Applimotion Extends its Line of Slotless, Frameless Motors

July 22, 2009

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Applimotion Extends its Line of Slotless, Frameless Motors

One ongoing trend in motor technology is the scaling andmorphing of existing solutions into new products targeted at uniqueapplications.

Applimotion engineers, for example, have extended thecompany's line of ULT slotless, direct-drive frameless motors with new sizes andperformance curves. Though 20-25% more costly than conventional motors, themotors offer new capabilities for engineers designing gimbal systems, directdrive rotary stages, large through-hole automation systems, and turret indexingsystems.

 "Any application that needs to scan smoothly at very lowspeeds can benefit from these zero cogging motors," says Robert Mastromattei,Vice President. "The performance is similar to air core linear motor technologyused in semiconductor, electronics, and precision automation applications."

 Motor sizes are currently offered in sizes ranging from a 50to 228-mm diameter, and design engineers are currently working on a 635-mmdiameter version. The motors can be wound for operation from 12 to 230V. Customtorque-speed curves are available for customers using Applimotion's ExpertSystem models that predicts performance based on the application's driveelectronics and voltage limits.

Though slotless motors are a cleaner design from a magnetic standpoint,they can be a challenge to make as they must incorporate a cylindrical windingthat is physically outside the set of magnets and must be held in place.According to Mastromattei, the motors are potted with a NASA-approved lowoutgas two-part epoxy,using the same coil winding and placement processes asused in the company's line of linear motor technology. Get the ULT motorsdatasheet.

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