RFID-based SmartSponge System

DN Staff

April 6, 2011

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RFID-based SmartSponge System

ClearCount Medical Solutions has selected NXP RFID solutions to enable its SmartSponge System. The SmartSponge System detects and accounts for surgicalsponges placed in a patient's body when undergoing surgery, so that no itemsare "left behind" for patient safety.

The SmartSponge System is comprised of RFID-enabledsurgical sponges, an embedded RFID reader within automated software accountingsystem, an accompanying SmartWand to detect sponges accidently retained withinthe body and a disposal system to account for discarded sponges.

Each surgical SmartSponge is uniquely identifiablewith a serial number that can be acquired wirelessly, even if accidently leftwithin the body, by waving the SmartWand over the patient. RFID-enabledSmartSponges are packaged in pre-defined quantities. As the package is wavedover an RFID reader, the unique serial numbers of the SmartSponges are read andthe system ensures a match with the pre-determined package count. A SmartBucketconfigured with an RFID reader enables the ClearCount system to directlyaccount for and reconcile all sponges entering into and exiting the sterilefield.

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