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November 1, 1999

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Servo gearhead holds up to continuous duty

Thomson Micron's UltraTrue CD(R) gearhead doubles service life in high-speed, continuous-duty applications. "The new gearhead lasts better than twice as long as conventional planetary gearheads when used in continuous applications," says Serge Jean-Charles, Thomson Micron's product supervisor for power transmission products.

UltraTrue CD specifies a 4,500 rpm input speed, and a 98.5% mesh efficiency with an extended life. Istrophic tooth surface treatment reduces friction and scoring probability. The design also features post-heat-treatment flank-finished carburized gears, a tooth profile that reduces sliding contact in the gear mesh, and tooth crowning for even load distribution across the gear's flank, according to Jean-Charles. In addition, a unique venting system reduces internal pressure, and a passive filtration system keeps the lubricant clean. Improvements compared to conventional gearheads include:

A 25,000 hr service life

  • A 20% backlash reduction over industry standard

  • Lower startup backlash and lower backlash increase over time

  • Efficiency improvements ranging from 3% to 6% (at 25% torque)

  • A reduction of the normal running temperature

  • An 8 dB reduction in noise

Thomson Micron's UltraTrue CD uses novel surface treatments that reduce friction and heat generation to effectively double service life in high-speed, continuous-duty servo applications

Additional Details...Phil Shaw, Thomson Micron, 50 Alexander Ct., Ronkonkoma, NY 11779; Tel: (516) 467-8000; FAX: (516) 467-9814; www.thomsonindustries.com

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