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April 26, 2004

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Ink jet printer

Flexible character size, printheads

Able to code up to five lines of text in 3/16- to 5-inch character size, the Jet-A-Mark(R) DOD 5400 provides users with a choice of 16- or 32-valve printheads. It is designed to print text at variable character heights with greater title angles, and its built-in network can reportedly link and control 64 units from one keyboard or from a PC, PLC, or mainframe. It is suitable for printing ink on porous and non-porous surfaces, such as plastics, metals, packaging, building materials, galvanized steel, and wood. Matthew International Corp. http://rbi.ims.ca/3848-629

Simulation technology

Increased speed

The company has reportedly boosted the speed of its real-time hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation technology for testing electronic control units (ECUs). The dSPACE Simulator HIL system is designed to be faster than solutions based on commonly available PCs, and provide unmatched processor power, incredibly fast access to I/O hardware, and ultra-low latency times. It is available with processor hardware based on 64-bit x 86 server processor technology. dSPACE http://rbi.ims.ca/3848-630

CAD/CAM software

Easier programming

The Mastercam(R) Router Version 9 CAD/CAM software is engineered to offer greater speed, easier programming, and tools for new business opportunities. The company has made the changes on the new software based primarily on direct feedback from router users. The package controls block or "gang" drills,and optimizes the drilling routine, dropping the correct drills according to the drill pattern that is being machined. CNC Software Inc. http://rbi.ims.ca/3848-631

Simulation software

Design and analysis in one

Created to combine design and analysis, the CFD-CADalyzer will reportedly catalyze the increased focus on "getting it right the first time" at the early conceptual design phase of product development. Users are able to work with their 3D modeler and then generate a mesh with the product. The software allows parametric studies using the CAD system for geometric changes, permitting users to assess the potential performance of multiple design variants. ESI Group http://rbi.ims.ca/3848-632

Engineering software

More accurate alignment

The new version of CopyCAD reverse engineering software is designed to provide faster and more accurate alignment of multiple scans. This will reportedly make it less difficult to accurately match data collected from a series of scans of different parts of the model. It also features new curve creation and editing tools to allow for easier surfacing, as well as improvements to its abilities to develop horizon lines. This is reportedly helpful for users who want to produce tooling designs from scan information, without first surfacing the data. Delcam http://rbi.ims.ca/3848-633

Design package

100-MByte server repository

Alibre Design Expert is an extension of the company's Alibre Design family of 3D solid modeling products. The new product adds a six-month license of MSC.visualNastran Motion(a), a year of SprutCAM, and 90 days of Machinist ToolBox to the components available in Alibre Design Professional. It also features a part library with millions of standard and manufacturer parts, as well as basic three-axis milling and post-processors with CAM software from MecSoft. Alibre Inc. http://rbi.ims.ca/3848-634

Panel computer

With 17-inch LCD

The PPC-174T is an Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 processor-based panel PC with a 17-inch LCD display. It has multiple expansion capability designed for flexible integration into solutions or stand-alone application support. The 17-inch wide-screen TFT display is suitable for a variety of multimedia applications. The display is driven by the onboard 845GV chipset, which features an integrated graphics controller with Intel Extreme Graphics, Hyper-Threading Technology support, and an AC'97 controller that delivers Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. Advantech Automation Corp. http://rbi.ims.ca/3848-635

ProductCenter PLM solution

Extend collaboration capabilities

SofTech Inc. and Cimmetry Systems have released their ProductCenter PLM solution, integrated with AutoVue technology to extend the product's collaboration capabilities. It will also reportedly enhance the solution's document management, design integration, configuration control, change management, and enterprise integration capabilities for optimizing product development. Users will reportedly be able to design, markup, and collaborate in real-time on native product data of virtually any type from within ProductCenter. Cimmetry Systems Inc. http://rbi.ims.ca/3848-636

3D subsystem

High speed, ease of use

Designed to provide users with unparalleled speed, precision, and price, the TurboCAD(R) Professional version 10 from IMSI(R) uses the 3D ACIS Modeler R11, 3D Deformable Modeling, and two translators from the company's 3D InterOp line. It is suitable for those who need high-level performance and ease of use in a desktop CAD application. Dassault Systemes http://rbi.ims.ca/3848-637

Desktop offering

View, markup, and collaboration software

Now available is a desktop version of Brava!(R) view, markup, and collaboration software. It is designed to fill out the line of Brava visualization products, which currently includes Brava Enterprise, Brava Desktop, Brava Reader, and Brava SDK. It is a Windows-executable and ActiveX component that views, marks up, and prints native document, image, and CAD drawing formats, as well as IGC's content sealed format. A trial beta version can be downloaded at www.bravaviewer.com. Informative Graphics Corp. http://rbi.ims.ca/3848-638


With 64-bit technology

The IntelliStation A Pro is reportedly the first Opteron-based workstation from a major worldwide vendor. It is designed to offer exceptional price and performance for both 32- and 64-bit applications, which is critical for customers currently hitting memory limitations on current hardware systems. Opteron's support provides two benefits, according to the company. These benefits are a local migration patch to move from 32- to 64-bit applications, and a price entry point that is considerably less than a current system with comparable performance. IBM http://rbi.ims.ca/3848-639

CATIA V5/SolidWorks Translator


CAT5WORKS V1.0 is integrated in SolidWorks and allows direct import and export of native CATIA V5 format files from within SolidWorks. It reportedly reduces the complexity of data transfer between the two systems. Cat5Works CATIA V5 to SolidWorks module offers such features as entity filtering for selective transfer, support for CATIA V5 Release 6 through 12 files, and support for CATIA V5 parts and assemblies. CAT5Works SolidWorks to CATIA V5 module offers such features as support for CATIA V5 Release 6 and higher, and support for SolidWorks 2003 and 2004. CADCAM-E http://rbi.ims.ca/3848-640

Computer spec sheets

Available on revised website

The company has revamped its website, now offering a range of additional technical information and reportedly providing faster, easier navigation by ensuring all information, such as product specs and datasheets, is immediately available. The site provides complete specs for all current products, as well as specs for legacy products. Information is available directly on the site, as well as in downloadable formats. Other new features include an expertise matrix that identifies the company's specific applications experience and an expanded technical library. Thales Computers http://rbi.ims.ca/3848-641


Simplifies selection

LMS PolyMAX is an integrated modal parameter estimator that reportedly outperforms all known estimation techniques on the market. It is designed to drastically simplify the selection of poles, which is thought to be the most difficult step in modal analysis, instead offering clear stabilization diagrams. It produces user-independent results and provides much clearer information on the structural behavior of the model, according to the company. LMS Internationalhttp://rbi.ims.ca/3848-642

Simulation tools

Easy to use

The company's InCAD products have been named as Autodesk Inventor(R) 8 Certified Applications. Its InCAD Designer/Autodesk Inventor and InCAD/ Autodesk Inventor Extender reportedly provide full association with each design change within Autodesk Inventor 8. They are designed to provide users with accurate analysis and simulation tools, allowing them to save time and make better and safer products at a lower cost. Algor Inc. http://rbi.ims.ca/3848-643

PLM software

Provides unprecedented data management

Version 5 Release 13 (V5R13) is the result of a collaboration designed to extend the power of leading-edge engineering practices to include relational design-a PLM best practice that enables engineers to have full visibility on dependencies and the impact of their decisions. It reportedly enables users to take maximum advantage of relational design and empowers teams to work together as one during critical developmental phases, resulting in faster and easier "right first time" collective product innovation. IBM http://rbi.ims.ca/3848-644

Graphics board

Can act as main graphics head

The NVIDIA Quadro(R) NVS 280 PCI is a 2D multi-display graphics board ideal for enterprise and multi-monitor applications. The dual head graphics board is designed for users requiring small form factor graphics add-in boards for standard or all-in-one PC designs. It reportedly provides increased image quality, compatibility, and stability to users who need the ability to track data across multiple displays, navigate several desktop applications, and administer the entire corporate enterprise, according to the company. PNY Technologies http://rbi.ims.ca/3848-645

3D mouse Software

Detects design problems quickly

Responding to customer requests, COSMOSDesignSTAR(TM) 4.5 software will support motion controllers CadMan(R), SpaceBall(R), SpaceMouse(R), and SpaceTraveler(TM) from 3Dconnexion. The controllers operate together with a traditional mouse to provide an efficient and intuitive way to work with 3D geometry. Rather than using a "normal" mouse with one hand, users can move and rotate the part or assembly with one hand, while using the other hand to perform all the normal selection tasks with the mouse. The product is formulated to help design engineers and expert analysts detect potential design problems quickly and correct them before beginning prototype production. Cosmoshttp://rbi.ims.ca/3848-646

Cathode ray tube monitor

Reduces eye strain

Designed as a high-performance CRT that cuts the price of a comparable flat-panel, the C220p ThinkVision 22-inch monitor can reportedly offer unrivalled contrast ratio, show richer and truer color in full spectrum, and respond more quickly than some LCDs to videos and fast action games. It is also intended to display the most native image from wide viewing angles due to exceptional resolution. The full flat screen displays are designed to virtually eliminate geometric distortion around the edges of the screen with less external light reflected into the user's eyes. IBMhttp://rbi.ims.ca/3848-647

CAD/CAM solutions

With numerous enhancements

Released with significant end-user enhancements for assembly modeling, developing customized feature commands, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, 2D and 3D modeling, and CAM, Version 9 is designed to realize extreme productivity gains. Examples of features include an assembly cut feature, a history manager that allows users to combine multiple history operations into a single custom command, and a new function that lets users reduce the total number of points based on a reduction tolerance in a points cloud. VX Corp.http://rbi.ims.ca/3848-648

SLS production parts

Supports direct digital manufacturing

Developed exclusively for the company's specially modified Selective Laser Sintering equipment, NyTek 1100 SLS material is a polymide formulation which has a unique chemistry that simultaneously provides for flexibility, hardness, increased wear resistance, and superior corrosion resistance, according to the company. Its low water absorption reportedly results in improved dimensional stability and electrical properties. It is designed for production applications requiring strength, durability, and accuracy. Solid Conceptshttp://rbi.ims.ca/3848-649

View and markup software

New sectioning features

Version 2004 of the SolidView(R) family of 2D and 3D view and markup software is designed to enable non-CAD users to easily view and evaluate complex designs. The new version enhancements reportedly make it easier for non-CAD users to view, measure, and communicate complex designs and assemblies without the need for expensive and confusing 2D drawings. New features include updated CAD interfaces, optional support for SolidWorks drawings in SLDDRW format, and new section view definition features. Solid Conceptshttp://rbi.ims.ca/3848-650


Great for tiling on wall

The ThinkVision L180p is an 18-inch flat panel LCD with an ultra-thin bezel measuring 0.67 inches. It is reportedly well suited for tiling on a wall or arranging on a desktop in dual monitor configuration. It offers features such as an ergonomic stand that swivels 135 degrees in either direction, a stationary base with tilt and lift function within a 3.15-inch vertical range, and intuitive on-screen display with one button access to frequently-used monitor adjustments. The panel also comes with a handle on the back of the monitor that is designed for quick and easy mounting. IBMhttp://rbi.ims.ca/3848-651

Photogrammetry system

Extract precise measurements

Now available is the CATIA version of the company's close-range photogrammetry system, FotoG(TM), which enables users to create 3D CAD models and extract precise measurements from film or digital photography and video. With the CATIA interface, users can develop 3D "as built" CAD models of existing facilities to use in the CATIA design environment. It is designed to be a low-cost alternative to laser scanning systems, and can be used in environments where laser scanning systems are not well-suited. Vexcel Corporationhttp://rbi.ims.ca/3848-652

Mobile Workstations

Rugged, durable

Designed to offer the power of a PC workstation in a compact, portable carrying case, the LPA and LPV luggable PCs feature speeds up to 3.2 GHz. LPA models have three 5.25-inch drive bays and two 3.5-inch bays; LPVs have two bays in each size. Both models offer an AGP slot and a choice of five PCI or 3 PCI/3 ISA expansion slots. Both also come with Windows 2000(R) and 256 Mbytes of RAM. A carrying case with pull handle and wheels is included. CyberResearch Inc.http://rbi.ims.ca/3848-653

Product suite

New enhancements

Version 6.4 of the company's ABAQUS(R) product suite will include the ABAQUS GUI Toolkit for automating analysis methodology. It contains over 90 major enhancements, and companies can reportedly use the process automation tools to capture their preferred finite-element analysis workflows with reliability. This is also designed to allow users to streamline and accelerate overall analysis activities. ABAQUS, Inc.http://rbi.ims.ca/3845-654

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