Rave Ignition Workstations Primed For CAD/CAE/CAM

DN Staff

August 12, 2010

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Rave Ignition Workstations Primed For CAD/CAE/CAM

Rave Computer has released theRave Ignition, a new line of high-performance engineering workstationsspecifically tuned for compute-intensive 3-D CAD/CAM/CAE applications.

Featuring the latest Intel technologies and graphics options from NVIDIA and ATI, the Rave Ignition series alsoaddresses energy concerns via the incorporation of an 85 percent-efficientpower supply that assists in reducing power consumption while maintainingperformance. The series is also equipped with custom thermally controlledcooling systems to ensure optimal airflow and to help preserve component life,Rave officials said.

The Standard edition of the workstation line is positioned forentry-level 3-D CAD applications, featuring Intel's 800-Series Core i7processors delivering quad processor cores along with Intel's Turbo Boost andHyperThreading capabilities to achieve high performance. The Ignition Premiummodel, aimed at engineering users requiring a bit more robust capabilities forprocessing and graphics, touts the Intel 900 series Core i7 processor. It supportsthe fastest quad and six-core processors on the market, with the ability toprocess up to 12 threads per clock cycle, Rave officials said. Users requiringan added boost for graphic-intensive 3-D modeling and simulation tasks canequip the system with multiple, connected graphics cards to achieve fasterrendering times.

The top-of-the-line model in the series is the Ignition Elite, designedfor power users running complex, multithreaded applications such as simulationor rendering or who require the ability to perform heavy multi-tasking withoutany degradation to performance. This class of Ignition models features the newIntel Xeon Processor 5600 Series and dual server-grade processes with up to 12cores and 24 processor threads for state-of-the-art workstation performance.

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