Products to Watch For

Lauren Muskett

October 24, 2012

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Products to Watch For

In our Product Showcase section, we've just posted some products that deserve some attention.

First is the IAR Embedded Workbench tool suite for Renesas's next-generation RH850 microcontrollers. The development tools -- for automotive applications -- enable designers to move freely between different targets and simplify migration and re-use code.

Second is a programming rule-checker from LDRA that brings together a collection of rules from many programming standards. This standalone product can easily configure for a specific programming standard or enforces in-house programming templates.

Finally, Analog Devices' CrossCore Embedded Studio (CCES) offers Blackfin and SHARC developers a C/C++ and assembly editing environment, with plug-in support for drivers and services.

IAR Systems addresses automotive apps with tools for the Renesas RH850 Core
IAR Systems has released a complete set of powerful development tools for Renesas's next-generation RH850 microcontrollers. The tool suite, IAR Embedded Workbench for RH850, is based on IAR Systems' tools for the Renesas V850 but includes adaptions and optimizations that enable developers to fully benefit from the performance offered by the RH850 core.

IAR Systems claims to be the only tool vendor able to deliver high-performing development tools for the entire lineup of Renesas MCUs. This enables designers to move freely between different targets, choosing the one best-suited for a specific application, while using the same development tools. It also simplifies migration and reuse of code.

The RH850 microcontrollers are targeted for automotive applications and are designed with embedded 40nm Flash technology, combining high performance and low power, while addressing functional safety and security requirements.

The IAR C/C++ Compiler for RH850 contains several levels of optimizations, generic as well as low-level processor-specific, generating very compact, fast-performing code. For the new tool chain, the arithmetic libraries have been rewritten, gaining a major increase in performance. Other enhancements include a new-and-improved source browser and text editor, with user-friendly features such as auto-completion, code and comment folding, parameter hints, block selection and indentation, bracket matching, and zooming.

IAR Embedded Workbench for RH850 uses the industry-standard ELF/DWARF object format and is compliant with Renesas ABI (Application Binary Interface), which ensures link compatibility between tool chains. This makes it possible for Embedded Workbench users to use libraries created with other Renesas ABI-compliant software tools.

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