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Tiny Projectors, Big PicturesTiny Projectors, Big Pictures

DN Staff

March 16, 2009

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Tiny Projectors, Big Pictures

Pico-projectors are getting smaller, but they're projecting sharp high resolution images as large as 60 inches. 3MTM recently unveiled the MM200 Mobile Projection Engine, which uses less than 1W of LED power to project a 15-inch image in a normally lighted room or up to 60 inch in a darkened room. The battery-operated module, which is only 10-mm thick, is based on an imager from Displaytech(R) that generates 360 color fields per second over a temperature range of -10 to 70C. 3MTM also makes a line of MPro Professional Projectors, which are shrinking the size of projection systems.

Tiny Projectors Big Pictures

Tiny Projectors Big Pictures

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