Servo2Go's DC Tachometer Generators Feature Low Ripple

DN Staff

April 1, 2010

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Servo2Go's DC Tachometer Generators Feature Low Ripple

ELECTRONICS: Servo2Go added a new high-performance dc Tachometer Generator to its broad range of analog feedback devices and sensors.

Manufactured by Servo-Tek Products Co. Inc. theCS-7514F-51C tachometer features:

  • Low Ripple Tach Generator 1.5 percent peak to peak (with 72 HKz filter)

  • Gettys motor compatibility

  • 3V per 1,000 rpm standard - other voltages available

  • 250 diameter stainless-steel shaft

  • Two shaft extensions .650 inch (CS-7561F-51C) and .875 inch (CS-7514F-51C)

  • Standard servo and face mount with .500 inch pilot

  • Special one-piece anodized housing

  • Lead wires and rear cover included

  • High -quality ball bearings

  • Varnish impregnated armature for high-speed reversing applications

  • Linearity 0.1 percent

  • Silver commutator

-Edited by Kelsey Anderson

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