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A new kind of online help

A new kind of online help

There are as many different problem-solving approaches as there are engineers trying to solve design problems. Nevertheless, at some point in a project, virtually every engineer wants to discuss possible solutions with colleagues or ask their advice. That's part of the reason people invented brainstorming, co-located project teams, offices without walls--and technical magazines.

Magazines? You bet. By showing how others have solved the same problems you have, magazines can stimulate thinking and discussion that can lead to innovation. Now, Design News is going a major step further.

We'll put you together with an expert in the technical disciplines you're grappling with so you can ask questions, discuss problems, and get free advice.

"Ask the expert" is a new service that we will be adding to this magazine's web site, Say you're trying to decide between hydraulics or electronics in controls. Or, you're debating a switch from 2D to 3D CAD and you don't know the ramifications of each choice. Ask our experts for their advice.

They are application engineers who come from the major companies providing or using technology such as software, computer hardware, fasteners, electronics components, materials, power transmission devices, fluid power, and motion control in several markets. Using this service, you will be able to read what they have written to other engineers visiting the site, discuss engineering problems, and ask your own technical questions. You'll get your answers directly via e-mail from the expert within 48 hours. And, we'll post your question and answer on the site to help other engineers who may be grappling with the same problem.

To take advantage of the service, you'll go to and click on Channels (to the right of your screen). Then you'll choose from one of the 16 market and technology channels, and find your expert. You can even become an expert yourself by contacting our web editor, Paula Porter, at [email protected]

Stay tuned for the arrival of this new form of on-line help. We hope will be useful to you.

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