Allegro MicroSystems' New 6 A H-Bridge DC Motor Driver

September 14, 2009

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Allegro MicroSystems' New 6 A H-Bridge DC Motor Driver

ELECTRONICS:  Allegro MicroSystems’ new fully protected, single chip, full-bridge motor driver IC, the SPF7302, is for dc brush motor applications. This new solution enhances the user’s system reliability compared to other discrete solutions and is targeted at the automotive and industrial markets. The SPF7302 includes various integrated protection circuits and an externally adjustable delay timer to halt the OCL for proper motor startup. Open load detections are also present at start-up to ensure steady operation of the device. Other key features of this device include: overvoltage protection (OVP); overcurrent protection (OCP) with latch, which is adapted to the DMOSFETs in each full bridge; undervoltage lockout (UVLO); and overcurrent limitation. The package is a thermally enhanced 16-pin HSOP power package with an exposed thermal pad on the bottom side of the package. It is priced at $5.10 in quantities of 1,000.

- Edited by Jennifer Roy


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