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Power Transmission and Motion Control 12549Power Transmission and Motion Control

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June 17, 2002

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Power Transmission and Motion Control

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Linear bearings

Drylin(R) RJI and Drylin(R) RJM polymer linear bearings are made from iglide(R) J material and available in inch and metric sizes, respectively. Made to fit into standard pillow blocks, they reportedly interchange with standard recirculating ball bearings. Both bearings resist corrosion, require no external lubrication, and have a low coefficient of friction. igus, www.igus.com. Enter 636

Stepping motor system

The IOS motor system is a system mechanics consolidator that controls precise motion with fewer mechanical components. It includes a non-rotating through-hole which eliminates chafing of linear actuator shafts, signal wires, vacuum, catheters, and other lines running through the motor's center. The motor may replace gearboxes or may be used in linear slide, linear actuator, and rotary table applications. Intelligent Motion Systems Inc., www.imshome.com. Enter 637

Rail cover

Stainless-steel cover strips for miniature ball rail systems are pre-cut to length. To protect against dirt and provide a smooth rail surface these rail cover strips come in one piece up to 1,000 mm. Sizes include 7, 9, 12, 15, and 20 mm. Wide versions in 9,12, and 15 mm are available for all rails with the exception of size 7. Bosch Rexroth Corp., www.boschrexroth-us.com. Enter 648


The RS15 is a self-contained incremental encoder offering a three-channel signal out- put in a sealed package with shielded or sealed ball bearings. Weighing 4.8 oz, the housing diameter is 1.62 inches, and body axial length is 1.25 inches. Over thirty resolutions are available, ranging from 16 lines up to 1,250 lines per revolution. An eight lead cable is supplied with an integral strain relief for ease of mounting. Options include face mount with 1-inch bolt circle and four holes or c flange mounting adapter with optional flex coupling. Renco Encoders Inc., www.renco.com. Enter 649

Control card

The MachineLogic(TM) Slot Card Runtime offers full IEC 61131 programming language compliance, simultaneous communications, 16K of I/O, and reportedly large program size. The card provides a one-source bundled solution to machine control by pairing it with the company's software and hardware modules. Simultaneous communication is achieved between fieldbus I/O and Ethernet I/O to provide more connectivity options. CTC Parker Automation, www.ctcusa.com. Enter 638

Motion controller

The new Omega Drive Line II motion control system combines an in-drive PLC with high speed controller. The PLC is capable of processing 100 musec per 1,000 lines of code with a cycle time of 62.5 musec. The controller offers a cam profile of 4,096 point and resolution of 4 million ppr. It includes preprogrammed technology software modules for cam, disk, register, winder, gear synchronization, virtual master axis, and dancing roller control. This system works well with Canopen, Sercos, Profibus, and Ethernet TCP/IP. Applications include machine tools, robotics, packaging, material handling, printing, textiles, wire production, semiconductor, plastics, pulp and paper, and corrugated materials. Baumuller America Inc., www.baumuller.com. Enter 639

Mounting system

The TorqLOC(TM) compact hollow shaft mounting system is designed to use interchangeable bushings to mount SEW hollow shaft gear reducer products onto solid shafts. According to the company, the system cuts down on new machine and replacement costs by eliminating the need for cutting keyways and turning the solid shafts to exacting tolerances. SEW-Eurodrive, www.seweurodrive.com. Enter 640

Slip ring

The new 1-inch through-bore model of slip ring is for moving data and power from a stationary structure to a rotating device. Bore sizes of 1, 1.50, 2.75, and 4 inches are available for transfer of signals and power up to 50A. Fiber brush contact creates multiple points of contact, resulting in low noise, 360-degree rotation, and low maintenance. Applications include medical equipment, machining centers, robotics, and test equipment. Litton Poly-Scientific, www.litton-ps.com. Enter 641

Motion control card

The PPCI7443 is a four-axis motion control card designed with a PCL6045 control chip for control of stepper motors or servos. With 32-bit PCI bus plug-and-play, this card's maximum output frequency is 6.55 Mpps. It includes trapezoidal and s-curve motion profiles for fast position and speed changes, thirteen home return modes, a 28-bit up or down counter for incremental feedback, and simultaneous start and stop motion on multiple axes. Nippon Pulse Motor Co., Ltd., www.pulsemotor-usa.com. Enter 642


For factory automation applications the PSA-G harmonic drive gearheads offer standard gear ratios from 50:1 to 100:1. Designed to handle high axial and overhung loads with a maximum radial shaft loading up to 115 lb, the unit is said to offer accurate angular position. Applications include robotics and handling of small components. Harmonic Drive Technologies, www.harmonic-drive.com. Enter 643

Starter and contactor

The IT line of 24V dc control products now offers an electromechanical motor starter and contactor. Engineered with pulse width modulation control, the compact design is said to be 40% smaller than most. It provides 100% ride through capabilitiy at 0V for 100 msecs and unlimited ride through at 50% voltage. Operating temperature range is from -40 to 65C. Options include starter network adapter products that interface directly with the IT devices. They are available in NEMA and IEC design standards and offer KEMA certification. Eaton Corp., www.cutler-hammer.eaton.com. Enter 650

Clutch and brake

Offering up to 60 inch-lb of holding torque, the Model XT-62B measures 1.09 inches high with a 2.44-inch diameter. A proprietary friction material allows for coefficients of friction between 0.75 and 0.95. Testing for temperature variation, vibration, relative humidity, shock, altitude, and high shaft rotational speed have been performed with success. Applications include aerospace, military, robotics, computer chip and clean room, automation machinery, medical, material handling, and food handling. Electroid Co., www.electroid.com. Enter 651

Programmable controller

For flexible, distributed control, the new programmable field controller (PFC) combines field bus coupler technology with programmable logic control. The PFC allows users to download simple logic control into each I/O node for increased control and support. Available for Ethernet, Devicenet, Profibus, Modbus, Canopen, and Interbus, the PFC is also compatible with the company's I/O systems. Programmers can access all field bus and I/O data through a PLC or PC. WAGO Corp., www.wago.com. Enter 652


The MOD 700 Series is a compact incremental rotary encoder measuring 17.7 x 9.6 x 8.89 mm, with resolutions as high as 2,540 ppr. This surface-mountable device operates on 40 mA, with a temperature range from 0-85C, and weighs 25g. Opto-ASIC technology accommodates the broad range of standard code disk resolutions and diameters, providing for a 0.030-inch air gap for more flexible tolerance constraints. 5V TTL dual channel quadrature output and index are also part of the Opto-ASIC technology. Options include custom code disk radii, dedicated resolutions between 100 and 2,540 ppr, and mounting options. BEI Duncan Electronics, www.beiduncan.com. Enter 653


The i Drive uses DSP technology with a patented, vector-based, sensorless field algorithm. This compact drive is a point-to-point digital amplifier available in seven models with power ratings ranging from 0.5-3 kW. There are five operation modes, for velocity, torque, and position control of synchronous and asynchronous motors. Through pushbutton LCD programming control of the system, motor, set points, and error flags are accomplished. This system is vacuum encapuslated and vibration proof. PC based control simulation software is available with block diagram, motion profile window, wiring and connection pin assignments, and diagnostics. Bayside Motion Group, www.baysidemotion.com. Enter 654

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