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Solid-State Soft Starters

DN Staff

January 25, 2011

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Solid-State Soft Starters

AutomationDirect's line of Stellar soft starters now includes theSR44 series of solid-state soft starters to control three-phase ac inductionmotors. The fully digital SR44 soft starters use thyristors in all three motorphases to provide controlled reduced voltage motor control for smoothacceleration/deceleration and reduced mechanical shock and starting stress.

The SR44 series features 115 or 230V ac selectablecontrol voltage, as well as easily and separately adjustable motor start andstop times. The Automatic Application Setup feature fully configures thestarter for specific applications with one entry. The energy-saving OptimizingMode improves motor efficiency and power while delivering the demanded torqueat low rpm.

These fully programmable units are equipped withsix-button keypads with two-line, 32-character displays; programmable I/O forremote control applications include a single digital input and two relayoutputs. An optional Modbus communication card and remote keypad are alsoavailable.

Suitable for a variety of motor loads, Stellar SR44 soft starters can be used formotor reversing, with external contactors, and can be connected "in-delta",allowing for use of a smaller soft starter.

Stellar SR44 soft starters are UL listed, CE, REACH,and RoHS approved. Size 1 starters, with 9A to 146A current ratings, start at$769; Size 2 starters, with 174A to 370A current ratings, start at $2,030.
Solid-State Soft Starters

Solid-State Soft Starters

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