Chipset controls brushed and brushless motors

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February 7, 2000

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Chipset controls brushed and brushless motors

To push the cost/performance envelope in motion-system design, more engineers are using different motor types on a single machine. But until recently, this was only possible with board-level motion controllers. Now engineers have a lower cost option: The Navigator(TM) MC2800 Series of multiple motor type motion processors.

Designed to control brushed and brushless servomotors, the chipset supports sinusoidal commutation of two- or three-phase brushless motors as well as positioning and velocity control of brushed servomotors. "MC2800's flexibility, price, and performance help designers meet motion requirements with a versatile, compact product," says PMD President and CEO Chuck Lewin.

Comprised of a 132-pin processor and a 100-pin logic device (both surface-mount CMOS technology powered by 5V), the design reduces motion controller cost, size, and complexity, while off-loading the application's host processor from resource-intensive motion-control functions. PMD's instruction set supports more than 130 commands that offer designers flexibility and versatility during programming, says Lewin.

The processor supports user selectable profiling modes including S-curve, trapezoidal, velocity contouring, and electronic gearing. The processor sends two or three separate motor signals per axis, either in a 16-bit DAC or 10-bit, 20-kHz PWM-compatible format. Applications include industrial automation, robotics, medical, and test and laboratory equipment. Prices start at $69 in OEM quantities.

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