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September 9, 2002

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Plastics, Metals, and Other Materials

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Rubber tubing

VITUBE(R), the 100% pure Viton(R) flexible rubber tubing, is designed with chemical, heat, and weather resistance for applications in chemical processing and transfer, fuel and oil lines, peristaltic pumps, appliances, cable jacketing, and solvent conveyance. The material resists petroleum-based fluids and hydrocarbons, and it does so at reportedly high temperatures, operating within a -30 to 400F temperature range.

New Age Industries Inc., www.newageindustries.com. Enter 618

Stainless steel compounds

The Stat-Kon(R) line of electrically active compounds now includes stainless steel fiber-filled compounds for electrostatic discharge, used in base polymers, such as PPS, PEEK, and other high-temperature resins. Designed for applications needing high-temperature performance and non-sloughing ESD protection, compounds are available with internal lubricants, impact modifiers, and performance-enhancing additives.

LNP Engineering Plastics, www.lnp.com. Enter 619


Keltan(R) 7631A, the company's new "global grade", features a high molecular weight for filler and plasticiser use, high ethylene content for applications requiring good mechanical properties, and moderate ENB-level for fast curing. The new grade is suitable for coolant hoses, exhaust pipe mounts, and other uses requiring heat stability and dynamic performance.

DSM Elastomers, www.dsm.nl. Enter 620


SEPTON(R) 4077, a "SEEPS" polymer, is the latest hydrogenated styrenic block copolymer, suited for applications requiring soft touch and good physical properties, such as sports equipment, handles and buttons, hardware and power tools, and soft touch grips. The polymer offers reportedly high oil loadings and reduced oil migration when the ethylene propylene rubber midblock structure of SEEPS is compounded with other resins.

Septon Co. of America Inc. Enter 621

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