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August 19, 2002

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Power Transmission and Motion Control

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Ball screws

Series 1510 precision ball screws are equipped with spring preloaded double nuts that compensate for torque variations due to inaccuracies in the ground thread. The result is smooth motion with near-constant idling torque for scanning applications. The ball screws are available in diameters from 3 to 16 mm, with pitches down to 0.5 mm. The Series 1530 ball screws are also available with rolled thread for less demanding positioning applications. Steinmeyer Inc., www.steinmeyer.com. Enter 629

Motorized roller

The 8000 Series RollerDrive BT motorized roller for conveyor systems incorporates a high-torque brush-type motor into the roller. The compact 24V dc motor provides the ability to move heavier loads faster. Standard features include a hexagonal spring-loaded steel shaft for quick assembly, a two-wire (red and black) power cord for easy installation, and spacer housings to prevent rubbing against the frame. Interroll Corp., www.interroll.com. Enter 630


The Multi-Beam(R) coupler comprises one or two sets of flexible elements and has multiple, three-start beams. Stresses induced in the coupler are spread evenly between the three beams, enabling the Multi-Beam coupler to transmit more power than single-beam versions. The Multi-Beam design can be adapted for high speeds without balancing. Huco Engineering Industries, www.huco.com. Enter 631

Interface boards

VARIOFACE interface boards are connected to the 100, 80, and 36-pin cables. The 100-pin version comes with an additional amplifier circuit and offers discrete screw connection to all the conductors of the cable. The marking of each connection is done specific to the motion controller, reportedly allowing for a quick, space-saving installation. The module is available as a DIN-rail mount or panel-mount device and occupies 3.5 x 8.5 inches. Phoenix Contact, www.phoenixcon.com. Enter 632


CARE 33 actuators are available in three basic models (CARE 33A, CARE 33M, and CARE 33H). These actuators can deliver stroke lengths ranging from 50 to 500 mm, and speeds ranging from 8 to 45 mm/ sec. They also accommodate loads ranging from 800 to 2,000N. The actuators are designed to enable power-driven positioning of equipment used in a range of healthcare and ergonomic applications. SKF Motion Technologies, www.skf.com. Enter 633


M4000 dc motors have a high torque output rating of 1/30 to .25 hp, with speeds up to 3,500 rpm. They are suitable for applications that require dependability in fractional hp motors, and are available in various stack lengths. RAE Corp., www.raemotors.com. Enter 634


Designed to "plug in" to stepper or servo motors, SSB Series front-end brakes accept misalignment. Dual bearings allow greater overhung loads created by drive belt pulleys, chains sprockets, and gearheads. Applications include robotics, linear and rotary actuators, and multi-axis positioning tables. Electroid Co., www.electroid.com. Enter 635


TMB transducers are rated from 1 to 500 Nm nominal torque with an accuracy of 0.2% and speeds up to 6,000 rpm. TM and TMHS series transducers offer a precision 0.1% nominal torque from 1 to 10,000 Nm, with speed ranges up to 50,000 rpm. All transducers use a non-contact differential transformer measuring technology, which reportedly provides long-term reliability and stability for maintenance-free operation and electrical noise immunity. Magtrol Inc., www.magtrol.com. Enter 636


Electromagnetic free-standing coils are precision-wound with bondable magnet wire to achieve the required electrical characteristics in the least amount of space. Bobbin-wound coils are available in standard or custom sizes and can be random or precision-wound. Applications include steering systems, clutches, brakes, audio components, emission controls, and hydraulic valves. Warner Electric, www.warnerelectric.com. Enter 637

Shaft collars

Chrome-plated shaft collars are offered in one- and two-piece clamp-type styles in 47 bore sizes from 1/8 inch to 3 inches I.D. The shaft collars are suited for use in machinery, instruments, and equipment, or in any application where aesthetics and corrosion-resistance are important. Custom collars can be produced in larger sizes and/or with special threads, knurls, and other requirements. Stafford Manufacturing Corp., www.staffordmfg.com. Enter 638


LO-COG(R) 26-mm brush-commutated dc motors feature 7-slot skewed armatures for reduced cogging and resin-impregnated windings. The motors are available in three lengths (1.798, 1.923, and 2.173 inches). They provide continuous torque output up to 3.17 oz/inch, peak torque up to 20 oz/inch, and speeds up to 9,000 rpm. Applications include medical and office-automation equipment. Pittman, www.pittmannet.com. Enter 639


These 75 lb-ft brakes for NEMA motors come in a variety of enclosure styles, including standard, waterproof/dust-tight, washdown, and marine duty. A four-post design is offered for heavy-duty applications, while a two-post design is available for lighter duty use. The brakes also come in end-mount and double C coupler styles. Dings Dynamics group. Enter 640


RPM III C500/GS315 motors feature larger armature diameters to provide a significant increase in power output per frame size. Their design enables users to specify either NEMA or IEC dimensional requirements. These motors are suited for the metals, paper, petrochemical, converting, printing, and crane and hoist industries. Rockwell Automation, www.rockwellautomation.com. Enter 641

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