automation equipment. The belt-driven devices offer optional heavy-duty load capacity steel wheels and oversized steel-reinforced drive belts.

Parker Hannifin, 1140 Sandy Hill Rd., Irwin, PA 15642; FAX (724) 861-3330; www.daedal positioning.com.

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A cartridge brush assembly that maintains optimum brush force maximizes the life of LO-COG(R)Series 6000 brush-commutated dc motors. The 22-mm diameter iron-core motors are available in two lengths: 1.256 inches (1.50 oz) and 1.556 inches (2.10 oz). Modular design lets the company add customer-specified features and options during motor assembly.

Pittman, 343 Godshall Dr., Harleysville, PA 19438-0003; FAX (215) 256-1338; www.pittmannet.com.

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Linear actuator

The miniature PSK actuator module offers 30% faster travel speeds and up to 10 times the life of other linear actuators in its size class, according to the company. The clean-room-compatible module features a cover strip for a tight, reliable seal and a clean cable duct that encloses switches while conserving space. Cross-sections of the three module sizes are 50x26, 60x33, and 86x46 mm. Top speed is 1,160 mm/sec, positioning accuracy is 0.01 mm, and repeatability is 0.005 mm.

Rexroth Star , 14001 South Lakes Dr., Charlotte, NC 28273; FAX (704) 583-0523; www.starlinear.com.

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Duoplan two-speed main spindle drive gearbox features a hollow design that lets coolant pass directly through the drive motor, gearbox, and spindle. This feature eliminates the need for fittings, hoses, and nozzles to direct coolant to the cutting zone. The unit includes a high-speed rotary union.

ZF Industries, 777 Hickory Hills Dr., Vernon Hills, IL 60061; FAX (847) 478-6885; www.zf-group.com.

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Industrial robot

The motion trajectory of the F-206 NanoAutomation(TM)industrial robot is not constrained by bearings but is defined by its digital controller's firmware algorithms. Based on a linear hexapod design, the robot provides six axes of motion, offers 0.1-micron precision, and fits in a package about half the size of a shoebox.

Polytech Pl Inc.; FAX (508) 832-0506; www.polytechpi.com.

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Linear bearing

Linear Ball Transfer Bearing serves as a rack support bearing for power or manual steering gears. Rolling elements offer extremely low friction movement of the shaft, which virtually eliminates stick-slip and reduces the axial force needed to move the shaft. Self-aligning dual-race technology lets the bearing tolerate minor shaft misalignment. Specs include: height as low as 0.5 inch, and 500-lb load capacity for 2 million inches of travel.

Thomson Industries, 2 Channel Dr., Port Washington, NY 11050; FAX (516) 883-9039; www.thomsonindustries.com.

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Motion controller

The open architecture and expansion capabilities of the Emerald EMC-2000 multiaxis motion controller provide user flexibility. The controller offers SERCOS for motion control and I/O, and can coordinate up to 8 axes of motion with 500musec updates. DeviceNet extends the controller's I/O to 256 lines, so most applications won't need a separate PLC to handle I/O functions. And two PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) slots let users add features such as removable memory and Ethernet capability.

Industrial Indexing Systems, 626 Fishers Run, Victor, NY 14564; FAX (716) 924-2169; www.iis-servo.com.

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Linear actuator

This linear actuator with ball screw features a hollow-shaft motor that accommodates leadscrews with diameters up to 3/8 inch. The size-23, single-stack dc stepping motor measures 2.25x1.8 inches. With a peak operating torque of 50 inch-oz, the motor produces linear forces as great as 300 lb while providing linear travel up to 10 inches/sec. Users can choose from many optional hubs mated with ballscrew nut combinations and from a variety of motor windings to suit specific applications.

EADmotors, 1 Progress Dr., Dover, NH 03820-5450; FAX (603) 742-9080; www.eadmotors.com.

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Linear-guide seal

A high-performance end seal helps protect the company's linear guides from severe environments. The seal has a three-lip design to block contamination from the slider and retain lubrication. A wiping test showed that with the new seal the amount of particles remaining on a rail is one-tenth the amount of particles that would remain with a standard wiper seal. Applications include woodworking machines, buffers for tire manufacturing, welding lines, and laser cutting machines.

NSK Corp., 250 Covington Dr., Bloomingdale, IL 60108-3116; FAX (630) 924-8197; www.nsk-corp.com.

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Conveyor controller

DriveControl ZPA+4 can simultaneously communicate with up to four conveyor zones and coordinate with other ZPA+4s to provide accurate zero pressure accumulation. The controller works with the company's 24V dc, 1.9-inch-diameter Driveroll(R)motorized rollers, which are part of each conveyor zone. The ZPA+4 sends and receives signals from each zone and instructs a zone's driver card to turn on or off. Network control options include Seriplex and DeviceNet.

Interroll Corp., 3000 Corporate Dr., Wilmington, NC 28405; FAX (800) 830-9679; www.interroll.com.

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Motor interface

The SmartMotor Contouring Capability and G-Code Interface connect the company's SmartMotors to CAD/CAM controls, enabling the motors to perform linear and circular interpolation and convert a manual machine tool into an automated work cell. Because the motors can accept G-Codes, CNC machines can be designed with no control cabinet. Machine owners can avoid field service by removing the motor with built-in control system and sending it back to the factory for repair.

Animatics Corp., 3050 Tasman Dr., Santa Clara, CA 95054; FAX (408) 748-8725; www.animatics.com.

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Motion controller

Designed for 2-axis motion control, the MAC200 Motion Controller provides independent and coordinated movements. The 2.65x3.0x0.75-inch board features a keypad, programmable liquid-crystal display, user interrupt inputs, and a 32-bit timer. Novice programmers can use the controller because programming is in English. Experienced programmers can take advantage of more advanced features, such as generating arbitrary curves with multiple segments of linear movements.

Nyden Corp., 2610-B North First St., San Jose, CA 95134-2014; FAX (408) 232-7701; www.nyden.com.

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Servo drive

A ready-to-run servo drive package features a Model 5224AC servoamplifier that is factory-tuned to its companion 6,000-rpm NEMA size 23 servomotor. Users plug in the amplifier and input the computer commands, then the servoamplifier translates the commands into the motor power needed for sophisticated motion control. For users not familiar with servos, the amplifier protects against overtemperature, overload, short circuits, and servoamplifier and motor misapplication. Motor peak output torque is 477 or 685 inch-oz, depending on the model.

Copley Controls, 410 University Ave., Westwood, MA 02090; FAX (781) 329-4055; www.copleycontrols.com.

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Housed in a NEMA size 48 frame, Turbo low-voltage dc motors offer up to 8 hp at 15-minute intermittent duty. Long, thin permanent magnets allow increased armature size without additional barrel diameter; barrel diameter is 519/32 inches. A four-brush design reduces heating and provides longer brush life. The motors require direct current input having a form factor of 1.0 to 1.05. Versions are available for 12, 24, 36, and 48V dc input.

Leeson Electric Corp. , Box 241, Grafton, WI 53024-0241; FAX (262) 377-9025; www.leeson.com.

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Self-aligning bearing

Able to mount in panel materials as thin as 1 mm, Readymount(TM)self-clinching bearings feature an outer steel retainer to hold a steel spherical insert. A Garlock DU(TM)self-lubricating bearing, pressed into the steel insert, provides high-speed, high-load carrying capability. The Readymount can self-align within plus or minus 5%, and allows linear, rotary, and oscillatory motion-even in wet or dirty environments. Operating temperature is -330 to +540F.

Spyraflo Inc., 404 Dividend Dr., Peachtree City, GA 30269; FAX (770) 487-9299; www.spyraflo.com.

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Linear stage

The Micro Plus direct-drive linear stage eliminates the traditional mounting and coupling of a servo motor. Instead, a brushless dc servo motor is configured directly as part of a ball screw, turning the ball screw into the motor shaft. This design provides improved dynamic response, particularly for high-speed moves or high-load applications. The unit is also shorter than externally mounted motor plus stage configurations, and has fewer parts.

Bayside Motion Group, 27 Seaview Blvd., Port Washington, NY 11050; FAX (516) 484-5496; www.baysidemotion.com.

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