Power-off motor brake

DN Staff

January 19, 1998

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Power-off motor brake

What happens when you run a load up the "Z" axis, and cut power? Without a stepper/servo with a brake, the load crashes. Designed to mount on the front end of a stepper or servo motor, this power-off brake uses permanent magnets to hold the load in the absence of power or voltage.

Compact and powerful, this stepper/servo brake (SSB) employs dual, pre-loaded, sealed bearings on the output flange to sustain large overhung loads. SSB offers fast response times with zero backlash, and uses an O-ring on the input flange to meet IP65 splashproof and dustproof requirements.

SSB takes only minutes to install, and comes in NEMA 23, 34, and 42 sizes. Available in 24 and 90V dc, the SSB has a black anodized aluminum housing.

Feather Foster, Electroid Co., 45 Fadem Rd., Springfield, NJ 07081; (973) 467-8100.

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