Power Transmision

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October 15, 2001

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Power Transmision


The RHS15 series incremental optical encoder incorporates a modular design with an integral bearing system that reportedly accommodates large axial and radial shaft movements. With resolutions up to 1,250 cycles per revolution, various outputs are available. This 1.5-inch diameter encoder is said to be small and lightweight, and is TTL compatible.

Renco Encoders Inc., www.renco.com.

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Motor controller

The 4I28 is an LM629-based 4-axis dc servo motor control system implemented on a stackable PC/104 bus card. It functions in positioning systems using dc servo motors with quadrature shaft encoders. The per-axis output of the 4128 is a PWM signal that can drive H-bridge type servo amplifiers directly. Quadrature encoder and index inputs are conditioned with RC filters and Schmitt triggers for noise immunity. Sixteen user I/O bits are available for any application use.

Mesa Electronics, www.mesanet.com.

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Shock absorbers

Industrial shock absorbers handle up to five times the maximum energy per single cycle or up to three times the maximum energy for 1,000 application cycles. The user can select models in adjustable, self-compensating, and hydro-shock configurations. Typical applications include decelerating loads, preventing impact damage, dampening noise, increasing equipment speeds, and improving product performance. The shock absorbers provide true linear deceleration and can operate in automotive manufacturing and production equipment, large robotics, and heavy-duty conveyors.

ACE Controls, www.acecontrols.com.

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Ac drive

Dual rated for variable-torque and constant-torque loads, the GP10 general-purpose open-loop vector ac drive provides speed regulation for both HVAC/R and industrial applications. Suited for use with fans and pumps in HVAC/R system operation, it features smart speed search, for accurate capturing of load speed after inadvertent shutdown.

For material handling and other industrial uses, the GP10 utilizes on-line motor tuning, a dual motor parameter table to control two separate motors simultaneously, and a keypad with copy function for easy downloading of programs.

A.O. Smith Corp., www.aosmith.com.

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Basic ac drive

The SCM Series variable-speed drives operate with a single-phase 220V supply and range from 1/3 to 3 hp. All models incorporate a small footprint, with the 1-hp unit requiring just 5.75 x 2.9 inches of panel space. The control terminal block has 11 terminals to configure input and output logic and analog inputs and outputs. All terminals are isolated, low power, and finger-safe.

AC Technology Corp., www.actechdrives.com.

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The EFSB series of electromagnetic spring-set brakes is composed of power-off models, with the brake release set to off when the power is on. The torque rating for the brakes is from 1 inch-lb up to 50 inch-lbs. The smallest model of the EFSB series is 1.38 inches in diameter, yet offers a response time of less than 25 msec. All models feature a low-inertia drive-disc assembly and are available in standard 24 and 90V dc voltages.

Electroid Co., www.electroid.com.

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These modular component linear and rotary actuators handle loads up to 3,000 lbs, speeds up to 6 inches/sec, and strokes ranging from 2 to 60 inches. The self-contained designs are available with aluminum, zinc, or polymer housings. Rotational motion ranges from 100 to 360 degrees , and torque capacity exceeds 5,100 ft-lbs of force. External components such as front and rear attachments, controls, and limit switches are reportedly easily attached. Applications include medical, food-service, and industrial applications.

SKF USA, Inc., www.skfusa.com.

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Linear bearings

Cold-drawn bearing-steel rail and internal hardened raceways protect the Compact Rail from damage due to contaminants. The rail system mounts quickly and is self-aligning, as the K+U rail system absorbs parallelism errors in three axes. Sliders with high load capacity are said to be silent and capable of high speeds. CAD drawings and catalogs are available on line, as is free customer service.

Rollon Corp., www.rollon.com.

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Servo motor

LO-COG(R) brush-commutated dc servo motors are available in a wide range of models and in varying lengths with 5-, 7-, or 11-slot skewed armature design. Achieving speeds up to 10,650 rpm and 410 oz-inches of peak torque, the motors feature resin-impregnated windings. Two-pole permanent magnet stators are constructed of ceramic or bonded neodymium magnets enclosed in heavy-gauge, steel-return rings. Options include alternate brush materials, cartridge brush assemblies, gearheads, encoders, cables, and modified shafts.

Pittman, www.pittmannet.com.

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Brushless motor

This 42-mm dc brushless motor achieves no-load speeds from 7,200 to 51,000 rpm and continuous power from 60 to 2,700W with standard windings. A slotless design is said to eliminate cogging, while a unique magnetic design reportedly achieves greater than 90% efficiency and a high power density. Hall sensor and sensorless versions are offered along with drivers. Optical encoders are available. Fuel cell blowers, turbomachinery, and submersible vehicles are some applications.

Koford Engineering, www.koford.com.

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Rotary actuator

The Model RA54-18-000A rotary, voice-coil actuator is rated at 113 oz-inch continuous stall torque. With a 300 oz-inch, 10 second, peak torque capability, the device moves through a limited angle of operation and has a rated stroke maximum of 7.5 degrees of arc. Torque sensitivity is rated at 105 plus or minus 10 oz inch/A. This unit is 2.4 x 3.6 x 1.19 inches and weighs 20 oz.

BEI Kimco Magnetics, www.beikimco.com.

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Linear actuator

Digit-HS series compact, in-line, linear actuators move at up to 14 inches/sec and can provide up to 190 lbs of force using a 35V dc driver at 1.7-3.4A. Totally enclosed with a variety of drive screw combinations, the actuator achieves 1.5-micron repeatability. Available with matching controllers and drivers for full, half-step, and micro-stepping operation, the actuator has a sealed, stainless-steel shaft reportedly making it suitable for washdown. Options include absolute analog or digital position feed back.

Ultra Motion Co., www.ultramotion.com.

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Timing-belt drive

Suitable for single-axis positioning and sequence control, the 1.75-inch AZ-1010 timing belt drive has a load carriage that is the same width as the carrier section. This design achieves a narrow profile with the belt recessed below the top surface for protection. Achieving speeds up to 11.48 ft/sec with repeatability to within plus or minus 0.007 inch, this belt drive uses neoprene/steel cord belt material with a tractive force of up to 320N. The standard unit is equipped with a 0.472-inch diameter shaft extension for motor or gearbox connection.

Amacoil Inc., www.amacoil.com.

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Ac servo system

PY series ac servo systems and other motion control products are available from 100W to 1.5kW. These compact systems achieve 177 lb-inch peak torque. Combinations are available up to 5kW, with peak torque to 421 lb-inches. These drives also accept step and direction position commands, and have external encoder inputs and digital I/O. The seventeen preconfigured systems are said to be up to 50% smaller than comparable brushless servomotors.

Automation Intelligence, www.MotionOnline.com.

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Speed control

The 3.12 x 2.37 x 1.29 inch OSC-483H/805H analog speed control board uses a digital oscillator with an output frequency of up to 100 kHz that varies with the level of the 0 to plus or minus 5V dc input via a 10k Ohm potentiometer. Using an 11-command instruction set, users can program operational parameters that are stored in non-volatile memory. A 15-pin removable screw terminal completes the wiring, and for communication a 10-pin header connects to a standard DB-9 PC serial port. A GUI is included on the CD that ships with the package.

Intelligent Motion Systems Inc., www.imshome.com.

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Series HS35 encoders mount directly to a machine or motor shaft using a hollow, floating shaft mount, and anti-rotation spring tether. These sealed encoders have dual isolated outputs that allow redundant operation or permit connection to two independent control system devices. With LED light sources, matched sensors, operation speeds to 100 kHz, and a NEMA4, IP66 rating, these encoders have resolutions to 2,500 ppr. A 5V line driver with outputs is available.

Danaher Controls, www.dancon.com.

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Linear guides

The OSP includes four adaptive modular types of linear guides targeted at both pneumatic and electric applications. Pneumatic linear drive series offers 16-, 25-, 32-, 40-, 50- and 63-mm piston diameters. Slideline is for medium loads with an optional integral brake. Powerslide uses vee rollers and two rows of ball bearings with a maximum speed of 3 m/sec for heavy loads. Guideline uses four ball bushings to handle heavy loads and achieve smooth slow speed operation of 0.02 m/sec. Proline is suitable for high-precision applications, and handles speeds up to 10 m/sec. Stainless-steel options are available for corrosion resistance.

Hoerbiger-Origa, www.hoerbiger-origa.com.

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