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April 21, 1997

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Temperature sensors

Series 200 wire-wound RTD temperature sensors and transmitters are available with Windows-based software that allows the user to configure their own RTD assembly. The sensors meet real-world conditions for extended periods of time.

The design starts with a coil-suspension construction technique in which the element is coil-wound with high-purity platinum wire to minimize stress and assure accuracy over a longer period of time. Each coil is suspended in a high-purity ceramic insulator and surrounded by a ceramic powder.

Burns Engineering Inc., 10201 Bren Rd. E, Minnetonka, MN 55343, FAX (612) 935-8782.


50 kW DSP-based flywheel controllers are to be combined with flywheels, motors, generators, and containment systems. Interface is provided via SL-MTI/Windows software. The flywheel systems are for applications including commercial vehicles, satellites, and uninterruptible power supplies.

SL-Montevideo Technology Inc., 2002 Black Oak Ave., Montevideo, MN 56265.

Strain reliefs

Independent of insertion into the chassis, Lockit strain reliefs self-lock into the cable. These completed sub-assemblies can then be installed with fingertip pressure into the application's mounting hole. The units protect the lifeline of electrical/electronic products by absorbing the forces of push/pull that may be exerted on the flexible power cord. Rectangular design eliminates the possibility of part rotation under forces of twist.

Heyco Products Inc., Box 160, Kenilworth, NJ 07033, FAX (908) 245-3238.

LCD projector

EzPro 550 LCD projector weighs 10 lbs and delivers 800 x 600 SVGA resolution, matching the resolution of the latest notebook computers. It is plug-and-play compatible; connects to PCs, Macs, and video sources; has built-in stereo speakers; and sets up very quickly. PC-based images are displayed in their entirety, without compression or scanning. A light-condensing optical system projects images from 3 to 13 ft using the full palette of 16.7 million colors. A collapsible four-element lens folds into the unit for in-transit protection.

CTX Opto Inc., 1257 Tasman Dr., Suite B, Sunnyvale, CA 94089, FAX (408) 541-6068.


T-FLEX Parametric Pro v5.1 is a CAD program for mechanical engineers working in the manufacturing environment. The software includes full 2-D detail drawing and 3-D solid modeling. The ACIS 3-D kernel is utilized for industry compatible 3-D solid models. All elements of the drawing can be parametric, including all geometry, text, dimensions, tolerances, solid models, and bill of materials. Drawing constraints are automatic yet optional.

Western Technical Products Inc., 4209A West 6th Ave., Eugene, OR 97402, FAX (541) 344-1242.

Cable harness

EverFlex cable harness is compact, durable, and able to dissipate heat, and is easy to repair in case of a damaged wire. Applications include military, aerospace, and consumer products.

Midcon Cables Co., Box 1786, Joplin, MO 64802, FAX (417) 781-9589.


Non-flame-retardant THERMX(R) glass-fiber-reinforced PET polymers are for injection-molding structural components for automotive, appliance, power-tool, and electrical/electronic applications. Available in 14 and 45% glass-fiber-filled or 40% glass/mineral-filled compound, THERMX GFR PET polyesters offer improved viscosity and full crystallinity at lower mold temperatures, permitting the use of hot-water molds.

Eastman Chemical Co., Box 431, Kingsport, TN 37662, FAX (423) 229-8595.


Electroforming offers new approaches for designing microcircuits, both rigid and flexible, for challenging designs in small-appliance, automotive, and consumer-electronic applications. To accommodate severe size and space constraints, conductor and space widths down to 5 microns are achievable in single and multilayer circuits on a wide variety of substrates.

Dynamics Research Corp., 60 Concord St., Wilmington, MA 01887, FAX (508) 657-7765.

Inspection system

The RE1000 inspection system significantly reduces processing time involved with reverse engineering parts by simultaneously digitizing surface and internal-part geometry. The system creates 3-D point-cloud data on the interior and exterior part features within a plus or minus 0.001 inch accuracy.

CGI(R) Inc., 15161 Technology Dr., Minneapolis, MN 55344, FAX (612) 937-3018.

Microstepping driver

IM481H hybrid microstepping driver measurers 1.1 x 2.7 x 0.17 inches and maintains enough power to handle demanding applications. Features include short-circuit and thermal protection, adjustable automatic current reduction, single supply at full step, and fault outputs. Advanced ASIC technology reduces motor heating and allows low-inductance stepper motors to be used to increase high-speed performance and efficiency.

Intelligent Motion Systems Inc., Box 457, Marlborough, CT 06447, FAX (860) 295-6107.


Traction spring provides pulling power in extension and tension while compressing. This spring can be made with a stroke ranging from 10 to 600 mm and forces from 50 to 1,500N. Special damping features equipped with different speeds accommodate specific motion-control needs. Applications include use in armored vehicles, vehicle hoods, heavy machinery, and component boxes.

Bansbach Easylift, 751 N. Dr., Melbourne, FL 32934, FAX (407) 253-5546.


Dual-scale thermometer offers maximum visibility and protection to optimize production capabilities, increase quality, and lower product care. Thermometer gages for flush mounting are used to indicate liquid and temperature levels in tanks, reservoirs, steel-mill pumps, and hydraulic presses. Marine, petroleum, construction, machine tool, and aerospace industries can utilize the thermometer. Flush aluminum gages resist rust and corrosion to meet the most demanding requirements. The thermometer has a range from 0 to 220F.

Oil-Rite Corp., Box 1207, Manitowoc, WI 54221, FAX (414) 682-7699.


Alpha and Sierra valves are available in an electro-pneumatic configuration for use with EasyWire I/O-based communication systems. Multi-purpose Alpha valves in both stacking and thin versions, now provide greater application latitude.

The Aro Corp., Bryan, OH 43506, FAX (419) 636-2115.

Plastic balls

Solid balls range from 1/8 to 1/2 inch and are made with thermoplastics that provide chemical corrosion resistance, can withstand high heat and wear, allow for noise reduction, and are self-lubricating. Solid plastic balls are used in automotive, appliance, food processing, marine, and medical applications.

PPM Inc., 11 Danco Rd. Putnam, CT 06260, FAX (860) 928-2229.


Auto Tuning Amplitude Controller (ATAC) is for electromagnetically driven feeder systems. This active controller eliminates tuning, optimizes feeder performance, and minimizes operational costs. The true closed-loop controller maintains the desired vibration intensity while exciting the feeder at its resonant frequency regardless of feeder load. The all-digital design results in a plug-and-play setup process and a simplified design. ATAC interfaces to a photocell or PLC.

TS Engineering, 33900 Curtis Blvd., Suite 200, Cleveland, OH 44095, FAX (216) 918-9624.

Terminal blocks

DIN-rail terminal blocks are manufactured from tough polyamide material. All blocks have a 600V rating, including the 5- and 6-mm sizes. Each block has a full serrated-box connector with a centered wire stop, allowing longer wire engagement. The blocks are for applications such as machine tool and elevator control.

Marathon Special Products, Box 468, Bowling Green, OH 43402, FAX (800) 515-7151.


Imagination software now uses standard 32-bit conventions for Windows 95 and NT. The 32-bit compliant version adds long-file-name support and tab dialogue boxes for tool and edit options. A Windows Explorer-style dialogue box is available whenever a user is opening, closing, importing, exporting, or browsing for files. A bilevel option is included in the merge dialogue box. Imagination incorporates plot, scan, annotate, hotspot, and text-search functions to provide a full suite of customizable view, redline, markup, and edit tools for virtually any electronic document for Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX platforms.

Spicer Corp., 221 McIntyre Dr., Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2R 1G1, FAX (519) 748-9457.


Super-Torq swage standoffs resist rotation under high assembly torques and eliminate breaks in electrical connections due to spinning of standoffs during assembly. The standoffs will not broach into panel material and therefore will not remove plating from walls of panel mounting holes. The units will not exert radial stress on mounting-hole walls. Available in a variety of sizes, materials, and finishes. Common uses include installation in epoxy-glass pc boards and phenolic or aluminum panel or chassis.

Lyn-Tron Inc., S. 6001 Thomas Mallen Rd., Spokane, WA 99204, FAX (509) 456-0946.


Alias/Wavefront software can create photorealistic images and lifelike animations. Files from other software packages can be imported and completed with this software. Virtual prototyping is also attainable.

Visual Computing Solutions Inc., 8465 Keystone Crossing, Suite 210, Indianapolis, IN 46240, FAX (317) 254-9049.

Digital drive

DDS2.2 digital intelligent ac servo drive provides superior performance and flexibility for CNC metalcutting, metalforming, packaging, converting, robotics, printing, material handling, test, and simulation applications. Ultra-high-resolution digital motor feedback gives automation applications the highest static and dynamic response available. The drive provides a resolution of up to 1/4,000,000 per resolution throughout the servometer speed range and two local registration inputs with capture rates down to 1 musec.

Indramat, 5150 Prairie Stone Pkwy., Hoffman Estates, IL 60192, FAX (847) 645-6201.


LM guide Type RSR-Z uses resin in the LM block body construction to decrease the mass of the block by a maximum of 28%. Absence of contact between adjacent metal parts results in silent operation. The miniature guide is corrosion resistant for durability and is suitable for use in clean-room environments. The monolithic molding design provides smooth, infinite ball circulation and prevents dimensional error. RSR-Z can support loads in all directions: radial, reverse radial, and lateral.

THK America Inc., 200 E. Commerce Dr., Schaumburg, IL 60173, FAX (847) 593-5613.

PC enclosure

PROLINETM modular pc enclosure protects commercial-grade personal computers in harsh industrial environments. The enclosure features UL/NEMA Type-12 protection and a pull-out keyboard tray that allows computer operation without exposing the monitor or the CPU to contamination. The frame features 12 steel roll-formed members with six bends welded to a solid-steel corner block for stability, strength, and rigidity. A flange trough on all sides of the enclosure directs dust, oil, and moisture away from the door and side gaskets.

Hoffman Engineering, 900 Ehlen Dr., Anoka, MN 55303, FAX (612) 942-6940.


Filters for the 300 Series check valves are made of FDA-compliant nylon and 35-micron mesh with a 27% open area. A sonic cut prevents edge fraying and provides maximum reduction of contaminants into the flow. The filters remove any particulates measuring more than 0.0015 inch, fit into any of the 300 Series check valves except the footvalve, and can be replaced by the end user.

Smart Products Inc., 1710 Ringwood Ave., San Jose, CA 95131, FAX (408) 436-0744.


Four-channel synchro-resolver encoder card plugs directly into any IDM-AT-compatible computer. The card is available with any combination of synchro-resolver converters with industry standard pin-outs. Converters include those with internal micro transformers for isolation of all signal and reference lines. Transformer isolation provides optimum system noise immunity; preserves the integrity of the bus; and eliminates all concerns over ground loops, differing potentials, or machine noise entering the computer. The card is suited for motion control, simulation, ATE, or data acquisition applications using synchros/resolvers or requiring shaft-angle position feedback.

Computer Conversion Corp., 6 Dunton Ct., East Northport, NY 11731, FAX (516) 261-3308.


Electrical safety CD-ROM is used for understanding the European Union's low- voltage directive, including how to address compliance on an organizational level, information for meeting the requirements of the directive, and a search feature that looks up electrical safety standards. Based on the European standard EN 60950, the CD-ROM provides design tips and recommendations for designing a compliant product.

Technology International Inc., 609 TwinRidge Lane, Richmond, VA 23235, FAX (804) 560-5342.

Coating material

XADC is an industrial coating that protects against friction, wear, and corrosion of metal parts. This coating provides durability, lubricity, and resistance to abrasion. A precise coating deposition of 0.0001/0.0003 inch can be applied in uniform, thin deposits on nearly all basic metal substrates, and does not require changes in engineering design or production specifications. The lubricity of XADC reduces the need for lubrication, and its nodular texture retains lubricants to further reduce friction. XADC provides corrosive resistance exceeding 440C stainless steel and withstands temperatures from -400 to 1600F.

Armoloy Corp., 118 Simonds Ave., DeKalb, IL 60115, FAX (815) 758-6640.


Shrink-N-ShieldTM tubing for EMI control and physical protection of wires and cables is a combination of two technologies: the outer jacketing consists of a flame-retardant Polyolefin shrink tubing, and the lining is a Z-ClothTM metallized fabric shield. Available in diameters from 1/8 to 1 inch, Shrink-N-Shield is easy to slide on and shrinks to a tight protective fit with a standard industrial heat gun. Shrink rates are 50% radially, and 10% or less longitudinally.

The Zippertubing Co., Box 61129, Los Angeles, CA 90061, FAX (310) 767-1714.

Diaphragm pump

Model N86 oil-free diaphragm pump features 6.5 LPM flow, 27-inch Hg end vacuum, or 35 psig pressure in a compact package. An FEA-designed structured-diaphragm design provides flex control and increased flow, and the new multi-port valve system is gas-tight and efficient.

KNF Neuberger Inc., 2 Black Forest Rd., Trenton, NJ 08691, FAX (609) 890-8600.

Hydraulic cylinder

The 125 Series Hydro-Max hydraulic cylinder is rated at 4,000 psi working pressure and is designed for high cycle-duty, heavy payload, demanding applications. Offered in bore sizes from 80 to 125 mm, the cylinder is also available in rod sizes from 50 to 75 mm.

John Deere Harvester Works, Cylinder Div.,501 River Dr., Moline, IL 61265, FAX (309) 765-7379.


DH Series high-performance dc power-line EMI filters provide effective EMI attenuation for switch-mode dc-to-dc converters and regulators with dc inputs and outputs. The Series is available with current ratings from 5 to 100A, are non-polar, and perform equally well with balanced or unbalanced load currents. They are suitable for use in equipment that is exposed to explosive atmospheres, such as fuel-control systems and petroleum refinery applications.

Filter Concepts Inc., 2624 S. Rousselle St., Santa Ana, CA 92707, FAX (714) 545-4607.

Power supplies

Vari-Flex modular-based power supplies feature power levels ranging from 200 to 800W in either ac or dc inputs, and single or multiple outputs. Included are dc-to-dc converters ranging in power from 50 to 600W and available output voltages of 2 to 48V dc. Input circuitry, signaling options, converters, and output circuitry are integrated to create a "quick-turn" application-specific solution from standard building blocks.

Switching Systems Int'l., 500 Porter Way, Placentia, CA 92870

Plugs and receptacles

International-rated pin and sleeve devices offer an easy installation process, possess high security in use, and carry a wide range of international approvals. Plugs and receptacles are available in ratings of 16, 32, 63, and 125A. Configurations range from 2-pole 3-wire to 4-pole 5-wire.

Feller U.S. Corp., 72 Veronica Ave., Unit 4, Somerset, NJ 08873, FAX (908) 247-7279.


DRAFT-PAK 7.55 for CADKEY is available for Windows 95, NT 3.51 and 4.0, and Windows for Workgroups 3.11/3.1 operating systems. New automation features accelerate routine design and drafting operations for mechanical CAD. Other improvements include additional dimension and detailing symbology, interface enhancements, and a new visual library feature that accelerates visual tracking for rapid positioning of symbology on the engineering layout.

Baystate Technologies Inc., 33 Boston Post Rd. W., Marlborough, MA 01752, FAX (508) 229-2121.


Model 1500XL timed-air-pulse dispenser makes it easy to apply any assembly fluid ranging from thick pastes and RTVs to solvents and cyanoacrylates. The ability of the 1500XL to be reset for different fluids or different deposit sizes makes it suitable for meeting varied or changing bonding processes. The adjustable air pressure and time controls combine to provide a wide range of settings for applying assembly fluids in small to large deposit amounts. High pressures up to 80 psi are used for thick materials, while lower pressures are used to create small deposits of low viscosity fluids.

EFD Inc., 977 Waterman Ave., East Providence, RI 02914, FAX (401) 431-0237.

Frame kit

The Monarch Dyna-Lift(R) K-frame kit includes all mounting hardware and components necessary for easily adding height adjustment to K-Frame sewing machine tables. The four-post system smoothly raises or lowers the work surface from 0 to 12 inches. Manual or electric activation is available.

Monarch Hydraulics Inc., 8184 Broadmoorm, South East Caledonia, MI 49316, FAX (616) 891-3544.


CAMROL(R) cam follower bearings function to provide anti-friction translation of rotational motion to linear motion. These units can be used with external cams, such as radial cams or translating cams, or with internal cams such as face-groove radial cams. Bearings withstand the shock and loads of cam operation. Anti-friction cam follower bearings, additionally, can add precision to a machine by helping to eliminate the wear of the contacting surfaces.

Emerson Power Transmission Corp., 620 S. Aurora St., Ithaca, NY 14850.

Paddle latch

No. 9600-U recessed rotary paddle latch is for industrial applications. The latch's rotary slamming action makes virtually any door feel more solid. It attaches easily with just two small nuts, significantly lowering installation costs. The 9600-U features an automotive-style key cylinder. Matching two-point locking and non-locking versions are available. Single-point slam bolt and remote latching models are also available with the same automotive styling for enhancing the appearance of a variety of applications.

Eberhard Mfg. Co., 633 W. Bagley Rd., Berea, OH 44017, FAX (216) 234-1890.


Series SVA 10 and 20 solenoid valves are compact and lightweight. Featuring a high flow rate for its size, SVA10 is able to drive 3-inch bore cylinders and SVA20 is able to drive 5.5-inch bore cylinders. An individual plug-in connector or a 9- or 25-pin D-sub connector is available for SVA10 and a 26- or 40-pin ribbon-cable connector is available for SVA20.

PISCO Pneumatic Equipment, 2228 Landmeier Rd., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007, FAX (847)


DR-4M and DR-4MPS are OEM-priced, stand-alone microstepping drivers designed to operate all NEMA 23 frame size and smaller stepping motors. These 4A-per-phase, bi-polar, chopper drives combine many unique features to satisfy OEM requirements for cost-effective performance, while meeting end-user demands for simple integration and user-friendly operation. The units have eight resolution settings, from 1/2 to 1/256 step, all of which are easily selected by the user via a modular connector. They are short-circuit, over-temperature, and under-voltage protected for extended service life.

Advanced Micro Systems Inc., 2 Townsend W., Nashua, NH 03063, FAX (603) 881-7600.


Geomagic Wrap software is for automatic surface reconstruction and grid-generation from point-cloud data. This modeling program can wrap a surface around an arbitrary point cloud and concurrently construct surface and volume meshes. These surfaces are based on exact computation and unambiguous rules formulated in geometric and topological terms, and can be edited and outputted to various data formats. Geomagic Wrap runs under Windows NT, Windows 95, and on a variety of UNIX workstations. Applications include reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, geometric modeling, surface reconstruction, medical imaging, and grid generation.

Raindrop Geomagic Inc., 206 N. Randolph, Suite 520, Champaign, IL 61820, FAX (217) 239-2556.

Wiring duct

One-piece wiring duct, with an overlapping finger design that eliminates the need for a separate cover used with a conventional duct, makes rewiring easy and lends itself to a more efficient use of space. Model VK-FLEX, molded of halogen-free UL 94V-0 grey polymide, is available in four sizes for a wide range of wire channel capacities. Each strip is fully interlocking for continuous end-to-end attachment. Molded with slotted mounting holes, VK-FLEX is also available with a permanent self-adhesive backing, eliminating the need for other types of fasteners.

Wieland Inc., 49 International Rd., Burgaw, NC 28425, FAX (910) 259-3691.

Head strap

Die-cut, oxygen mask part is used in applications requiring quick attachment of a device to a head or limb. The head strap, manufactured from a 1/16-inch-thick white natural rubber, is a light-weight design that conforms to different size heads. Thirteen larger holes in the head strap reduce weight and allow stretching so the mask will remain in place.

PressCut Industries, 2828 Nagle St., Dallas, TX 75220, FAX (214) 350-4713.

Card-cage solutions

Custom-designed circuit-board card cages fit any layout design. Choose from a wide range of non-corrosive materials including, nickel-plated steel and galvanneal. Optional heat venting, heat sinks, and grounding strategies are also provided. Critical, non-conductive surfaces are finished with dielectric laminates. Card cages come fully assembled, with or without rock flanges and are available in any slot number requirement and offset position. Optional card guides are available.

Ber Mer Mfg. Inc., 1001 Lee Rd., Rochester, NY 14606, FAX (716) 647-8274.


International Power Transformers P14A thru PA41 are now certified EN60950, and EN60742 through TUV. This series also carries safety approvals through UL and CSA, UL506, and CSA 22.2 #66. A variety of standard models are available and models can also be custom designed. VA ratings range from 2.5 up to 175 and are available in pc or chassis mount.

CET Technology, 27 Roulston Rd.,Windham, NH 03087, FAX (603) 894-6161.

Fan guards

Plastic fan guards include 09150-G 11/2 inches (40 mm), 09080-G 31/8 inches (80 mm), 09120-G 41/2 inches (120 mm), and 09121-G 41/2 inches (120 mm). These guards offer maximum airflow while maintaining compliance to safety regulations. Each guard is made from UL-listed 94 VO material and offers a cost saving comparison with wire-form fan guards.

Qualtek Electronics Corp., 7675 Jenther Dr., Mentor, OH 44060, FAX (216) 951-7252.

Gas spring

Hydrolift-T(R) II is a temperature-compensating gas spring for hood, hatch, and liftgate applications on automobiles, mini-vans, and sport-utility vehicles. The custom-designed gas spring is engineered to operate at temperatures within a range of -40 to 180F. In ware temperature conditions, the HydroLift-T II operates as a standard gas spring. In this mode, gas and oil pass through an orifice from chamber to chamber as the piston travels through its stroke cycle. However, in cold weather, the unit's thermally actuated check-valve, with bi-metallic spring, provides a variable force boost. As temperature drops, the check valve more securely closes the orifice providing a steady and increased force boost.

Stabilus, 92 Country Line Rd., Colmar, PA 18915, FAX (215) 997-4271.


MCRT 27000T automotive wheel torquemeters are non-contact, rotary transformer coupled devices. They measure wheel torque and speed during driving, braking, and coastdown maneuvers. They are constructed of corrosion-resistant materials and are waterproofed to permit operation in shallow water. Torquemeter installation is made without vehicle rework, and can accommodate four-, five-, six-, and eight-bolt wheel patterns, as well as front-, rear-, and all-wheel drive applications.

S. Himmelstein and Co., 2490 Pembroke Ave., Hoffman Estates, IL 60195, FAX (847) 843-8488.

Servo package

DSC2000 intelligent servo package is an affordable stepper system replacement for OEM's and other machine builders needing faster throughput and greater torque. A new Windows utility program features a terminal window and editor that allows the user to quickly and easily develop programs using a Windows-compatible text editor, and familiar Windows editing commands such as copy, cut, and paste. The controller portion of the DSC2000 system features an integrated IGBT-based brushless servo-amplifier; a built-in power supply; optically isolated, 24V dc, PLC compatible, user-programmable I/O; and a real-time interruptive control programming language with more than 100 simple-to-use firmware commands.

Automotion Inc., Box 7746, Ann Arbor, MI 48107, FAX (313) 662-3707.

Cable liner

AR-650TM PTFE-alloy cable control liner is engineered to be used with or without a silicone lubricant to deliver efficiency, load- bearing capability, and a longer cycle life. The unit can be extruded with a wall thickness as small as 0.010 inches and an I.D. dimension to meet the needs of virtually any control application.

Markel Corp., Box 752, Norristown, PA 19404, FAX (610) 270-3138.

Tool kit

TK Solver is a mathematical modeling tool kit that features text in HTML format, colorful electronic art, and dynamic wizard links to external databases. The software makes it possible to launch a design guide from a company's intranet, or use a CD-ROM. The calculations are already set up in TK Solver and the design guide is linked to databases. Multidirectional solving provides optimization.

Universal Technical Systems Inc., 1220 Rock St., Rockford, IL 61101, FAX (815) 963-8884.


DQC6200 servo amplifier is very compact and lightweight. Features include 22 kHz pulse width modulation, four quadrant "H Bridge," 24V dc or ac input at 50/60 Hz, 5A continuous-output current, isolated command input, input scaling, selected current limit, and dc analog tach or back EMF feedback. Options include 8-bit digital-input command and optical-encoder velocity feedback.

Dynetic Systems, 19128 Industrial Blvd., Elk River, MN 55330, FAX (612) 441-5217.

Mechinical pressechanical press

HMX high-speed mechanical press features a stiff-slide guiding system and maintains its accuracy under cold, warm, slow, fast, and off-center operating. The bed, bolster plate, connecting rods, crankshaft, and crown are also two to three times more rigid than a general-purpose stamping press. Thermally stable, the HMX's lubrication system circulates oil to all moving parts in the press and feed.

AIDA Dayton Technologies Corp., 3131 S. Dixie Dr., Suite 107, Dayton, OH 45439, FAX (513) 643-1210.


Model OLS optical level switch is for liquids. This rugged, low-cost switch delivers rapid response yet employs no moving parts for stable, reliable process control. Bright-red and green LEDs clearly indicate the presence or absence of nearly any liquid for true local indication while providing local power indication for field diagnostics. This control utilizes FDA-approved materials for wide-ranging application flexibility.

Dwyer Instruments Inc., Box 373, Michigan City, IN 46361, FAX (219) 872-9057.


SD series of low-profile DIP switches features bifurcated, wiping, gold-plated contacts, and flush or extended actuators with or without tape. The switches are available with surface-mount and through-hole terminals with an off-the-board height of 0.168 inches for through-hole and 0.155 inches for SMT. They are available with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 positions. The SMT model is designed with high-temperature materials for IR reflow and vapor-phase processing. Flush and extended actuators provide a positive detent. Models with taped, flush actuators are process compatible and machine insertable on industry-standard equipment.

C&K Components Inc., 57 Stanley Ave., Watertown, MA 02172, FAX (617) 926-6846.

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