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April 22, 2002

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Power Transmission and Motion Control

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RCML15 low profile single optical encoders incorporate position feedback with brushless motor commutation pulses. Suited for limited space designs, the encoders have a built-in servo groove with plus or minus 20 degrees of rotation that aligns the motor poles with the commutation tracks. Encoders also include the company's patented slide/gap mechanism for installation use. Renco Encoders Inc., www.renco.com. Enter 623

Driver and motor

AlphaStep Plus is a combined programmable motion controller and driver, as well as a 2-phase, closed-loop stepping motor. Up to 14 motion profiles may be controlled and linked in incremental or absolute mode. A closed loop control feature and built-in rotor position detection system reportedly maintains motion control. The platform is programmed and available in continuous motion, positioning, mechanical home seeking, and electrical home seeking modes. Oriental Motor USA Corp.www.orientalmotor.com. Enter 624

Brushless gearmotors

The TitanTRUE Brushless Gearmotor line is designed to perform at up to 7 Nm continuous rated torque for a 60 mm frame size with 5:1 reduction; up to 14 Nm continuous rated torque for a 90 mm frame size with 5:1 reduction; and up to 28 Nm continuous rated torque for a 115 mm frame size with 5:1 reduction. Gearmotors measure as small as 128 mm for a 60-mm frame size, and allow for customized selection of motors, gearheads, brakes, and feedback devices. Thomson Industries, www.thomsonindustries.com. Enter 625

Induction motor

The BH Series of high power ac induction motors are available with right angle gearhead and electromagnetic brake configurations. With ten gear ratios, the right angle gearheads measure 4.09 x 12.36 inches and have running torque ranges of 46 lb-in at 300 rpm to 531 lb-in at 10 rpm. According to the company, the RH right angle gearheads feature a hollow output shaft, while RA right angle gearheads provide a solid output shaft. Oriental Motor USA Corp., www.orientalmotor.com. Enter 626

Dustproof motors

Abrasive Dustproof Series Motors are engineered to prevent seals and bearings from being destroyed from abrasive dust and causing motor failure. Built-in O-rings seal the motors, while optional air fittings keep out contamination with pressurization up to 15 psi. A shaft slinger reportedly prevents dust from entering the bearing by keeping it from the shaft seal material. Empire Magnetics Inc., www.empiremagnetics.com. Enter 627


The VLT(R) 2800 Series drives are featured in a Bypass package and a Fuse and/or Disconnect package, with a NEMA 1 rated, all steel enclosure. A two-contactor or three-contactor bypass, available in the Bypass package, is intended to electrically decide if the motor is to be connected to the full-speed bypass, driven by the drive, or disconnected from both. The rotary disconnect switch in the Fuse and/or Disconnect package reportedly allows for the disconnection of the input line to the drive. Danfoss Drives, www.danfossdrives.com. Enter 628

Geared motor

Designed to give more conveyor drive power in less space, the Micro-Motor 24V brushless dc geared motor may be used in the pharmaceutical, electronics assembly, and cosmetic packaging industries or other light-duty belt conveyor applications. Motor includes a driver card for motor control, allowing users to change conveyor speed and travel direction. The drive system reportedly may carry loads up to 25 lbs with speeds from 6 to 193 ft/min. Sparks Automated Solutions, www.sparksbelting.com. Enter 629

Rotary torque sensor

The TM-HA Embedded Magnetic Domain torque sensor is intended to measure without contact the torque on a stationary or rotary shaft. According to the company, the sensor provides high corrosion resistance and accuracy, as well as magnetic field resistance and a wide range of sensors for torque wrench and power tool testing. Sensors are being used in the auto supply and power tool industries. FAST Technologywww.fast-sensors.com. Enter 630


X-SEL controller features absolute encoders to replace homing after powering up the system; synchronous drive control which reportedly increases payload by twice the capacity; infinite stroke function for moving a rotary axis or stand-alone motor without homing; a push function to control the motor's torque output; and a zone signal function to reduce cycle times. The company states that the controller may eliminate the need for a PLC. Intelligent Actuator, www.intelligentactuator.com. Enter 631

Rotary encoder

The RCM21 2.1-inch OD commutation encoder incorporates the two data channels, the reference index pulse, and the 3-phase brushless motor commutation pulses in one optical encoder. The company's slide/lock mechanism is designed to align and center the encoder. Encoder commutation tracks are reportedly accurately aligned with the motor rotor poles, due to its plus or minus 20 degrees mechanical rotation provided by a built-in servo groove. Renco Encoders Inc., www.renco.com. Enter 632

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