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July 3, 2000

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Brushless motor controller

The 4-Q-EC is designed to provide electronic commutation and speed control for 3-phase brushless dc motors. Being a 4 quadrant controller means that speed control is maintained whether accelerating or braking in both clockwise and counter-clockwise direction. Commutation and velocity feedback is achieved via Hall effect sensors and an encoder respectively. Speed and direction is determined via an external signal voltage (-10 to 10V), or via a potentiometer.

Maxon Precision Motors, 838 Mitten Rd., Burlingame, CA 94010; FAX (650) 697-2887;

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Gear drives

For coupling shafts or inserting keyed shafting through the drive to turn right angles, the Include-A-Shaft(TM)and Insert-A-Shaft(TM)Series of right angle gear drives is designed to eliminate high operating temperatures and lubricant leakage. Common specifications between the drives are 4140 heat treated 45 helical gears, heavy duty sealed ball bearings, O-Ring sealed gear case, black anodized housing, choice of 2-, 3-, or 4-way models, lube retainer seals, and left or right hand rotation.

W.C. Branham, 398 Troy St., River Falls, WI 54022; FAX (715) 426-1400;

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Motion control solution

Combining a controller, amplifier, encoder, and motor in one package, the RC-0411 is designed for OEMs as well as in manufacturing automation systems. Industries for which it is recommended include pharmaceutical, semiconductor, printing, and security. By incorporating Termi-BUS(TM)into the system, it has unified control of mix-and-match brushless and/or stepping motors. A single command controller can then drive the actuators.

Star Micronics, 790-531 North Cedar Bluff Rd., Knoxville, TN 37923; FAX (423) 693-0660;

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Rodless cylinders

Designed to be shorter, thinner, and lighter than conventional rodless cylinders of equal bore and stroke, the HORV cylinders feature a flat piston shape that reportedly results in a profile up to 40% thinner. The block-type end cap eliminates the need for mounting brackets and the cylinder has a reduced zero stroke dimension. This results in a dead stroke that is 35% shorter than conventional band-type rodless cylinders, and the lightweight body places no loads on either the actuator axis or the stand, even when using an Y-Z axis.

Humphrey Products, Box 2008, Kalamazoo, MI 49003; FAX (616) 381-4113;

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Rotary actuator

The Position Feedback Pneu-Turn(R)rotary actuator is a lightweight, small-bore pneumatic actuator that provides continual position sensing. As the pinion gear moves, a voltage output is created that is proportional to the actuator shaft rotation, and provides the information needed for system operation. It is recommended for applications where the use of external magnetic position sensing switches is impractical, where variations in actuator rotation or speed are needed, or where an operation requires constant monitoring of actuator position.

Bimba Mfg., Box 68, Rte. 50 N., Monee, IL 60449; FAX (708) 534-5767;

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Dc solenoids

The STN3264 Series of 1-inch diameter dc tubular pull type solenoids is designed to provide for applications where a short stroke with high force and low power are specified. Typical applications include computer peripherals, office machines, medical equipment, and general instrumentation. Four units are available with different coils for operation on 3, 6, 12, or 24V dc. Custom plunger designs are available.

Bicron Electronics Co., 50 Barlow St., Canaan, CT 06018; FAX (860) 824-1137;

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Servomotor brakes

Three models have been added to the Eclipse(TM)Servomotor brake line. They are designed for fast, effective control of servomotors used in industrial equipment. The flange-mounted brakes fit externally, mounting directly between the gearbox and servomotor. All models are available for servomotor frame sixes of two, three, four, and five inches. Reportedly, in comparison to competing brakes, the line is capable of 20-50% greater torque in the same frame size and overall envelope.

Nexen Group Inc., 560 Oak Grove Parkway, Vadnais Heights, MN 55127; FAX (651) 286-1099;

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