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October 25, 2010

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Ticona's Vectra TREX Liquid Crystal Polymer

VectraTREX LCP isdesigned for thermal forming processes and provides high heat deflectiontemperature (HDT) of 245C (473F). Vectra TREX541 also provides a 20 percent improvement in impact performance vs. standard 40 percentmineral filled LCP and a higher melt viscosity, up to 3 times greater thanstandard 40 percent mineral filled LCP.

Ticona's Vectra TREX 541 is for customers whoextrude sheets and films that can be thermoformed to finished components. It isuseful for applications in several industries:

  • Medical: For use in sterilizable traysand equipment

  • Aerospace: MeetsFlame, Smoke and Toxicity (FST) requirements for use in aircraft interiorapplications

  • Semiconductor: Provides high stiffness and a low coefficient of thermal expansion for use inchip carriers

Vectra TREX541 also extends the application possibilities for the kitchenware and foodindustries. Vectra TREX LCP can be used to produce vacuum-formed large-formatsheets or pans that can rapidly heat up and cool down.
Ticonaa euro (TM)s Vectra TREX Liquid Crystal Polymer_A

Ticonaa euro (TM)s Vectra TREX Liquid Crystal Polymer_A

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