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October 16, 2000

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Ethernet cabling

The Industrial Ethernet FastConnect cabling system combines the advantages of twisted-pair cabling for industrial environments and the office oriented wiring techniques used in RJ45 connectors. Three different industrial twisted pair cables are available for use in hostile industrial environments: a standard type with rigid wires, a trailing cable with stranded conductors, and a minimum of five million bending cycles, and a halogen-free cable with stranded conductors certified for marine use.

Siemens AG

Telescopic rail

DS series telescopic rails are one line in the company's renovated fleet of heavy duty rails. Designed to allow engineers to solve various application problems involving loads that extend out into overhanging positions or that have limited mounting area, the series is also reported to fit into tight spaces. The products are made from cold drawn bearing steel, not from bent metal, with hardened raceways to assure continuous movement, even when vibrations are present.

Rollon Corp.

Thermal software

FLO/EDA is web-based software for the rapid creation of thermal models of printed circuit boards. It is designed to read Intermediate Data Format (IDF) data files-a format said to be supported by all major electronic design automation software vendors included Cadence, Mentor Graphics, and Zuken-Redac. The product should allow users to upload an IDF board layout file via a standard web browser. As soon as the board file is uploaded, an immediate 3D visual check can be made using any VRML enabled browser.

Flomerics Inc.

Powder coating

Formulated for parts that cannot be made completely from PEEK(TM)polymer, but require enhanced performance properties, PEEK-COAT powder coating is reported to provide a cost-efficient alternative for corrosion protection and wear resistance. Powder coatings are applied by spraying a fine powder, with an average particle size of between 30 and 80 microns, on the part surface. The part is then heated to around 400C-melting the powder to make a continuous film. The process can be repeated to build up required thickness.

Victrex Technology Center

Rotating nut ball screw

Rotating Nut Ball Screw Line is intended to increase traverse speeds up to 200M/min. The series consists of standard diameter and lead screws, around which a flange-type precision housing has been de-signed. The housing enables a timing belt to drive the nut and contain the preloaded rotating ball nut assembly. The bearings in the housing are grease packed and sealed for life, so no additional lubrication is needed for most applications.

Thomson Industries

Pneumatic valve

Modular manifold pneumatic type 8640 control systems are built to customer specifications for size, flow, and performance. The 10, 18, and 32 mm-size valve systems feature a "snap together" design for easier customization with electrical and pneumatic interfaces. They also feature manual override and speed control for accurate control of pneumatic actuation.

Burkert Contromatic Corp.

Stepper motor

The 10x16.4 mm Stepper Motor P010 is said to be the smallest model of the 2 phases Magnet Motors with 24 steps per revolution and a holding torque of 1.85 mNm. Increased power is attributed to the use of Samarium Cobalt magnets and optimized magnetic circuit. Due to a low detent torque, the company recommends the motors for microstep. They also say it's high start stop frequency can avoid the need for ramping. Applications include those requiring accurate positioning with limited space.

API Motion


DS-series 4-Quadrant Servoamplifiers are designed for dc motors from 10 to 500W. The analog dc servoamplifier is available in the standardized Eurocard format for 19 inch subrack and plug-in card systems or the module design in a metal housing with different mounting options. Both are available in standard version for motors from 10 to 250W and in the power version for motors from 80 to 500W. According to the company, they are protected against overcurrent, thermal over-load, and short circuiting of the motor circuits.

Maxon Motor ag

Thermoplastic compounds

These thermoplastic compounds change color when exposed to body temperatures (88F) or hot responses (113F). Colorcomp(R)thermochromic compounds are created by adding thermochromic pigments to low-temperature resins such as polypropylene or thermoplastic elastomers. The company recommends them for applications where heat-induced color change can be an added safety feature, such as teapots, infant-feeding spoons, and radiator shrouds.

LNP Engineering Plastics

Concealed hinge

This concealed hinge was designed to allow for fast door removal and replacement. It consists of two components, a door leaf that contains the hinge pin, and a frame leaf that engages the pin. A return flange on the door hides the hinge and mounting hardware to provide a clean outer surface. The one-piece hinge pin design is also reported to provide good vibration resistance.

Southco Europe Ltd.

Level transmitter

Level Plus(R)M-Series level transmitters employ a sanitary NEMA 4X enclosure. The electropolished 316L SS enclosure is also 3A approved for use in wash down applications. The system reportedly has a non-linearity of less than 0.02% FS or 1/32 inch and a repeatability of less than 0.005% or 1 inch.

MTS Systems Corp.


Project 7000(R)15Cr-5Ni stainless has been developed through vacuum melting and chemical balancing to provide a more machinable alloy. The material is reported to offer increased capacity and longer tool life, and is available as a drop-in replacement for conventional stainless. The company reports increased productivity by up to 145% using the material in their test parts.

Carpenter Technology Corp.

Miniature solenoid valve

Available with high quality PVDF, ETFE, or PEEK plastic bodies, these 16 mm analytical valves are intended for medical, biotechnical, analytical, and semiconductor applications. According to the company, types 6605 2-way and 6606 3-way valves, with "Dead volume free" design and optional integrated flow sensor, make possible the control of critical fluids to a high accuracy. A stainless steel plate separating the actuator form the coil keeps the fluid from heat exposure.

Burkert Contromatic Corp.

Hood locking levers

The Han-Easy Lock(R)system featured on all Han B hoods and housings with two levers has been developed for products with single locking levers-allowing all Han B hoods and housings from size 6B to 32B to be available with Easy Lock. Reported features include stainless steel bearings and springs, a resilient plastic lever, and complete corrosion resistance.


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