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June 5, 2000

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Motion control packages

The MedMaster Series is a line of servo motion control products specially designed to deliver precise control for medical instrumentation. The line consists of brush and brushless servomotors, encoders, and PWM amplifiers, and is available as motion control packages or components. Continuous torque ratings range from 10 oz-inch to 450 lb-inch in motor frame sizes from 2 to 7.5 inches. The motors also feature low cogging for position accuracy.

Cleveland Motion Controls, 829A Middlesex Tpk., Billerica, MA 01821-3954; FAX (888) 295-5550;

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Sinusoidal servo drive

SR30A40AC brushless ac, sinusoidally commutated (using a resolver), PWM servo amplifier is rated at 30 amps peak, 15 amps continuous output. The unit is 8x6.52x4.06 inches. The offline version accepts 45-270V ac at 50-60 Hz and includes a shunt regulator. The burst mode feature, which allows the external motion controller to register the absolute motor position (within one motor revolution), can make this drive a good choice for direct drive applications. Operates in current or velocity mode. A dc-input version is also available (60-400V dc input).

Advanced Motion Controls, 3629 Vista Mercado, Camarillo, CA 93012; FAX (805) 389-1165;

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Ball rail system

The Compact Module is a sealed unit consisting of two integrated STAR Ball Rail(R)Systems, one on each side of a STAR Precision Ball Screw Assembly. In addition to the low profile and compact design, the dual rail system reportedly provides high load bearing and movement load capacities. The modules feature threaded bores and pin holes for precise alignment and mounting of attachments, and they incorporate single point lubrication.

Rexroth Star, 14001 South Lakes Dr., Charlotte, NC 28273; FAX (704) 583-0523;

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Miniature bearings

These miniature ball bearings range in size from 0.1181 to 1 inch OD, and are available in both inch and metric sizes, with seals and shields designed to accommodate demanding applications. They are recommended for hospital applications such as IV pumps, surgical drills and saws, and blood analyzers or office use in copiers, fax machines, and computer peripherals.

NMB Technologies, 9730 Independence Ave., Chatsworth, CA 91311; FAX (818) 709-0387;

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Clutch products

Centric(R)Clutch products include mechanical and pneumatic overload release clutches. The mechanical overload clutches include friction torque limiters with torque ratings from 4 to 88,000 inch lbs, as well as single and multi-position ball, roller, and pawl notch clutches. Pneumatic overload clutches are available in two styles, H2000 and VariTorque. These single-position ball or pawl notch clutches feature torque ratings from 120 to 33,000 inch-lbs.

Boston Gear, 14 Hayward St., Quincy, MA 02171; FAX (617) 479-6238;

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Linear rail systems

This metal belt-driven Linear Rail System features pre-engineered components that are intended to simplify system design and reduce cost. The metal belts and systems run without lubrication, offer unlimited travel lengths, and are recommended for use in laboratory environments, medical equipment manufacturing, electronics assembly, food processing, high-speed packaging, distribution, and the aerospace industry.

Belt Technologies, 11 Bowles Rd. Box 468, Agawam, MA 01001-0468; FAX (413) 789-2786;

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This company reports that they specialize in custom engineered bearings because many bearings used in medical equipment are proprietary. Ranges of materials, housing, seals, and lubricants are offered for custom orders. Bearing types range from open, closed, adjustable, and segmented to self-aligning, non-self-aligning, ultra precision, corrosion resistant, and corrosion proof. Some applications include ventilator pumps, DNA blood analyzers, and MRI beds.

Thomson Industries, 2 Channel Dr., Port Washington, NY 11050; FAX (516) 944-1892;

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Brushless motors

Based on System Faulhaber(R)ironless rotor technology, these autoclavable motors are intended for medical and extreme operating environments. They are designed to combine no cogging, high acceleration dynamics with powerful rare earth magnets systems, and are produced using high-temperature plastics, and specially protected coils in order to resist autoclave conditions. They withstand temperatures to 134C with a water vapor pressure of 2.1 bars.

Micro Mo Electronics, 14881 Evergreen Ave., Clearwater, FL 33762-3008; FAX (727) 573-5918;

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Servo motion processors

The Navigation(TM)MC2300 Series of Brushless Servo Motion Processors is designed for positioning and velocity control, and supporting sinusoidal commutation of 2- or 3-phase brushless motors. Recommended for medical automation and test lab equipment applications, each consists of a 132-pin processor and a 100-pin logic device. In addition, the chipset gives users the ability to off-load resource-intensive motion control functions from the application's host processor.

Performance Motion Devices-PMD, 12 Waltham St., Lexington, MA 02421; FAX (781) 674-9861;

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In-line NemaTrue(TM)gearheads are available in sizes 17, 23, 34, and 42. The smallest-size 17-True Planetary(TM)gearhead measures 2.82 inches from the mounting surface to the gearhead base. It features steel gears hardened to HRC 55-60, and packs a peak torque of 120 inch-lbs. Available in eight ratios, with backlash ratings of 13 arc-min for single-stage gearheads (3:1 to 10:1) and 15 arc-min for double-stage gearheads (15:1 to 100:1).

Thomson Industries, 2 Channel Dr., Port Washington, NY 11050; FAX (516) 944-1892;

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Clutch brakes

These units are designed to compensate for increases in the air gap due to wear, eliminating the need for ongoing maintenance and adjustment. Another benefit, according to the manufacturer, is that internal inertia is a fraction of brake motors with similar capacities, providing great accuracy, higher cycling, and longer life. Torque ranges from 66 to 665 inch-lbs in are achieved and a large surface area is utilized to increase heat dissipations.

Bonfiglioli North America Inc., 2-7941 Jane St., Concord, Ontario L4K 4L6; FAX (905) 738-9833;

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Dolphin guides

These Dolphin Guides are reported to have a simplified design because they are made up of only two components, a rail and a carriage. The hundreds of subconponents normally associated with traditional rolling element slides are eliminated. Also the self-lubricating FrelonGOLD(TM)plan bearing material is said to eliminate all metal-to-metal contact, shaft damage, and additional lubrication.

Pacific Bearing, Box 6980, Rockford, IL 61125; FAX (815) 389-5790;

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Stepping motors

The PULSTAR-V series of 5-stage stepping motors and matched drivers can be integrated into existing systems for a cost-sensitive increase of throughput and accuracy. Their magnetic circuit technology increases usable torque in NEMA sizes 17, 23, and 34. Maximum holding torque in the size 34 is 62.9 kg-cm, with positional step angle accuracy of plus or minus 3 arc-min maximum.

Nyden, 2610-B North First St., San Jose, CA 95134;

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Linear guides

Redi-rail linear guide family consists of a lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum rail, hardened steel raceways, and a low-friction slide. Adjustable rolling element bearings allow matching of pre-loads to the level of precision required. Sizes range from 30 to 65 mm with dynamic load capacities ranging from 225 to 1,335 lbs per slider. Maximum speeds range from 980 to 1,575 ft per minute. Rails of up to 19 ft are available. Applications include packaging equipment, pick-n-place automation, and guide doors for machine tools.

Pacific Bearing, 6402 Rockton Rd., Roscoe, IL 61073; FAX (815) 389-5753;

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Turntable bearing

The Series M bearings range in size from a 16 to 43-inch diameter ballpath. Available with gearing on either the internal or external races, or without integral gearing, the bearings are capable of handling moment, thrust, and radial loads simultaneously. Applications include industrial turntables, stretch wrappers and palletizers, truck cranes, digger derricks, mini-excavators, shears, gun turrets, lift truck rotators, and welding positioners.

Avon Bearings, USA, 1500 Nagle Rd., Avon, OH 44011.

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