Roboteq's Programmable 2 x150A dc Motor Controller

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November 8, 2010

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Roboteq's Programmable 2 x150A dc Motor Controller

Roboteq Inc.'s intelligentcontroller is capable of directly driving two dc motors up to 150A each at upto 50V. The HDC2450 is targeted at designers of mobile robots, Automatic GuidedVehicles (AGVs) or any other high power motor control application.

The controller accepts commands from analog joystick, standard R/C radio, USBor RS232 interface. Using the USB or serial port, the HDC2450 can be used todesign fully or semi-autonomous robots by connecting it to single boardcomputers, wireless modems or WiFi adapters.

The HDC2450incorporates a Basic Language Interpreter capable of executing over 50,000Basic instructions per second. This feature can be used to write powerfulscripts for adding custom functions, or for developing automated systemswithout the need for an external PLC or microcomputer.

The controller's two channels can be operated independently or combined to setthe direction and rotation of a vehicle by coordinating the motors on each side(tank-like steering). The motors may be operated in open or closed loop speedor position modes with a 1 kHz update rate. The HDC2450 includes inputs for twoQuadrature Encoders up to 250kHz, for precise speed and traveled distancemeasurement.

The HDC2450features intelligent current sensing that will automatically limit the power outputto 150A in all load conditions. The controller also includes protection againstoverheat, stall and short circuits.

The controller includes up to 11 analog, 19 digital and 6 pulse inputs. Eight1A digital outputs are provided for activating, lights, valves, brakes or otheraccessories. The controller's operation can be optimized using nearly 80configurable parameters, such as programmable acceleration or deceleration,amps limits, operating voltage range and use of I/O.

A free PC utility is available for configuring, tuning and exercising themotor. The controller can be reprogrammed in the field with the latest featuresby downloading new operating firmware from Roboteq's web site.

The HDC2450is built into a compact 9.0L x 5.5W x 1.6 inch H (228x 140 x 40mm) robustextruded aluminum case, which also serves as a heat sink for its output powerstage. The large fin area allows heat dissipation for operation without a fanin most applications.
Roboteq's Programmable 2 x150A dc Motor Controller

Roboteq's Programmable 2 x150A dc Motor Controller

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