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June 5, 2000

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CYROLITE(R)CG-97 acrylic-based multipolymer compound is specifically formulated for medical device applications requiring maximum chemical resistance to lipids and PVC plasticizers. Reportedly, the compound is easily processable, transparent, impact modified, suitable for injection molding, and it outperforms lipid resistant polycarbonate. It should not yellow or show deterioration from sterilization at typical gamma irradiation levels, and can be sterilized with ethylene oxide gas.

Cyro Industries, 100 Enterprise Dr., Rockaway, NJ 07866-5055; FAX (973) 442-6117;

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Tees and couplings

These stainless steel tees are insert-style connectors designed for direct and secure connection of three quick-disconnect couplings. They reportedly eliminate the need for additional hose barb fittings or tubing extensions, resulting in easier sampling, mixing, and fluid transfer. With Class VI silicone O-rings, the chemical-resistant connectors should withstand repeated autoclaving.

Colder Products Co., 2982 Cleveland Ave., Roseville, MN 55113; FAX (651) 645-5404;

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Development environment

Version 5.1 of LabVIEW development environment reportedly improves application development by streamlining the creation of web-enabled applications. The modular application architecture lets users create smaller executables to gain greater system performance and decrease memory usage. It also extends its use of ActiveX technology to seamlessly integrate the math and interactive analysis capabilities of The Math Works'MATLAB.

National Instruments, 11500 N. Mopac Expwy., Austin, TX 78759-3504; FAX (512) 683-9300;

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Miniature valve

The X-Valve(TM) is reported to be the world's smallest pneumatic valve. Recommended for the medical, industrial, and analytical industries, it's a two-position, three-way digital valve that's only 8 mm in width-comprising the smallest overall footprint available. Fewer functional parts are used in the glass-reinforced PBT molded body, so tgere are fewer potential leak points. Operating pressures range from 0 to 30 psig, and its response time is 20 msec.

Pneutronics, 26 Clinton Dr., Unit 103, Hollis, NH 03049; FAX (603) 595-8080;

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Dc motor

With a standard range of 10 to 60W output power, this brushless dc motor range reportedly offers >20,000 hours operating life and low levels of noise and vibration. All motors can be supplied with optional integrated closed loop speed control circuitry. Some electro-medical applications include dialysis machines, analyzers, pumps, and portable systems.

Crouzet Corp., 3237 Commander, Carrolton, TX 75006; FAX (972) 447-6786;

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Electronic components

This company's capacitors and filters help to make up Bionics(R)Corp.'s CLARION(R)Multi-Strategy Cochlear Implants. In conjunction with a microcircuit implanted in the skull, they stimulate hearing nerve fibers at multiple locations within the ear to provide greater pitch discrimination, providing a close approximation to natural human hearing. Capacitors and filters are also recommended for pacemakers, neural and muscle stimulators, and defibrillators.

AVX Corp., Box 867 801 17th Ave. South, Myrtle Beach, SC 29578; FAX (843) 448-1943;

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Airflow measurement

The AirGrid is a flexible hardware tool for mobile, multipoint air velocity evaluation in cleanrooms. To improve efficiency, the device takes four individual point readings simultaneously, and automatically computes average air velocity and volumetric flow in real time. The user can set up multiple cleanrooms, each having various zones and individual filters. Up to eight individual points can be stored per filter. The printout shows room, zone, and filter data.

Cambridge AccuSense Inc., 1000 Mt. Laurel Ave., Shirley, MA 01464; FAX (978) 425-4062;

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Card access

These credit card-size Smart Cards are plastic and contain an electronic microchip. The chip can be either a memory chip or a central processing unit that can "make decisions." The cards'uses include: identification, access control, information storage, and payment systems. The company also recommends them to OEMs for access control and to gather valuable information on equipment usage.

Dawar Technologies, 1020 Ridge Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15233; FAX (412) 322-9958;

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Among these switches for flow control, pressure, vacuum, or differential switching in a variety of configurations are: a printed circuit board switch that measures 1 inch in diameter, 0.675 inches high-also available with fast-on terminals; a Tinytrol pressure switch measuring 1.7x1.9x1 inches with a 1/8 NPT pressure port for mounting-other mounting available; a differential switch; and a standard all-plastic switch. Ranges available are from 0.5 inch WG to 125 psi with proof pressure of 250 psi-1 to 25 amps.

Pres:Air:Trol Corp., 1009 W. Boston Post Rd., Mamaroneck, NY 10543; FAX (914) 698-9456.;

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Modular encoders

These RM encoders offer a slide mechanism for adjusting the gap and concentricity of the encoder disc during installation. After installation, with a single push on the slide, the hub and disc are released, reportedly eliminating friction and drag completely. Because the encoder hub is mounted on the shaft using a set screw, the encoder is said to perform well under temperature cycles. The 0.06-inch glass disc should also withstand heavy vibration. Encoders are available in 1.5 or 2.1 inch diameters.

Renco Encoders, 26 Coromar Dr., Goleta, CA 93117; FAX (805) 685-7965;

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Reactive adhesive mixer

Designed for use with two-component bayonet cartridge systems, this mixer is designed systems where material waste is a concern. The retained volume or waste factor is less than 0.07 cc. Series 190 Spiral Mini-Mixers are available with 0.93 inch diameter elements with either 8 or 12 mixing elements. The nozzle housing is designed to directly accept a lurer needle by simply pushing it on. The bayonet mount attaches to all standard 5, 30, and 50-m(liter) bayonet cartridges.

TAH Industries Inc., 107 N. Gold Dr., Robbinsville, NJ 08691; FAX (609) 259-0957;

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Metal detection

The sensor in the Pharm X metal detection system for Safeline Metal Detection is intended to provide pharmaceutical processors with electronic stability, while providing high sensitivity to metal and extreme sanitation. The stainless steel unit contains no plastic parts, so cleaning is easier, and meets FDA washdown requirements. A built-in reject confirmation, alarm, and fail-safe reject system are included to further aid in assuring control procedures are met. The detector's height is adjustable within a 400-mm range to match the press output height.

Safeline Inc., Safeline Business Center 6005 Benjamin Rd., Tampa, FL 33634; FAX (813) 881-0840;

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Pressure gauges

These pressure gauges for small medical devices, including angioplasty unites, are 11/2 inches and they feature a glow-in-the-dark dial for easier reading in dark operating rooms. Additional features include sintered metal filters built into the connection, clean wetted parts to prevent green corrosion from contrast media, accuracy up to & plus or minus 1% in the critical reading area, and a beveled window for viewing at an angle. Brass connections are standard, but Nylon and Polycarbonate are also available.

WIKA Instrument Corp., 1000 Wiegand Blvd., Lawrenceville, GA 30043; FAX (770) 338-5118;

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