Ondrives’ Synchroflex® Timing Pulleys and Belts

July 14, 2009

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Ondrives’ Synchroflex® Timing Pulleys and Belts

MOTION CONTROL:  Ondrives Ltd. has added a range of Generation III Synchroflex® timing pulleys and belts to the newly launched precision gears section of the company’s 1,040-page catalogue. The timing belts are manufactured from a steel-reinforced polyurethane material and feature a high-power metric pitch AT profile with trapezoidal toothform. Sizes vary from 5 mm pitch and a 10 mm belt width up to 10 mm pitch, 50 mm belt width as standard with intermediate and larger belt widths available on request. The matching pulleys are made from aluminum with a zinc-plated flange and are centre drilled or pilot bore. There are two execution types available and technical specifications vary from 0.8 kW input power up to 15kW and torque from 7.64 to143.25 Nm.


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