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Brush-on Polymer Seals Porosity in WeldsBrush-on Polymer Seals Porosity in Welds

DN Staff

February 8, 2011

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Brush-on Polymer Seals Porosity in Welds

Impco Inc.'s WeldSealis a high-performance brush-on methacrylate compound formulated for sealingporosity in welds that will contain gases under pressure or liquids. WeldSeal's low dynamic viscosity enables itto wick deeply into pores, seams and between close-fitting ferrous metalsurfaces. After WeldSeal has cured inthe porosity or voids, excess material on the surface is rinsed away with water,leaving the surface clean and ready for painting or other operations. WeldSeal does not alter critical surfacedimensions.

WeldSealcomes packaged in a 250ml kit with a shelf life of 6-12 months. Mixing the sealant's two components creates aVOC-free, low-viscosity, pale blue liquid that can be easily applied bybrush. Once mixed, WeldSeal has anextended pot life of about one day, allowing multiple parts to be treated fromthe same kit. Drawing a vacuum improvespenetration. WeldSeal's unique chemistryallows cleanup of parts, tools and brushes with water - no detergents orsolvents are required. Cured WeldSeal formsa pressure-tight mass that withstands continuous service temperatures of up to179C (355F). Parts treated with WeldSealhave been tested leak-free at over 150psi. Cured WeldSeal has a typical hardness of 95 Shore D (ASTM D2240) and exhibitsresistance to a broad range of chemicals, including oils, glycol, chlorinatedand fluorinated solvents, mild caustics, acid solutions and water.
Brush-on Polymer Seals Porosity in Welds

Brush-on Polymer Seals Porosity in Welds

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