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December 17, 2001

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Nanopositioning stages

This line of nanopositioning stages is designed for manufacturing fiber optic components and assemblies. The linear stages reportedly offer +0.25 mum/25 mm positional accuracy and 0.125 mum repeatability. Standard resolution encoders of 50 nm stabilize position during fiber insertion, alignment, and attachment processes. The precision linear stages reportedly reach up to 200 mm/sec velocity for the piezo motor version and 1,000 mm/sec for the linear motor version.

Bayside Motion

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The PYF-S screwless terminal socket is designed to save time on panel installation in relay wiring jobs. A clip and release lever feature allows for one-touch relay dismounting, minimizing damage to relay terminals. The terminal socket is used with elevator controls, industrial controls, panel builders, and system integrators.

Omron Electronics Inc.,

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Containing no contaminants and metallic ions, Teflon(R) PFA HP fluoropolymer works with solvents and samples of polymers and metals used for high-performance liquid chromatography components. It can be made into tubing with IDs down to 0.25 mm and outside diameters from 0.79 to 6.4 mm. Applications include semiconductor-based analytical systems for pharmaceutical research and fluid handling systems for semiconductor microelectronic device manufacturing.

Dupont Flouroproducts,

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DeviceGate Development Kit is designed for seamless integration of hardware and software, used to remotely monitor programmable devices with a serial interface. The unit works separately from the target system and includes the Dynamic C(R) development system. Applications include security systems, vending/gaming machines, home automation, building controls, and manufacturing equipment.


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Image processing device

The A200/A100 Micro Image Checker features sub-pixel accuracy and 256 gray scale resolution and needs no network connection for programming or setup. It includes automatic image retention memory, optical character verification, and feature extraction. The device may be used in the pharmaceutical, packaging, electronics, and automotive industries.

Aromat Corp., .

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Modular encoder

The RM15 modular encoder is self-aligning and self-centering, with a maximum axial length of 0.84 inch and self-gapping size 15. The three channel optical encoder uses Surface Mount Technology and operates with up to 200 kHz frequency response and -10 to 100C temperature range. A slide lock mechanism features rub free and adjustment free rotation.

Renco Encoders Inc.,

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Microstepping driver

The IMS200 Microstep Driver, intended to reduce design and assembly time with up to four built-in microstep resolutions, operates from 24V dc and handles 4, 6, and 8 lead motors. The bipolar chopper driver offers users a single power supply to operate a NEMA size 17 or 23 two-phase/four-phase stepper system in microstep mode. Applications include machine building, medical equipment design, and OEM uses.

Nyden Corp.,

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The A3977 microstepping motor driver IC comes with a built-in translator for easier operation. By inputting one pulse on the step input, the motor will take one microstep with no phase sequence tables, high-frequency control lines, or complex interfaces to program. This motor driver is said to be suitable for applications where a complex microprocessor is unavailable or over burdened.

Allegro MicroSystems Inc.,

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The company's Island(TM) integrated construction claims to provide a low-cost easy-to-manufacture method for using a variety of switch products onto a single flex circuit. The construction consists of a substrate, foam matrix, modular switch elements, and a graphics overlay. These switch element modules are easily inserted into standardized cutout in the foam matrix, and require no mechanical connection. By replacing expensive PCBs with low-cost flex circuitry, the simplified Island design provides considerable cost savings, shortened assembly times, and reduced use of materials.

Duraswitch Industries,

Enter 589

Turbine flow meters

The NPT (National Pipe Thread) series turbine meters, intended for accurate test and laboratory measurements, are available in eight unique models, in sizes ranging from 1/2 to 2 inches. Meters offer flow rates of 0.25 to 500 GPM for liquids and 0.75 to 400 acfm for gases. Magnetic (NPT Series) or modulated carrier (NPTC Series) pickoffs are also available. Applications include automotive, manufacturing, processing, metrology, and aerospace industries.

Cox Instrument,

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PLC system

The Q Series PLC automation controller system features a multiple program/multiple user operating system designed to reduce lead time. According to the company, it further reduces project timelines by allowing existing program code to be reused and permitting simultaneous CPU access by multiple users. The automation controllers operate on the Windows(TM) based GX Developer system.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation,

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