Rugged 6U VPX SBC Integrated On-board I/O Resources

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November 3, 2010

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Rugged 6U VPX SBC Integrated On-board I/O Resources

AitechDefense Systems Inc.'s rugged 6U VPX SBC (single board computer) offers theselection between PCI Express or Serial Rapid IO (SRIO) and a host of on-boardI/O ports. Using an integrated dual core PowerPC processor, the newsingle-slot C110 combines low power performance with increased memory capabilities,making the board useful for Radar system boot computers, Sonar processors,Video and Graphics engines and single board process and machine controlapplications.

Becauseit is built to OpenVPX (VITA 65) and VPX (VITA 46.0) specifications, the C110is fully compliant with legacy VME operations, such as VME64 per VITA 46.1,while supporting advanced VME protocols including 2eSST and 2eVME. Fourx4 ports, are configurable to either Serial RapidIO (SRIO) or PCI Express(PCIe), make up the VPX core backplane fabric. Via the I2C bus, theVPX connectors also provide system level management monitoring of the board'sstatus, including monitoring key, rail voltages and temperatures.

TheC110'son-board I/O resources include four Gigabit Ethernet, four USB 2.0 ports, twoSATA 2.0 ports, six asynchronous serial ports and eight GPIO (general purposediscrete I/O) channels. Additionally, the board comes with two PMC/XMCslots and an optional Aitech I/O module (AIOM) slot for the installation ofuser-customized I/O interfaces.

TheMPC 8640D processor features dual e600 cores operating at 1.25 GHz, each with64 kB of L1 and 1 MB of L2 on-chip, high speed cache. Additional memoryincludes a 2 GB bank of dual-channel DDR2 SDRAM with ECC, 128 MB of user Flashfor firmware, user application and data storage functions as well as 8 GB ofhigh density NAND Flash memory for mass storage.

TheC110 remains reliable in extreme environmental conditions with an extendedtemperature range of -55C to +85C (Mil-Spec). A sophisticated thermalmanagement design enables optimal heat dissipation across the board and heatrejection from the card edges, regardless of whether the board is conduction-or convection-cooled.

Realtime operating systems (RTOS) available for the C110 include Wind RiverVxWorks, Green Hills INTEGRITY and Linux.
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