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May 6, 2002

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Power Transmission and Motion Control

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Power-off brake

The Model RFEB power-off brake, used as a holding device, consists of lightweight material and may be mounted on the front end of stepper or servo motors. The brake is engaged to prevent machine operation when power fails. Applications for the RFEB include office and factory automation, medical equipment, robotics, material handling, packaging machinery. It can also be used in electronic circuit board machinery and computer chip manufacturing equipment. Electroid Co., www.electroid.com. Enter 640

Ball screw selector

The ball-screw design tool utilizes simple drop-down menus to enable the selection of parameters such as screw diameter, pitch, nut style, number of ball circles, and preload value. Database software automatically determines and displays both static and dynamic nut-load carrying capacity, nut stiffness, nut length, and friction torque. With each selection made, the remaining list of options available is updated to reflect the previous choices. Simultaneously, the system displays a 3D image of the nut that the user can fully rotate. Steinmeyer Inc., www.steinmeyer.com. Enter 641

Rotary tables

Series RT direct-drive air bearing rotary tables combine planar air bearing and RotoLinear(TM) motor technologies implemented in a compact, direct-drive configuration. These rotary tables eliminate friction, backlash, and wear problems associated with some worm gears and belt-driven stages. Offering a 1.5-inch height profile, tables are supplied in 4-, 6-, 8- and 12-inch diameters. The units operate on air bearings for frictionless operation and can be equipped with an aperture opening through the center. IntelLiDrives Inc., www.intellidrives.com. Enter 642

Linear actuator

The H Kit is a modified model of the company's variable-pitch RG "rolling ring" linear actuator and is suited for applications requiring deceleration prior to reversal, followed by gradual acceleration after reversal. Ramp-down and ramp-up control of linear speed is purely mechanical, requiring no electronics or programming. Design engineers can use the system to eliminate sudden stops and starts that could jar the payload or shock the system. Amacoil Inc., www.amacoil.com. Enter 643

Gear reducer

The Rotary Vector (RV) C hollow shaft gear reducer offers 867 to 27,754 inch-lbs rated torque range and 31 to 138 mm through-hole ranging. The reducer has built-in output bearings for large overhung and thrust loads, as well as a limit of one arc-min maximum on total lost motion. Gear reducer applications include wrist axes, rotary tables, welding positioners, and other precise rotary positioning uses. Harmonic Drive Technologies, www.harmonic-drive.com. Enter 644

Stepping motors

AlphaStep Series stepping motor and driver packages utilize a new harmonic gear technology. The harmonic gearhead offers precise, zero-backlash performance while providing extremely high torque. The 1.65 inch2 motor models, including those equipped with electromagnetic brakes, produce a maximum holding torque ranging from 22 to 35 lb-inches. The gearhead also ships with miniature 1.1 inch2 motor models to produce a maximum holding torque ranging from 13 to 17 lb-inches. Oriental Motor USA Corp., www.orientalmotor.com. Enter 645

Ac drive

Designed for motor control in wash-down or zero-cabinet environments, the Bulletin 160Z ac drive features NEMA 4X/lP65-rated protection and network connectivity in a compact, space-saving design. The drive is designed to be small enough for mounting on most standard ac motors, helping ensure variable speed control and flexible network communications connectivity. The 160Z also contains adapter plates for wall and flange mounting, giving users additional installation options. Rockwell Automation, www.rockwellautomation.com. Enter 646


SSB series front-end brakes, specifically designed for braking applications on stepper and servo motors, are available for NEMA 23 and 34 sizes. The SSB devices incorporate a zero-backlash, permanent-magnet brake and a torsionally rigid coupling to accept misalignment. Also available in NEMA 42 size, the brakes provide IP65 splash- and dust-proof protection. Dual bearings allow greater overhung loads created by drive belt pulleys, chain sprockets, and gearheads. Electroid Co., www.electroid.com. Enter 647

Linear actuators

Electromechanical linear actuators come in models CATR 33 with ACME sliding screw for standard operation, CATR 33H with ACME screw for high-speeds, and CATR 32B with ball screw for higher load or duty factors. Users can specify standard or special stroke lengths, ac or dc motors, friction clutch gears, cables, and front and rear attachments. Available accessories range from limit switches to encoders. These devices can perform opening/closing, clamping/ gripping, raising/lowering, or pushing/pulling functions. SKF Motion Technologies, www.skf.com. Enter 648

Motion controllers

The PMAC2-PC/104 controller features a three-component main board, consisting of the Motorola Digital Signal Processor CPU with embedded RAM, flash memory backup, and servo ASIC. Designed for analog servos or pulse-and-direction stepper drives, the controller reportedly supports an RS-232 serial communications port, four channels of servo/stepper interface, and a PC/104 bus communications port option. Delta Tau Data Systems, www.deltatau.com. Enter 649

Linear steppers

These linear stepper motors travel at speeds up to 80 inches/sec with strokes to 144 inches and acceleration to 1G. Users can specify these 2- and 4-phase linear steppers for pick-and-place, wire-bonder, parts-transfer, semiconductor, and other robotic applications. Capable of up to 50 lbs of continuous force and 65 lbs peak force, these single-axis linear steppers have the motor, bearings, and positioning system integrated into a compact package. H2W Technologies, www.h2wtech.com. Enter 650

Bellows couplings

According to the company, the BK7 series of stainless-steel bellows couplings are capable of simultaneously compensating for angular, axial, and lateral misalignment. Designed to offer high torsional rigidity with zero backlash, the coupling may be mounted with an expanding tapered clamping element to hollow bores. Used in high-speed servo applications, they reportedly have low mass and low weight, producing low inertia. R+W America L.P., www.rw-america.com. Enter 651

Rotary encoders

Miniature, absolute encoders are smaller than a golf ball and can equip servomotors with axis heights as small as 20 mm. Absolute rotary encoders provide the absolute position value immediately upon switch-on or after a power interruption. The EQN 1125 multiturn rotary encoder uses a gear transmission to distinguish between revolutions. Unlike solutions with electronic revolution counters, the mechanical transmission is not susceptible to interfering signals or battery-backup failure. Heidenhain, www.heidenhain.com. Enter 652


Each Standard CB series unit is a self-contained clutch/brake assembly, designed to start and stop a load rapidly and accurately without any cumulative error. At speeds up to 1,800 rpm, the clutch/brake starts and stops loads within plus or minus .50 degrees per revolution. Five standard sizes have rated static torque ranging from 25 to 2,500 lb-inches and 300 to 1,800 rpm maximum operating speed. The assemblies function in applications that require incremental starting and stopping using a continuous rotational input. Warner Electric, www.warnerelectric.com. Enter 653


Modular encoders are self-aligning, self-centering, and self-gapping devices that simplify encoder installation. The RM15 modular encoders include resolutions of 500, 1,000, or 1,024 pulses per revolution with compatible hub sizes to interface to a 0.25-inch motor shaft OD. The RM21 provides resolutions of 500, 1,000, 1,024, 2,000, or 2,048 pulses per revolution with hub sizes to interface to a 0.5-inch motor shaft OD. The RCML15 includes 2-, 3-, or 4-pole pairs for commutation. Renco Encoders Inc., www.renco.com. Enter 654

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