Study Reveals Current Trends in Embedded Market

DN Staff

May 5, 2011

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Study Reveals Current Trends in Embedded Market

A 2011 survey of embedded systems developers reveals detailed information onembedded developers' tools and work environment, applications targeted, methodsand processes used, operating systems used, brands and chips used and beingconsidered for adoption, issues being confronted and demographics. Manyquestions in this survey have been trended over five years, resulting in a richdataset that represents respondents from across the embedded industry and providesa deep analysis to track key changes in the electronics industry.

A PDF of the 2011 EmbeddedMarket Study,presented by, isnow available for $77.00 US.

The raw data for this study is also available for$450.00 USD; it provides online access to the application and the SPSS data map(on request) which was used to compile all the results. With a subscription toEE Times Confidential, a 30 percent discount will be applied to the EmbeddedStudy or the raw data.

The study can be accessed at:

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