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July 2, 2001

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Coalescing filters

Balston coalescing filters have been redesigned to include: Two differential pressure indicators built into the head of the filter which reportedly allow full 360 degree viewing; a quick-release bayonet bowl design; pressure relief valve; and a modular port-to-port design which allows for easy installation by eliminating the need for pipe nipples, pipe dope, or pipe wrenches.

Parker Hannifin,

Enter 601

Temperature regulators

RT-1001 P, Q, R, and S "Quick Ship" self-actuated temperature regulators are said to provide over-temperature protection and chevron "lifetime" stem packing made of Teflon, as well as two-ply bellows for long life and close control. The products also have a setpoint adjustment wheel.

Robertshaw Industrial Products Div.,

Enter 602

Flow meter

Q622 mass flow meters and leak detectors are said to offer better than 1% of full reading, which the manufacturer says makes it more repeatable than competing models. The product has 32 programs and is available in flow ranges from 200 smlh to 100 slm, depending on the application and pressure range selected, while results are indicated by illuminated switches showing pass, reset/maximum flow, and reset/minimum flow.

iTi Qualitek,

Enter 603

Fluid meters

Series RSF rotatable flowmeters are designed to provide fast turn-around direct readings of air and water on the same instrument. The product features a polycarbonate tubeshield which protects the borosilicate glass flowtube and is marked with a 127-mm air flow scale on one side and a water flow scale on the other, allowing users to switch from one mode to the other by rotating the shield.

Dwyer Instruments,

Enter 604

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