Plastics, Metals, & Other Materials

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December 2, 2002

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Plastics, Metals, & Other Materials

Nylon resins

Zytel(R) DMX modified nylon resins feature chemical resistance, high-temperature resistance, toughness, strength, low friction, low wear, and hydrolytic stability. Using the company's Advantage technology to provide melt-flow properties, the material allows engineers to design with thinner walls and longer, more complex flow paths than other plastics. These resins are available in a variety of stiffness, strength, and toughness properties, including glass-reinforced grades, mineral-reinforced resins, flame-retardant, glass-reinforced grades, and super tough and toughened resins. Dupont Engineering Polymers, Enter 606

Materials launcher

The Volantis(R) compressible materials launcher mechanically separates flexible PU-foam from auto shredder residue (ASR) according to compression, acceleration, weight of the particles, and gravity, eliminating manual separation. The company reports that compressible material is discharged further than non-compressible material, but both are collected for processing. Central Manufacturing Inc., Enter 607

Density process

The ANCORMAX(TM) D process reportedly increases pore-free densities in ferrous metal powder parts. Using new lubricant technology with press-ready premixes and single-compaction processing, P/M fabricators achieve sintered densities between 7.4 and 7.45 g/cm3 and up to 98% pore-free densities. The process requires compaction rates of 45 to 50 tons/inch2 and die temperatures of 145 to 160F. Hoeganaes Corp., Enter 608

Polymer material

Liquid crystalline polymer is used in high performance electronics requiring chemical resistance, high frequency, and fine line high density interconnect. Polymer features a 0.04% moisture absorption factor, a 0.002 dissipation factor, a dielectric constant of 2.9, and a matched coefficient of thermal expansion to copper at 17 ppm/C. Applications include chip packaging, inkjet printer cartridges, LCD drivers, and flex interconnections. Rogers Corp., Enter 609


The Parafluor ULTRA(TM) FF354-65 white perfluorinated elastomer is a low closure force seal material designed for high purity, high temperature sealing applications. Made with temperature resistance up to 600F, the material has a low 65 durometer, easing the installation of O-rings and other seal types into less common groove shapes. Its low particle generation makes it suitable for pharmaceutical processing, semiconductor fabrication, medical device manufacturing, and maintenance repair applications. Parker Hannifin, Enter 610

Coating system

MicroBlue(R) High Performance Coating System offers a mechanical/molecular bond of uniform thickness regardless of material type or part geometry that, according to the company, may only be removed by abrasive contact with the base material. Requiring no binders, the coating can reportedly withstand load forces over 300,000 psi. The system is intended to reduce friction and noise, eliminate galling, and improve lubricant efficiency. Material Technologies Inc., Enter 611


This line of Desmopan(R) aliphatic thermoplastic polyurethanes (ATPUs) is fully colorable for use in tough outdoor applications. They provide heat resistance, increased elasticity, UV-color stability, and improved rebound characteristics to sports-related, leisure, electronic, and industrial equipment. TPUs were formerly made with dark colors that would hide fading, colorshifting, and dirt; these ATPUs make it possible to design outdoor products with vibrant colors. Bayer Corp., Enter 612

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