Soarus LLC's New Nichigo G-Polymer

May 28, 2009

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Soarus LLC's New Nichigo G-Polymer

MATERIALS:  Soarus LLC’s Nichigo G-PolymerTM is a multi-functional barrier and water solution polymer developed by its parent company, Nippon Gohsei of Japan. Properties of Nichigo G-PolymerTM include: biodegradability, water solubility at room temperature, non-foaming when dissolved in water, gas barrier (200x better oxygen barrier dry versus EVOH), high clarity and extrudability with wide melt temperature processing window. In water solutions, it has chemical reactivity - receptive to crosslinking agents, protective colloid for acrylic emulsions and a dispersing agent for inorganic materials. The polymer design flexibility meets specific application needs. Nichigo G-PolymerTM, when used in combination with other resins in applications such as bicomponent fibers, nonwoven fabrics, filters, polymer alloys and multi-layer films, makes possible the development of high-strength, flexible, antistatic and hydrophilic functional products.

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