Single unit combines all cylinder, valve functions

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May 20, 2002

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Single unit combines all cylinder, valve functions

Integrated SME sensors eliminate wiring. Sensor LED is in valve manifold.

Essilngen, Germany- "One product, two functions, numerous benefits." That is how Festo AG & Co. describes their new DNCV cylinder/valve combination. Compliant with DIN ISO 6431, the DNCV puts drive, valve, sensors, and flow control in a single package, not to mention communication interfaces and diagnostic functions.

Designed for decentralized applications, the DNCV helps reduce the cost of plant planning, installation, and maintenance. This is facilitated by various valve types-5/2-way (mono- or bi-stable) or 5/3-way valves (closed/exhausted/pressurized)-as well as standard additional features. These include manual override, exhaust-air collection, internal air supply, and a diagnostic module.

Open interfaces and diagnostics, furthermore, improve operational reliability. Standard multi-pin connection and interfaces to PLC, ASI-EVA link, or CPX with different bus protocols mean that the DNCV is open to many types of controls and systems. The diagnostic module is equipped with limit-switch monitoring to provide feedback on operational status. Alternatively, engineers can use the diagnostic module to monitor cylinder speed or number of operating cycles. DIP switches allow quick settings with no additional PLC programming effort.

Connection is easy, thanks to functional integration and manual override on the drive. Electrical and pneumatic lines are the only things that need connecting. Installation of the cylinder rod and the release of the valve, therefore, can be done by one person.

Equipped to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of users, the DNCV is available with 32- to 63-mm piston diameters, and x strokes of 70 to 500 mm. The integrated reed sensors are adjustable to 15 mm.

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Contact Festo Corp., 395 Moreland Rd., Hauppage, NY 11788; Tel: (800) 99-FESTO; E-mail: [email protected]; or Enter 502

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