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December 13, 2004

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New and Notable Product Design

A New Take on Managing Image Distortion

Infocus LP540 ( Even the best PowerPoint presentation can suffer if the projector is mounted at a sharp angle producing a distorted image called the keystone effect. Besides having several features including front, rear, and ceiling projection methods, InFocus LP540 projector uses an Analog Devices iMEMS accelerometer to accurately measure the projection angle in any given setting. The accelerometer provides the tilt angle data to the Digital Keystone Correction software in the controller, which automatically determines the level of correction necessary (up to plus or minus 25 degrees) to digitally resize the image and provide a square and undistorted image. For more info on Analog Devices' iMEMS accelerometers, go to

Notepad Computer Knows Which Way is Up

Toshiba Portege M200 ( The graphics capability of the M200 Tablet PC allows a speaker to add hand-written notes or diagrams to a document during a presentation or meeting-so long as the computer knows which side is up. By integrating a low-cost, compact, dual-axis accelerometer into the design, engineers made it possible to determine the orientation. The tilt input from Analog Devices' plus or minus 2g, accelerometer also allows users to view the top and bottom of a web page by simply tilting the computer up and down. Tilting the notebook from left to right while viewing an eBook or digital magazine automatically turns the page, thanks to the signal from the accelerometer. For more info on Analog Devices' ADXL311 accelerometer, go to

Self-Orienting Camera Phone

The V401D by Mitsubishi Electric ( Engineers at Mitsubishi realized it would be great to know which side of a cell phone is up when taking photos with it. To distinguish the portrait from the landscape mode in their 2G cell phone handset with integrated camera, they selected a low-g CMOS-based MEMS accelerometer to sense tilt. In addition to sensing the phone's position, the accelerometer made possible a pedometer feature to count the steps and measure the distance traveled. In the future, engineers plan to use it as an input for games. Unfortunately, the V401D is currently available only in Japan. For more info on the MEMSIC CMOS Thermal Accelerometer, go to

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