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January 13, 2003

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Design software

Provides early cost estimates

Concurrent Costing(R) v2.0 allows manufacturers and supply chains to assess costs early in the design process by identifying major cost drivers and generating a fast initial cost estimate at any stage in that process. Other benefits include fewer steps than previous versions, expanded information about materials and manufacturing, competitive part evaluation, and improved versions of cost models. Applications include turret press working, laser and plasma cutting, sheet metal stamping, machining, plastic extrusion, injection molding, and sand casting. Boothroyd Dewhurst, Enter 640

Finite element analysis tool

Adds a Lanczos eigensolver

The latest version of this finite element analysis tool, V8.2, includes a Lanczos eigensolver that is reportedly 10 times faster than others, requires less memory, and handles models with any combination of element types. Typical extraction times for 10 modes on complex models are under 100 minutes on standard PCs. Features include improved element libraries with more spline and pipe elements, and enhanced shell and shear elements, real-time 3D rendered graphics, XY data plots, and creep analysis reports. Noran Engineering Enter 641

Data monitoring system

Cuts down on delays, downtime

FIN(R), the Factory Intelligence Network automated manufacturing data system, reportedly helps reduce equipment downtime, production delays and production quality issues. Designed as a computer system including PC and printer, FIN gathers information plant-wide, using 200-2000 data points. Features include continuous collection of factors like temperature, pressure, weight, motor load and speeds. This client-server based product can be Internet-enabled for remote monitoring and printing from any PC. Automation & Control Enter 642

PDM software

For workgroups, data management

PDMWorks(TM) is a fully integrated product for use with SolidWorks(R) 2003, CAD software that helps ensure design accuracy, reduce design time and reportedly bring products to market quicker. By providing automated revision control and a history of design activity, the product operates in a secure environment to reduce errors resulting from duplicate data or accidental overwriting. Features include support for custom file property manipulation, support for lifecycle status and increase control over standard parts libraries. SolidWorks Enter 643

FEA software

More than 80 enhancements

ABAQUS(R) product suite V6.3 is designed to solve problems in nonlinear analysis, finite element modeling and post-processing. Product development firms can reportedly use ABAQUS to improve performance of components, materials and products in every stage of engineering analysis. Features include enhancements to general contact and spot welds, solving multiple load cases, extended parallel processing, and inertia relief. Applications include impact simulation of complex assemblies like consumer electronics. Hibbitt, Karlsson & Sorensen, Enter 644

STL handling

With perforated support structures

Enhanced support generation, smart algorithms and extended document generation capabilities are features that reportedly make Magics 8 a fast and easy rapid prototyping software package. Other benefits include flexible fixture creation, a special module that increases the productivity of LOM machines and upgraded visualization options. The Magics 8 support module includes newly developed perforated support structures, an option to fragment large block supports, extended surface and editing functions, zoom via mouse wheel, and an option to show extended part selection list in the right menu bar. Materialise, Enter 645

3D simulation software

Includes Out of Position simulation tools

The second release of MSC.Dytran 2002 features simulation tools for occupant out-of-position testing, which helps manufacturers reportedly design safer products in less time. Dytran 2002 is a general purpose three-dimensional program for simulating high-speed events and responses of solids, structures and fluids. This product version is designed to help automotive and aerospace manufacturers and suppliers comply with federal regulations, like the Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 208. MSC.Software Corp., Enter 646

Mechanical CAD system

With shape description tools

Autodesk Inventor(R) 3D software 6 offers features and improvements like 200 productivity and drawing enhancements, industry-specific routing tools, specific industry machinery and electromechanical designs. The ShapeManager kernel lets users seamlessly mix solids with surfaces to create stylized, complex parts. Features include layout drawing tools such as breakout views, perspective views, weldment views, and visibility of work geometry. Improved constraints give designers better information about 3D designs. Autodesk Inc., Enter 647

Fluid dynamics software

Creates 2D models

The conceptual design and analysis of airfoils and bodies in close proximity are made easier by the MultiElement Airfoils software package. Used to create 2D models and generate insight into their engineering problems, the software determines high lift wing configurations, race car spoilers in ground effect, biplane wings, and double keel and rudder configurations, more. Features include interactive AirfoilEditor that adds an airfoil to any location in the flow field by double-clicking that location. Pop-up dialog boxes allow users to select from various database libraries or their own custom shapes. Hanley Innovations, Enter 648

3D parametric modeling

CAD-neutral environment

ALGOR, a software engineering analysis of solid features, has included support for Alibre's Design 3D. Alibre Import Extender is an element in the parametric modeling package that opens native parts and assemblies in the company's products for any type of analysis. The Alibre Design application for mechanical collaboration is Internet-capable, allowing engineers and designers to create 3D and 2D associative drawings. Alibre support for ALGOR is available for PC workstations running Windows NT, Me, 98, 2000, or XP. Algor Inc., Enter 649

Modeling software

Plug-in applications available

Rhinoceros 2.0 software includes hundreds of new modeling and editing commands, more options, new import and export file formats, a C++ software developer kit and The Zoo, workgroup license manager. Version 2.0 allows plug-in applications to Rhino that include Flamingo for lifelike images, directional and point lights, VBS and JS support and snap-to object display. Other features include distance measurement in fractions or custom units, decimals or inches, or mixed. Another major feature of Rhinoceros 2.0 is curvature, continuity, control and analysis using loft command, sweep commands and blend command for blending sections and bulging. Robert McNeel & Associates, Enter 650

Simulation software

Builds component models

CAD-XMLSM technology is designed to help engineers build detailed models of components that can be manipulated in any common, proprietary CAD platforms. Reducing or eliminating the need for companies to provide multiple seats and the training necessary for every platform, CAD-XMLSM may also help reduce engineering staff. The company's software and parametric modeling services are designed for companies in the first or second design tier. Reportedly, CAD-XMLSM reduces overhead expenses while increasing the speed of product delivery to customers. Efficient Engineering Co. Inc., Enter 651

CAD add-on

Improves productivity in AutoCAD

ToolPac 7.0 adds tools and refinements to the company's AutoCAD productivity software, reportedly reducing time usually wasted on repetitive functions and saving hardware expense that usually accompanies CAD system upgrades. Designed to eliminate bottlenecks in AutoCAD, 7.0 has 650 functions including file controls, attributes, blocks and more. The various options in 7.0 are all visible in a single pull-down menu on the screen. Applications include architectural, civil, mechanical and design engineering. Dotsoft, Enter 652

Academic suite

Helps teach CAD

The MicroStation(R) V8 Academic Suite of software is for students in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Asia-Pacific region, and Latin America. The suite includes MicroStation V8, which features native use of DGN and DWG files as well as a design history feature. Also included in the suite are MicroStation TriForma Configuration, Schematics Configuration, and Architecture for MicroStation TriForma. Bentley Systems, Enter 653

CAD translation

Translates parts, product structures

Upgrades in CADporter(TM) CATIA v5 CAD translation tools include data translation between products like CATIA, I-DEAS(R), AutoDesk Inventor(R), ParaSolid(R) and Pro/ENGINEER(R). The software supports the translation of parts and structures, such as ensuring that all curves and surfaces imported into v5 are C2-continuous. It reportedly handles issues like surface conflicts, tolerances and degenerate boundaries of surfaces. Elysium Inc., Enter 654

CAD software

Combines 2D, 3D

The Inventora(TM) Series is a collection of 2D and 3D design applications including the Inventor 3D design software and Mechanical Desktop(R) in one package. The package also features the functionality of AutoCAD and AutoCAD Mechanical software and combines 2D capabilities with the power of 3D. Also featured in the Inventor Series is ShapeManager, a purpose-built feature-based modeling kernel. Autodesk Inc., Enter 655

Cam software

Features generate toolpath

HyperFACT V6 computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software uses feature recognition and pre-defined machining macros to generate the necessary toolpath and NC code automatically, and display them on screen for acceptance or modification. The CAM software has 2.5D and 3D features and machine simulation capabilities for component and mould/die manufacturing. Direct interfaces for third party CAD systems are available as well. Open Mind Software Enter 656

LMS testing solutions

Includes coordinates, transducer direction

Testing solutions are fully integrated with transducers equipped with Transducer Electronics Data Sheets. These self-identifying transducers include geometry-related information. The company's TEDS support IEEE P1451.4, which defines the template organizing the information. The company added geometry-related information like coordinates to the specification. Fully integrated testing solutions reportedly save test cell time by allowing transducer orientation information to be entered at convenient process times. PCB Piezoelectronics, Enter 657

Real-time simulation

View signals as plots

RT-LAB 6.1 is a PC-based real-time software environment that delivers real-time simulations from dynamic models developed in Simulink and MATRIXx. The software features the RT-SCOPE interface that allows the user to select and view signals as plots or gauges while a simulation is running, and interact with the simulation by changing parameters and input signals. Software is available with drivers for over 75 data acquisition, signal output, and data communications devices. Opal-RT Technologies Inc., Enter 658

Cataloguing software

Searches, sorts tools

A product selection tool, PT Pilot(TM) can call up the best search results and sort them by either price or torque based on the application parameters specified by the user. It can also display 3D CAD drawings for designing the system. With a graphical user interface (GUI), the software also features a drive system calculator, driveCAD software, CAD image library, technical documentation, drive formulas and coefficients, and glossary of terms. Enter 659

Mechanical CAD

3D, 2D, and PDM

Alibre Design 5.0 operates as a mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD) software package that includes 3D solid modeling and 2D associative drafting, in addition to tools for data management, data sharing, online collaboration, and real-time support. The software offers data sharing between CAD applications, creating models in a neutral format, and forming and editing models during online review sessions. Alibre Enter 670

PDM application

Finds the details

Integratable into internal PLM and SRM solutions, the Web-based SpecStation(TM) allows users to conduct parametric searches of the technical specifications with links to more detailed product information such as data sheets and CAD files. It also provides linkages to internal information, such as price, inventory, and approved status, enhancing communications among the supply chain and sourcing organizations, preferred sources, and engineers. GlobalSpec Enter 671

Product lifecycle management

Manages design data

CATIA V4 STI enables users to manage and share CATIA V4 product design data company-wide throughout its entire product life cycle. The integration and management of CATIA V4 data in SMARTEAM permits users to work in a mixed CATIA V4/V5 environment that streamlines the transistion toward CATIA V5. Both CATIA V4 and V5 data are stored in a single, secure database model and can be used for digital mock-up (DMU) reviews. SmarTeam Inc., Enter 672

Cad software

Pure geometry is core

CADKEY Workshop Version 20 software package can edit plain geometry files exported by non-parametric feature-based systems because its core is pure geometry. Pure geometry combines solid, surface, and wireframe modeling techniques, and allows complete control of geometric shape creation and editing without proprietary "smarts" (constraints, history) dependencies. Applications include design tooling, machinery, molds, and complex machines. CADKEY Enter 673

Notebook computer

For video presentations

The Presario 2800 notebook comes with Mobility Radeon 9000 graphics technology, geared toward 3D gaming and video-intensive presentations. The notebook can connect to the Internet using a wireless 802.11b or Bluetooth Multiport module. The Mobility Radeon 9000 supports high-level graphics effects written into the current version of DirectX programming instructions, multiple displays, and Fullstream technology. Hewlett Packard, Enter 674

Project collaboration service

Better access to CAD data

Autodesk Streamline 4 online project collaboration service offers reportedly better access to AutoCAD data, communication tools for project collaboration, and visualization tools. Autodesk allows for direct publishing from AutoCAD software and helps teams keep track of all information related to one design by keeping it in one container. The online project collaboration service also features texture maps that lets users identify part materials. Autodesk Enter 675

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