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Power Transmission and Motion Control

DN Staff

July 22, 2002

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Power Transmission and Motion Control

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Linear drive

The RG rolling ring linear drive assembly features a Z-option for remote pitch control that enables rapid adjustments to the actuator's pitch while the system is operating, without changing drive-motor rotational speed. The system operates on a smooth, threadless shaft without clutches, cams, or gears. Features include auto-reverse, zero backlash, up to 800 lbs of axial thrust, and accuracy to within 0.005 inch. Achieving travel speeds up to 13 ft/sec across a 16-ft maximum distance, the drive is suitable for reciprocating motion applications such as winding, spooling, spraying or coating, labeling, packaging, and grinding. Amacoil Inc., www.amacoil.com. Enter 613

Motorized stages

With bi-directional repeatability of less that 150 nm and speed greater than 100 mm/sec, the new family of closed loop motorized stages use piezo-electric motor technology for speed and accuracy. Features include high-resolution encoder, built-in limit switches, and easy to use drives. Applications include fiber optic alignment and semiconductor wafer positioning. New Focus, www.newfocus.com. Enter 614


The RCML15 optical encoder combines brushless motor commutation pulses and incremental position feedback in a low-profile (0.35-inch height) unit. It features a patented slide/gap mechanism that reportedly simplifies installation. A built-in servo groove allows plus or minus 20 degrees of rotation of the encoder to align the commutation tracks with the motor pulses. Available with resolutions up to 2,048 lines, the device provides commutation for 4-, 6-, or 8-pole brushless motors. Renco Encoders Inc., www.renco.com. Enter 615

Gear reducer

The Rotary Vector (RV) C hollow-shaft gear reducer offers a through hole ranging from 31 to 138 mm (1.2 to 5.4 inches). The device reportedly offers high torsional rigidity and overload torque capacity at 500% of rated torque, which ranges from 867 to 27,754 inch-lbs with a peak torque range of 4,337 to 138,768 inch-lbs. Built-in output bearings support large thrust and overhung loads. Applications include semiconductor, factory automation, machine tool, robotics, medical, and aerospace. Harmonic Drive Technologies, www.harmonic-drive.com. Enter 616

Rail stages

EasyLinear(TM) profiled rail stages are designed to be dropped into place once the user adds a motor. Options include multiple ballscrew leads, acme, hi-helix multi-start, and lead screws with acetyl and polymatrix nuts. Motor mounts for C-face NEMA and metric motors are available, as well as hand cranks with locks and limit switches. Leidemaul Inc., www.leidemaul.com. Enter 617


Hex Bore agricultural bearings offer a smooth finish on the balls and raceways. The bearings are used in applications where collars, set screws, or other locking devices are not required. However, they can reportedly replace collar or set screw applications where saving time is important. Peer Bearing Co., www.peerbearing.com. Enter 618

Speed controllers

AXN brushless dc speed control systems produce 125W of motor shaft power. The model AXN5125A achieves 59 oz-inches of torque at a 3,000-rpm rated speed, and a peak torque of 89 oz-inches. Eight gearhead models are offered, with output gearmotor shaft torque varying from 16.8 to 260 lb-inches. Power supply input is 115V ac 50/60 Hz and a maximum of 5A. Three speed control options are available: built-in potentiometer, external potentiometer, or a 0 to 10V signal. Oriental Motor USA Corp., www.orientalmotor.com. Enter 619


Collet clamps, taper locks, or special flanges with tight space requirements can be combined with standard or special bellows to provide custom solutions. An adaptable design is said to simplify integration of zero-backlash couplings into servo systems. The couplings are available with bore sizes from 1 to 100 mm, and torque capacities up to 5,000 Nm. The devices can be used in semiconductor, wafer inspection, or other precision applications. Rimtec Corp., www.rimteccorporation.com. Enter 620

PMC card

The Master Follower Resolver PMC card option for the Emerald EMC-2000 Multi-axis motion controller provides absolute position information with programmable 12-,14-, and 16-bit resolution. The resolver-to-digital conversion accuracy is plus or minus 8 arc-min. Position trap input is 24V dc at a 20 mA maximum, with a trap delay of less than 5 microsec. This PMC card option is suited for applications such as press controls, where the absolute position of the press crankshaft is needed to initialize tooling. Industrial Indexing Systems, www.iis-servo.com. Enter 621


CoreTech(R) encoders offer incremental counts from 1 to 1,892. Absolute encoders have resolutions between 2 and 32,768 steps. Both types are available in solid-, hub-, and hollow-shaft versions with 2-inch, 2.5-inch, and 60-mm housings. An 820-kHz bandwidth and a firmware-generated marker pulse of 90 or 180 degrees reportedly provides reliable incremental feedback at speeds up to 10,000 rpm, while maintaining marker width and synchronization. A Zero Set feature is said to ease alignment of electrical and mechanical position. Stegmann Inc., www.stegmann.com. Enter 622

Ball transfers

Double-seal ball transfer units resist contamination. The top seal keeps large particles from penetrating the unit. The inner seal skims away liquid and fine particulates from the ball before they are expelled through side vents. Offered in steel, stainless steel, or nylon, the units range incrementally in size from .50 inch to 2 inches. Load capacities are from 50 to 4,480 lbs. The ball transfers can be mounted with bolts, tubes, plates, clamps, flanges, or spring-clips. SKF Motion Technologies, www.skf.com. Enter 623

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