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August 6, 2001

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Product News

Fluid flow analysis software

PIPE-FLO Professional version 7 is a suite of software tools for fluid flow analysis, piping design, and pump selection. Users can design, analyze, and troubleshoot piping systems with new features including: a faster calculation engine, unlimited fluid data properties, and improved graphics. This version also has a new sizing and selection wizard to help users choose pumps and valves. Related products include PIPE-FLO Professional, Compressible (for compressible fluid systems), Stock (for pulp and piping systems), and Lite (for systems of 25 pipelines or fewer).

Engineered Software, www. eng-software.com.

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CNC control software

Version 12.1 of CNC Professional Machine Tool Controller software now allows engineers to use eight axes of simultaneous coordinated motion. And with new software-only Windows drivers, users can close the servo loop in software on the PC without needing a motion card, the company says. It is designed to support non-high-speed applications, such as flame torches, water jets, routers, lathes, and knee mills.

CamSoft, www.camsoftcorp.com.

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CAM software

Mastercam Mill is Windows-based CAD/CAM software for turning, 2- through 5-axis milling, 2- and 4-axis wire EDM, 2D and 3D design, and surface and solid modeling. Version 8 has new features including multisurface associativity, high speed machining, and integrated feedrate optimization. The software is fully associative, so the toolpath and model are linked, and updated toolpaths can be generated with a mouseclick. Users can create a library of common operations, and drag-n-drop parameters, toolpaths, and tool definitions from one operation to another.

CNC Software Inc., www.mastercam.com.

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Inventory control

Piece Weight Look-Up Software (PWLU) provides accurate inventory counts by linking a part number and piece weight database to as many as 32 networked digital counting scales. Scale users can remotely give and take parts while keeping the inventory on a single, shared PC. The scales can be connected via RocketPort cards or RF wireless transmitter/receivers.

Weigh-Tronix Inc., www.wtxweb.com.

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Web-publishing software

Net-It(TM) Central version 4.0 is web-publishing software that allows users to publish and update documents including spreadsheets, memos, illustrations, and even illustrated PowerPoint presentations. Viewers can use a browser on any desktop without installing software or plug-ins, and still honor firewall and encryption security. It is available for download at the company's ftp site.

Informative Graphics Corp., www.infograph.com.

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Collaborative management software

Its designer calls CircuitCAM FUSION "transcollaborative manufacturing software" for the electronics industry, saying it combines CAD/CAM data preparation, management automation, supplier and customer integration, and plant-floor manufacturing execution. With standard browsers, users can share information from a single data source, following projects from CAD design and bill-of-materials through error-checking, revisions, and web-based signoffs, and then disseminate the result to web terminals on the factory floor. This n-tier revision management tool enables process engineering through an enterprise-level CIM system.

Aegis Industrial Software Corp., www.aiscorp.com.

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