Rockwell Automation's Stainless Steel Sensors

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October 19, 2010

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Rockwell Automation's Stainless Steel Sensors

Two new families of sensorsfrom Rockwell Automation address the most demanding applications in the foodand beverage industry. These sensors withstand high-pressure andhigh-temperature wash downs, while offering excellent resistance to corrosionand damage caused by harsh cleansing agents.

The42CS photoelectric and 871TS inductive sensor families feature stainless steelconstruction, extended temperature ratings and IP69K enclosure ratings. IP69Ktesting replicates the steam-cleaning process typically used in the food andbeverage industry. This testing requires the sensors to withstand spraypressure up to 1,450 psi and temperatures up to 176F.

Inaddition, both sensorfamilies have been subjected to and certified to passchemical compatibility testing by two independent labs, both of which areworldwide leaders in the development of cleaning and sanitizing products. Intesting, the sensors were subjected to some of the most commonly used causticcleaning agents and disinfectants in the food and beverage industry.

ThePHOTOSWITCH 42CS sensor family features a choice of a smooth or threaded 18mm316L stainless steel housing with a hard plastic lens for enhanced reliabilityand long service life, as well as an operating temperature range of minus 25 to85C. Smooth barrel models are designed to minimize the accumulation ofundesired particles on the sensor's body and to allow easier cleanup.

Aninnovative ferromagnetic teach feature minimizes the possibility of wateringress associated with the use of push button or potentiometer adjustment.This feature, offered on select sensing modes, allows users to easily adjustand optimize the sensing range to meet specific application demands.

The42CS sensor familyoffers polarized retro-reflective, diffuse, transmitted beam, clear objectdetection and background suppression sensing modes. A background suppressionsensor is specially designed to detect shiny objects that often go undetectedby other such sensors if the object is approaching at a slight angle. Astainless steel bracket is offered for mounting of smooth-barrel sensors.

The871TS inductive proximity sensors feature a stainless steel 316L barrel and anFDA-certified polyphenylene sulfide plastic face that protects againstchemicals and other corrosive agents. Sensors are offered in 12mm and 18mmdiameter threaded cylindrical enclosures with operating temperature range ofminus 40 to 80C. For added application flexibility, standard and extended rangeunits are available.
Rockwell Automation Expands Sensor Offering with New Stainless Steel Sensors

Rockwell Automation Expands Sensor Offering with New Stainless Steel Sensors_A

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