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December 2, 2002

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Power Transmission/Motion Control

Motion control system

The S-5 SmartMotor features the integrated brushless dc servo-motor, motion controller, and amplifier of its predecessor, the SmartMotor, in addition to 24V dc onboard I/O, IP65 Protection-IP67 option, CE and UL certification, increased torque density, network capabilities of RS232/485, DeviceNet and Profibus, and higher resolution encoder. Available in frame sizes of NEMA 17 to NEMA 56, this motion control system can operate at speeds over 6,000 rpm. Animatics Corp., www.animatics.com. Enter 599

Linear motor stage

Measuring 25 mm tall x 80 mm wide, the MX80 Miniature Linear Servo Motor Driven Positioning Stage is described as the smallest profile linear motor stage in the industry, as well as the fastest miniature linear motor stage in its class, with a velocity of 2 m/s and acceleration up to 5g. The motor stage has no moving cables and only one contact point-the linear bearing-in addition to Class I cleanroom and low ESD versions that come standard. Parker Hannifin, www.daedalpositioning.com. Enter 600

Rotary stage

The Direct Drive Rotary Stage eliminates the worm gear-driven stages, which provides near frictionless motion while reducing wear with zero backlash. Among the features of the rotary stage are sub "D" connectors for plug-and-play operation and easy hook-up; an inline rotary encoder for direct position feedback; built-in "virtual" limit switches for high positioning accuracy; and an integrated brushless dc servomotor for maximum torque efficiency. Bayside Motion Group, www.baysidemotion.com. Enter 601


This low-cost safety coupling, the SK110-XX, is engineered to integrate the user's sprocket into the construction of the torque limiter, eliminating the need for additional machining in order to match a mounting flange. Upon torque overload detection, the coupling disengages the driving and driven elements within 3 msec to protect the sprockets and chains. R+W America L.P., www.rw-america.com. Enter 602


The Automation 3200 is the company's motion, vision, and I/O system which features Nmotion SMC, reportedly the world's first high-performance, software-only controller offering 32 axes of synchronized motion control (expandable to 62 axes). Required components for a motion and I/O system are reportedly reduced by up to 50% due to the combination of a software-based motion kernel and networked digital drives. According to the company, because all external signals are fed directly into the drive, only one cable is necessary to use between the PC and the drive. Aerotech Inc., www.aerotechinc.com. Enter 603

Shaft mounting

TorqLOC(TM) is a compact keyless hollow shaft mounting system that enables mounting locations close to bearings or machine frames, and fittings on a number of solid shafts. Clamping forces are radial only and are located on the outside of the gear reducer, so no component forces act against bearings. The shaft mounting is available in nickel-plated or stainless steel models to prevent corrosion. SEW-Eurodrive, www.seweurodrive.com. Enter 604

Servo drive

Allen-Bradley Kinetix(TM) 6000 Servo Drive is intended to simplify and speed up wiring, programming, operation and diagnostics in the packaging, material handling, converting, and assembly applications. To ease installation, the servo drive uses a Power Rail mounting and wiring system, in place of traditional dc bus bars, DIN rails or fasteners, inter-module cabling, and auxiliary power wires. An optional Line Interface Module (LIM) provides a compact module to reduce wiring costs and save space. Rockwell Automation, www.rockwellautomation.com. Enter 605

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