Rollers enhance linear rail system

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February 6, 1995

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Rollers enhance linear rail system

Schweinfurt, Germany--For precise linear motion, linear ball guides represent the accepted standard. Star Linear Systems now offers a roller rail system that extends the capabilities of the concept. The new design is a development of Deutsche Star GmbH.

Major mounting dimensions for the Star Ball Rail and Roller Rail components are identical. The Roller Rail, however, provides twice the load rating and twice the stiffness rating of the Ball Rail. Thus a user can double both load and stiffness in the same size, or maintain the same load and stiffness in a smaller size. The line includes four industry-standard sizes: 25, 35, 45, and 55. Each size includes four runner-block styles, three preload levels, and four accuracy classes.

The convex profile of the rollers and the slightly convex surface of the track combine to compensate for any possible deformation of the runner block. This compensation permits the rollers to carry the operating load on their full effective width. Most competing roller systems carry load on the roller ends. The convex design promises longer life and higher load capacity.

  • Grinding

  • Plasma and waterjet cutting

  • Machine tools

High-precision plastic channels guide the recirculating rollers. Other roller designs include a small gap where the balls lift off the rail into the recirculating channel. This gap permits lubricant to leak out and requires frequent cleanup and relubrication. With the Star roller channel, there is no gap.

Top-mount holes on the guide rails often cause problems by collecting dirt and debris. The Rail Seal cover strip, a high-precision stainless steel strip, clips on the top of the rail with fingertip pressure. A single patent-pending strip covers all the rail's mounting holes.

Additional details, Germany...Contact Ernst Albert, Deutsche Star GmbH, D-97419 Schweinfurt, Germany, 011-49-9721-937-345

Additional details, U.S....Contact Milton Coleman, Star Linear Systems, 9432 Southern Pine Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28273, (704) 523-2088.

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