Motor-Drive Module Includes CANopen Interface and Programming Language

October 8, 2009

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Motor-Drive Module Includes CANopen Interface and Programming Language

The small PIM3605 module from Technosoft caught my eye because it lets engineers control brushless-DC, brushed-DC, linear, or step motors at continuous powers as high as 180W (36V at , 5A), or 600W peak. The module supports the CAN in Automation (CiA) standards DS-301 and DSP402 for CANopen, which makes the module suitable for applications that communicate over a controller-area network (CAN) bus. A module measures 67 x 43 x 20 mm and weighs only 27 g. For details, visit: Cost: approximately $US 350.


The PIM3605 works with incremental encoders and with digital or linear Hall-effect sensors to monitor motor speeds. Designers can use the company’s EasyMotion Studio software and its Technosoft Motion Language (TML) to program motor characteristics, speed profiles, and so on. The high-level TML instructions let developers define and control motion sequences from a CAN master, or they can control stand-alone preprogrammed motion sequences via digital inputs on the module.

Developers can download a demonstration version of the EasyMotion Studio to give it a try. The complete EasyMotion Studio software costs $US 395, but developers can get a quick and economic start with an all-in-one plug-and-play package that includes the following hardware and software components:

  • An intelligent servo drive (for example, the PIM3605)

  • An I/O board with input (buttons), output (LEDs), and potentiometer interfaces

  • A motor (varies by kit type)

  • The EasyMotion Studio software and license

Depending on the kit chosen–the company offers eight types–costs run from $US 595 to 895. You can learn more about the kits at: Kits are available worldwide.

The company also provides EasySetUp software (free download) that lets you quickly set up a drive/motor for an application. And you can also use this software when you will programming and control motor movements via an external device such as an industrial PC or PLC that use the Technosoft motion libraries. Technosoft has its main office in Switzerland and maintains sales offices in the US and in other European countries. You can contact John Chandler in the US office in Canton, Michigan at: 734-667-5275.

A PIM3605 can control complex motions such as contouring, profiling, electronic gearing or camming, and position-velocity-time (PVT) characteristics programmed directly in the module. An external supervisory PC or PLC can handle overall system control functions. –Jon Titus

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