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January 12, 2004

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Real-time rendering

Surf v4.3 has over 100 enhancements to capabilities including automotive Class A surface creation and editing, tool and die production, and body-in-white. Features include digital mock-up, 3D model visualization, and animation. Surf's adaptive visualization technology includes curve-based animation and turntable tools for on-the-fly vehicle completion. ICEM Ltd.


20-24 hours of CAD training

CAD training products for Pro/ENGINEER are available online through CADTRAIN's program. COACH for INTRALINK 3.3 for Pro/INTRALINK data management system is designed for parts creators and assemblers. The course includes 20-24 hours of learning about Workspace and Commonspace, handling changes, promoting objects, creating baselines, and working with family tables, formats, and concepts. Cadtrain


Full inspection support

The CMMWorks programming and simulation software package is designed for integration into SolidWorks 2003. The software reportedly reduces CMM downtime, allows the use of original CAD geometry, and helps prevent probe head collisions. Features include full support for the inspection of prismatic parts like probe heads, profiles, constructed geometry, and patterns. AccuMetria


Breaks attribute persistence barriers

Preparing models for analysis simulation is made easier using the Simulation Modeling Suite v5.0. The software defines simulation attributes and assigns them to the model. Features include ModelSim attribute management, automatic small feature suppression, and access to various CAD systems and all major modeling kernels. The suite reportedly allows CAD/CAE software vendors to bridge the gap between design and simulation. Simmetrix


For extreme visualization

A series of graphics solutions on selected models of MaxPac portable workstations is available, featuring high performance graphics memory, powerwall large projection, frame lock, and Genlock for video and broadcast. The NVIDIA Quadro FX 3000 visual processing software is designed for medical, simulation, animation, mechanical CAD, satellite imagery, and military C4ISR. Maxvision Corp.


Virtual, large-scale prototyping

An EDA software company will integrate HarnessLink(R) wiring harness and system design tools into its simulation software. SIMPLORER(R) has a system analysis engine that reportedly allows design with a high degree of automation. HarnessLink adds data management capabilities, accelerating the process for automotive, aerospace, and marine manufacturers. Ansoft Corp.


Precise, smooth prototypes

Calling their collaboration a complete art-to-part solution, Roland announced that designers can scan, design, and prototype parts in three steps. The system is comprised of the LPX-250 laser scanner, STL freeform modeling program, and three-axis servo-driven MDX-650 milling device. Smaller milling devices are available. Roland DGA


Upgraded image manipulation

A rendering application and industrial design software enhancements are available for automotive and other product designers. ImageStudio(TM), for rendering and communication, and StudioTools(TM), for modeling and surfacing, join an upgraded version PortfolioWall(TM), an image presentation tool. The combination reportedly allows 3D image rendering in a fraction of the standard time. Silicon Graphics


Growing Linux cluster environment

Linux cluster solutions for the U.K. and Ireland are available through the company's workload and job scheduler software, PBS Pro, which enhances software programs like crash simulation and computational fluid dynamics, and a computer maker. The hardware/software combination, in use at major auto manufacturers, is reportedly a turnkey system for complete virtual design. Altair Engineering Ltd.


Advanced geometric healing

ST-Plan v1.0 is reportedly fast and efficient software for creating CNC control files from STEP data. The software reportedly recognizes manufacturing features and generates process plans. ST-Plan is machine-independent and defines tolerances, features, processes, and tool requirements. Highlights include feature recognition, integrated graphics, database technology, and geometric healing. STEP Tools Inc.


Controls, manages, and tracks

Adept 5.1 for SolidWorks 2003 is an add-on program for document and data management in engineering and design workgroups. Vaulting technology allows users to search, sign parts out and in, and work through the Internet, WAN, and LAN. The software reportedly works with Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD-based design tools. It automatically extracts or writes custom properties in SolidWorks. Synergis Technologies Inc.


Choose alternative design scenarios

Nlighten is reportedly the first application to provide decision support to product engineers addressing product lifecycle economics. The program alerts users to product cycle issues in real time, helping prevent cost escalation. Users optimize lifecycle costs, such as warranty, as a design variable, for more accurate ROI estimates. Ninatek


Swap and send files

CATIA v5 UG CADverter is an adjunct product designed to exchange CAD data between CATIA v5 and Unigraphics 18, and UGNX. CAverter is a suite of direct database converters covering proprietary formats like acIS, I-DEAS, SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER, STEP AP214, CADDS 4 and 5X, Autodesk Inventor, and Mechanical Desktop. Theorem Solutions


Extends power to Mac OS X

ProCONCEPT 2.0 is available for Mac OS X. The design software solution allows users to capture, explore, and develop product designs, create realistic digital models, combine sketching and modeling, retouch images, model curves and facets, and paint directly to 3D models. Features include photo-realistic images, real-time rendering, photo rendering, and transfer to and from MCAD and collaboration systems. PTC


Fast, hybrid FEA meshes

A fluid flow software release includes CAD/CAE capability to produce hybrid FEA meshes for fluid domains defined in solid modelers. Improvements include flow-through-porous-media capability, for materials like filters and catalyst beds, and the ability to analyze flow inside products. The system is designed to predict steady and unsteady flow patterns for laminar and turbulent flows. Algor Inc.


Solid modeler, solver

Comet-Design, a CAE software stand-alone package, integrates with CAD programs and includes a solid modeler, automatic mesher, solver, and visualizer. Computational meshes are formed from polyhedral cells, which reportedly help the solver run faster and accurately. Comet-Design helps engineers perform up-front parametric studies using the solid modeler or imported model. CD Adapco


Share model data

OneView Lite and OneView Professional add support for VRML files to its standard formats-EDS-IDEAS, JT, and STL. Users can share data outside the originating application for digital mockup, planning, design verification, and marketing. The professional version allows full markup, measurement, and advanced manipulation functions in the 3D VRML format. CAD Centric Systems Inc.


Supports 16 million colors

An XML-based standard for graphics on the web, reportedly gives developers and designers the ability to create lightweight, interactive, and extensible documents. SVG offers near-perfect positioning of objects including shapes, text, and raster graphics like PNGs and JPGs. Features of the text include creating basic shapes, adding style, text processing, animation, and publishing. LearnSVG.com


Supports CATIA, SolidWorks

FeatureCAM(R) offers direct data transfers in Autodesk(R), including Autodesk Inventor 7, as well as in Pro/ENGINEER(R) and Solid Edge(R). According to the company, the software is also compatible with CATIA 4 and 5, AutoCAD 2004, and STEP AP203 and AP214. FeatureCAM includes FeatureMILL2.5D, FeatureMILL3D, FeatureTURN, FeatureWIRE, and more. Engineering Geometry Systems


Teaches SolidWorks eLearning offers SolidWorks 2004 update training. The company provides a knowledge management system to design industries, and the SolidWorks course includes five upgrades: systems, parts modeling, assembly design, drawing creation, as well as add-ins. Also included are over five hours of instruction on weldments, tables, deform feature, part material, mold design automation, and texture maps, the company adds. Cadpo


Solid models, surfaces parts

The IronCAD product line integrates with Rhino through a module that combines the mechanical detailing and surface styling power of the software, respectively. According to the company, when the two products are installed on one machine, users can import and edit from either. In addition, when an edit session is done in Rhino, it automatically closes and the work goes back to IronCAD. The operations are performed nearly seamlessly for the user, the company adds. Ironcad LLC

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