Test, Measurement, and Control Instrumentation

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August 25, 1997

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Test, Measurement, and Control Instrumentation


Microprocessor-based differential pressure and flow instruments give users the ability to present readings on analog or digital displays and interact with computer systems. The instruments provide current, voltage, frequency, or RS-232 serial communication signals, plus two independently adjust-able SPDT relay outputs. EMI/RFI-protected Hall-effect sensors and circuitry convert pressure or flow values to electrical signals that are transmitted via a 3-wire cable to the user's equipment. A selection of useful flow and differential pressure ranges are included in the first group of instruments that include four explosion-proof models.
Orange Research Inc., 140 Cascade Blvd., Milford, CT 06460, FAX (203) 783-9546.


This controller provides the power and flexibility of a high-speed distributed I/O network in an ultra-compact package and is based on the SRMI micro network rather than on the controller's fixed I/O. The controller is expandable from 4 to 256 I/O and offers communications options including RS-232C communications to a PC.
Omron Electronics Inc., 1 E. Commerce Dr., Schaumburg, IL 60173, FAX (847) 843-8081.


Model 2410 is a high-voltage SourceMeter(R) and Model 2420 is a high-current SourceMeter(R). Both combine precision voltage and current sources with a high-resolution digital multimeter and measurement firmware. Source accuracy (1 year) varies from 0.02 to 0.88% depending on instrument and measurement range. The instruments can make more than 1,000 non-buffered readings per second at 41/2 digits resolution over an IEEE-488 bus, or 2,000 readings per second into memory.
Keithley Instruments Inc., 28775 Aurora Rd., Cleveland, OH 44139, FAX (216) 248-6168.


This oil-quality, capacitive-based sensor measures changes in the dielectric constant of oil. The dielectric constant gradually increases as antioxidant additives in the oil deplete and rapidly increases if coolant contaminates the oil. Output increases as the dielectric constant increases. The sensor requires 5V input and the output changes from 0.5 to 4.5V through the life span of the engine oil. Primarily designed for automotive applications, the sensor can be configured for other application-specific requirements.
Kavlico Corp., 14501 Los Angeles Ave., Moorpark, CA 93021, FAX (805) 523-7125.


The FGM Series hand-held fluxgate magnetometers measure low-level magnetic fields from dc to 400 Hz for package inspection, magnetic signatures, MRI field mapping, and shielding effectiveness. The magnetometers can measure dc magnetic fields from 1 gamma to 2 gauss on three full-scale ranges: plus or minus 2,000, plus or minus 200, and plus or minus 20 milligauss, and provide 1 gamma resolution on the 200 milligauss range and plus or minus 0.02% linearity on all ranges. The 9V battery-powered magnetometers incorporate a 31/2-or 41/2-digit LCD display and a buffered plus or minus 2V analog out-put capable of driving a strip-chart recorder or connecting a data acquisition system. They have a dc to 100 or 400 Hz frequency response and a noise level of less than 0.5 gamma.
Walker Scientific Inc., Rockdale Street, Worcester, MA 01606, FAX (508) 856-9931.


The protechline lightning and overvoltage arresters guard against equipment damage in industrial and process-control operations. A zone concept is used to reduce the effect of direct- and nearby-lightning as well as surges, electrostatic discharges, and other types of transient voltages. The Power LP lightning arresters use a spark gap technology conforming to IEC Standard 1312-1. They are connected from each power line to the ground. Modules are compact and self-extinguishing, allowing easy handling, plus repetitive high-performance operation.
Entrelec Inc., 1950 Hurd Dr., Irving, TX 75038, FAX (800) 862-5066.


Type 8030 electronic inline continuous-flow sensor and Type 8035 flow transmitter or batch controller are modular units that feature an integrated inline design with a built-in paddle-wheel and quarter-turn, 'bayonet'-style mounting platform. The inline design eliminates the need to physically drop the flow sensor down into the fitting and worry about achieving the right insertion depth or angle to the flow. Because the paddle-wheel flow sensor is integrated within the fitting, no contact is ever made with the fluid. The integrated fitting promotes modularity of function, and electronic modules connect to the fitting's bayonet mount with a quick quarter turn.
Burkert Contromatic, 2602 McGaw Ave., Irvine, CA 92614, FAX (714) 223-3198.


The LDT100 Series of ultrasonic linear displacement transducers offers direct displacement measurement and control in a 2- to 36-inch and longer stroke range with plus or minus 0.007-inch resolution and plus or minus 1% accuracy over temperature. Features include 12-bit D/A analog output, a 30 measurement per second sample rate, and optional serial outputs, all in a corrosion-resistant housing. The LDT100 units are suitable for real-time linear displacement measurements of machine members, structural joints, suspension components, and many other linear- and rotary-position control jobs ranging from automotive to mining applications.
Contaq Ultrasonic Products, 100 Allen Brook Lane, Williston, VT 05495, FAX (802) 872-0474.


Dash 8 8-channel field recorder displays and records real-time data at frequencies up to 2 kHz. The unit features a 10.4-inch active color LCD monitor, internal 1-Gbyte hard drive, DSP for programmable filtering, and a built-in 100-Mbyte removable Zip drive for data transfer and archiving. The recorder also has an input range of 50 mV to 500V full scale, and can record voltage, current, temperature, strain, and pressure. The unit can be used for acquiring, viewing, and printing data in applications in the aerospace, automotive, and metals manufacturing industries.
Astro-Med Inc., 600 E. Greenwich Ave., West Warwick, RI 02893, FAX (401) 822-2430.

Label dispenser

"Dispense-A-Temp" semi-automatic label dispenser applies temperature indicators at a rate of 60 per minute. By releasing the hand trigger, temperature-indicating labels are systemically released and applied to the assembly. Handling is not required except to load a new roll, which consists of 500 labels. The label dispenser is suitable for assembly and production-control applications.
Tempil degrees , Div. of Air Liquide America Corp., 2901 Hamilton Blvd., South Plainfield, NJ 07080, FAX (908) 757-9273.

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