Steinmeyer's State-of-the-Art Air Bearing Gantry System

DN Staff

February 22, 2010

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Steinmeyer's State-of-the-Art Air Bearing Gantry System

MOTION CONTROL: Steinmeyer Inc.’s new precision, multi-axis air bearing gantry system consists of an XY stage utilizing air bearings plus a conventional ball screw driven Z table.  It is ideal wherever there is a need for ultra-high-precision and outstanding dynamic performance. Typical uses include laser machining, inspection systems, pick-and-place devices, dispensing systems, and gene chip production equipment.

These stages (which may be completely customized) achieve the following standard XY specifications: travel is 600 x 600 mm, positional accuracy is 10 microns, positioning repeatability is ±1 micron, straightness and flatness is 1 micron. Both X and Y stages are driven by ironless, electrodynamic linear motors with maximum acceleration of 10 m/s² and velocity of 1,000 mm/s. Position feedback is accomplished via an incremental linear encoder with a resolution of 50 nm. Typical Z stage performance includes: 25 to 200 mm travel; positional accuracy of 10 microns and repeatability of ±1 micron.  A separate motion control option is available based on customer specifictions.


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