National Design Engineering Show

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March 4, 1996

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National Design Engineering Show

Ball screws

Super-smooth-running, miniature ball screw assemblies offer lead accuracies of 0.002 inch per foot or less and maximum backlash of 0.001 inch. Standard sizes range from 4- to 14-mm diameters with high-resolution leads as low as 1 mm and fast leads as high as 20 mm. The ball screw assemblies are stock items offered with custom-end machining services.
Ball Screws & Actuators Co. Inc.
Booth 2227 3616 Snell Ave. San Jose, CA 95136 FAX (408) 629-2620


Ceramic capacitance sensors provide accurate and cost-effective pressure measurement for a variety of industries. The adaptable sensor design can be packaged to suit a multitude of applications. Markets served include HVAC, diesel engine/off-highway, medical, general industrial, power, oil and gas, automotive, aerospace, pulp and paper, as well as various process-control markets. The sensors are available in 4-20 mA and many voltage output options, and electrical and process connections can be adapted for the appropriate application. Pressure ranges are available from 0.5 inch H20 to 3,000 psi.
Kavlico Corp. Booth 1153 14501 Los Angeles Ave. Moorpark, CA 93021
FAX (805) 523-7125


Mini, 18-mm series, field-attachable connectors are for use with sensors, junction boxes, and network communication systems. They allow for easy installation of cables at the factory level. Available in 3, 4, and 5 poles, the RSC (male) and RKC (female) configurations comply with IP67 ratings, providing a solid, watertight seal against most oils and chemicals. The field-attachable connectors are offered with cable ranges that suit most applications. Screw clamp terminations make assembly quick and easy, eliminating crimp tools and/or soldering irons.
Lumberg Inc. Booth 2205 11351 Business Center Dr. Richmond, VA 23236 FAX (804) 379-3232


CTS compact-guide rod cylinders have a twin-guide rod construction to prevent rotation of the tooling connected to the cylinder. These units are for use in tight-fitting applications and are available in both English and metric versions. They are offered in eight standard sizes ranging from 12- to 63-mm bore and standard stroke lengths ranging from 1/8 to 47/8 inches in 1/8-inch increments. The CTS cylinders are constructed with hard, chrome-plated steel piston rods and guide rods to resist wear and prolong life of the unit. They have thru and threaded holes for easy mounting. Units feature a diagonal tool plate to allow front mounting of the cylinder.
PHD Inc. Booth 125 Box 9070 Fort Wayne, IN 46899 FAX (219) 747-6754.

Slide bush

Interchangeable TOPBALL Slide Bush offers up to 27 times the normal life of conventional slide bush bearings. The load plates feature ground raceway surfaces that provide a circular arch contact to the ball for up to three times the normal load capacities.
NB Corp. of America Booth 2034 651 Fargo Ave. Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 FAX (708) 640-9659

Plastic prototypes

Q-Drive(TM) offers two to four week turnaround on precision injection-molded plastic components in low volume production runs and prototype runs. Compliance with ISO, JGMA, and AGMA standards assures production quality. Unit pricing, without capital investment for tooling, affords OEM designers a fast, economical way to obtain high-quality parts in low volume.
Seitz Corp. Booth 2057 Box 1398 Torrington, CT 06790 FAX (203) 482-6616


Inserts for strong threads in metal are available with internal threads from 4-40 through 1-8 and metric from M3 through M16. For plastics, thread inserts are available in sizes from 0-80 through 3/8-16 and metric from M3 through M6. Produced in three configurations, thread inserts for wood are available in sizes from 4-40 through 3/8-16. Stainless-steel, extra-heavy wall inserts and kit assortments are also available.
E-Z Lok Booth 1256 240 E. Rosecrans Ave. Gardena, CA 90248

Grease reservoir

Half-gallon grease reservoir uses pressurized air, acting on a piston, to pressurize the grease. The unit is supplied with a built-in air regulator and pressure gage for easy adjustment. The reservoir is rated to 100 psig operating pressure. A safety relief valve, on the grease side, is set at 120 psig to prevent over-pressurization. Designed for rugged environments, the reservoir is molded from a sturdy filament-wound fiberglass that has high-contact clarity, rigid walls, and chemical resistance to a wide range of fluids. The reservoir is suitable for temperatures from -40 to 120F. It is placed between two aluminum end-plates and held securely together by plated steel tie-rods at each corner.
Oil-Rite Corp. Booth 2417 Box 1207 Manitowoc, WI 54221 FAX (414) 682-7699


The P40 measuring gauge is a plunger-type, linear optical encoder for travel lengths up to 40 mm. It can be used in a quality control laboratory, as well as on the factory floor. It incorporates ball-bearing plunger guides for smooth operation and greater resistance to side loads, and an internal ASIC for electronic interpolation. The plunger is spring-loaded to return to the fully-extended position. It generates quadrature square waves, allowing a resolution of 10, 5, 2, 1, or 0.5aem. The encoder's accuracy at 20C is n0.5aem or n1.0aem.
Gurley Precision Instruments Booth 2711 514 Fulton St. Troy, NY 12181 FAX (518) 274-0336


Model 701 streamlined, corrosion-resistant swivel caster is manufactured with a powder-coated, zinc die-cast, single-leg body design. With sealed, precision ball bearings in the swivel and "splash-proof" ball bearings in the wheel, the caster offers smooth swiveling and rolling ease on both hard and carpeted floors. Integral thread guards protect the wheel bearings from thread, hair, sutures, and other debris. Each caster has 200 lbs load capacity. The Series 701 caster can be supplied with several mounting types, including top plates, solid-pin stems, and threaded stems.
Jilson Casters Inc. Booth 2538 20 Industrial Rd. Lodi, NJ 07644


The Flotect(TM) Model L8 is a magnetically actuated level control with body and float made from durable polyphenylene sulfide for compatibility with liquids that can damage some metallic materials. A leak-proof body protects a SPTD snap switch that is actuated by a ceramic 8 magnet, permanently bonded within the end of the float arm. The UL recognized control is rated for 5A @ 125/250V ac; 0.5A resistive, 3A inductive @ 30V dc. Gold contacts are available as an option for dry circuits. 18 AWG wire leads are 18 inches long. Temperature limit is 212F and maximum pressure is 150 psig.
Dwyer Instruments Inc. Booth 2502 Box 373 Michigan City, IN 46361 FAX (219) 872-9057


Dynamic optical window detects and reacts to moving objects as small as 0.03 inches when they break an infrared "pane." Capable of 100/sec trigger rates, the Window uses a continuous row of optical sensors to eliminate "blind" areas. Adjustable sensitivity allows the user to pre-set the minimum target size for triggering. Signal duration is adjustable across a 10 to 300-ms range to suit the speed of the controller, and establish cut-offs for detection of asymmetric parts. Signal response time is 200 aesec. All models are temperature-rated from 14 to 131F, and are self-contained within an IP 65 anodized aluminum housing.
Balluff Inc. Booth 625 8125 Holton Dr. Florence, KY 41042 FAX (606) 727-7752


Control Center is designed to help companies better organize documents and workflow for a single user or the entire design team. It organizes documents into projects, and users into workgroups. When a project becomes active, documents within that project are available only to specified workgoups. Powerful criteria-based searches in any file can be used to locate and retrieve specific documents. Key benefits and features include multi-level security with password access to the document "vault," revision- and release-cycle control, document flow control, and collision and access control. The control center runs on any PC compatible network.
CADMAX Corp. Booth 1240 258 Village Sq. Baltimore, MD 21210 FAX (410) 433-1192


Gasketing and tape materials are pressure sensitive and adhesive coated. They are available in slit rolls from .25-inch to 36-inches wide and in thicknesses from 1/32 to .50 inch. The tape and gasketing materials are supplied in polyester, polyether, vinyl, neoprene, polyethylene foams, cork, felt, and cork and rubber. The tapes are supplied with adhesive on one or both sides. Materials can be die-cut to user specifications.
Pres-On Tape & Gasket Corp. Booth 2737 21 Factory Rd. Addison, IL 60101 FAX (708) 628-8025


Model 300 permanent magnet dc gearmotor is UL/CSA approved and is rated at .25 HP with voltages of 90 and 180V. Applications include conveyor drives, packaging equipment, food processing equipment, and robotic material handling. Model 300 features TENV design, reversible design, double-shielded ball bearing construction, class "F" insulation, externally replaceable brushes, and dynamically balanced armature.
RAE Corp. Booth 2051 4615 W. Prime Pkwy. McHenry, IL 60050 FAX (815) 344-1580


The Rafi KN power switch features a low profile, short travel, and tactile feedback, allowing designers to install it onto keyboards with hard caps or membrane overlays. No additional openings are needed when the switch is used under overlays. This reduces the risk of contamination and makes cleaning the keyboard surfaces easy.
C&K Components, Claymax/Unimax Div. Booth 2308 8182 U.S. Highway 70 W. Clayton, NC 27520 FAX (919) 553-6335


Spring-fast cushion grommets protect cables from abrasion and meet UL94VO. Made of Nylon 11 coated stainless steel and a sacrificial polymer cushion, they are durable, smooth, and conform to any two-axis contour. The 300 series spring stainless-steel core provides strength and flexibility. Tight-gripping spring fingers eliminate labor-intensive toxic adhesives and VOCs. Applications include airframe, computer, peripheral, and power supply. The grommets are available in custom-cut lengths, kits, or 25- and 100-foot reels. Sheet thickness range from 0.020 to 0.250 inches.
Device Technologies Inc. Booth 588 3 Brigham St. Marlborough, MA 01752 FAX (508) 229-2622

Casting material

Cermacast(TM) 673 is a silicon carbide-based ceramic potting compound used to fabricate high-temperature components and tooling, as well as encapsulate electrical assemblies. It has a temperature resistance to 3,200F. Hydraulic-setting ceramics are supplied in powder form, and when mixed with water, develop a strong hydraulic bond. Chemical setting ceramics have high thermal conductivity, are quick setting, and can be applied in cross-sections up to 1-inch diameter by .75-inch deep.
Aremco Products Inc. Booth 381 Box 429 Ossining, NY 10562 FAX (914) 762-1663

Filtration unit

The OF5 series of portable filtration/- pumping devices transfers and filters hydraulic fluids. They feature Betamicron filter elements that maintain Beta ratios in excess of 100. The filter media's high retention capacity and the use of multiple extended-length spin-on elements assure the capture of a large quantity of particulates with a minimal number of circulation passes. Model A utilizes two spin-on elements mounted in parallel on a single head to circulate the oil. Model B incorporates four elements, allowing a different one to be used in each stage.
Hycon/Hydac Booth 2600 2260 City Line Rd. Bethlehem, PA 18017 FAX (610) 266-8718


Visco-elastic shock mounts exhibit high damping properties that remain stable over broad temperature and frequency ranges. The visco-elastic materials are suited for applications requiring shock absorption, vibration isolation, and acoustical damping.
Sorbothane Inc. Booth 959 Box 178 Kent, OH 44240 FAX (216) 678-1303


The AE wheel is made of a compounded urethane elastomer that offers high abrasion resistance and impact strength, as well as low rolling resistance. The symmetrical hub design allows the wheel to withstand severe impact generated by shock loading. It is available with load capacities from 400 to 1,200 lbs per caster, in sizes from 3- to 8-inch wheel diameters, and with four different types of wheel bearings.
Darnell Corp. Booth 376 17915 Railroad St. City of Industry, CA 91748 FAX (818) 912-3765


Dual-scale thermometer gages are for applications such as tanks, reservoirs, steel-mill pumps, hydraulic presses, and where it is desirable to indicate liquid levels and temperature. Liquid reaches the sight glass through a lower hollow mounting bolt, while displaced air vents back into the reservoir through the upper hollow mounting bolt. Unrestricted passages permit fast, accurate liquid/temperature level response. The sight glass encapsulates the thermometer, with a temperature range from 0 to 220F. The gage body is aluminum extrusion and the endblocks are machined aluminum with steel-plated mounting bolts.
Oil-Rite Corp. Booth 2417 Box 1207 Manitowoc, WI 54221 FAX (414) 682-7699

Interface board

The model ASC/3 interface board is for use as an absolute encoder for motion control applications from an IBM(R)-compatible PC. Users can set the ASC/3 data-transmission baud rate from 28 kHz to 3.6 MHz, which correspond to data update rates from 1,000 to 100,000 encoder reads per second. The user can configure the data size (from 14 to 17 bits) and parity (even or odd) by on-board jumpers. An I/O read from the computer will input the data from the ASC/3 to the user's CPU.
Gurley Precision Instruments Booth 2711 514 Fulton St. Troy, NY 12181 FAX (518) 274-0336


Available in D- and E-sized models, the TechJET Color GT inkjet plotter produces color images at a resolution of 360 dpi, and black and white images at 720 dpi, all on cut-sheet or roll-feed media. Both models accommodate ink cartridges with a large ink capacity, output on many types of media, include a variable-width roll-media adapter, offer additional Windows drivers, and provide fast throughput.
CalComp Booth 1028 2411 W. La Palma Ave. Anaheim, CA 92801 FAX (714) 821-2832


SMA motors are compatible with current and future requirements of heavy-duty hydraulic power systems. The high-torque, low-speed radial piston motor absorbs the continuous shock loads that can damage gearboxes and mechanical drives. It operates at speeds within a 0 to 1,000 rpm band. Continuous pressure capability of 350 bar and high starting torque make the SMA useful for applications including trenching machines, asphalt reclaimers, and waste shredders.
Rotary Power Inc. Booth 738 2200 Wilson Rd. Columbus, OH 43228 FAX (614) 876-9029

Terminal blocks

Sectional terminal blocks are made up of individual molded units with electrically conductive members that, when assembled together, make up the block with the required number of circuits. These DIN sectional terminal blocks will fit on a standard DIN 3 rail.
Marathon Special Products Booth 960 Box 468 Bowling Green, OH 43402 FAX (800) 515-7151


650 parallel shaft gearmotors deliver torques up to 720 lb-inches, with a gearbox that measures only 5 x 6.25 x 5.75. Speeds range from 1 to 160 RPM, offering particular benefits in slow-speed, high-torque applications such as conveyor systems, food processing equipment, pallet wrapping equipment, swimming-pool-cover drives, solar heating, and floor-cleaning equipment. The series is available with a choice of motors including split phase or permanent split capacitor ac or permanent magnet dc, with ratings of b, 1/6, and .50 HP. There is also a wide range of gear ratios, from 11:1 to 1,413:1. For use in products that will be sold internationally, these gearmotors are also offered with metric mounting and output shaft configurations, and IEC IP 54 ratings.
Bison Gear and Engineering Booth 1847 2424 Wisconsin Ave. Downers Grove, IL 60515 FAX (708) 968-3049


Flowdrill thermal drills are tungsten carbide tools designed to produce precision bushings in thin metals. The ratio of the tool diameter to material thickness can range from 3:1 to 6:1. Thermal drilling takes advantage of the energy that is generated from the friction of the rotating tool being pressed against the surface of the workpiece.
Handler Tool Sales Inc. Booth 1853 425 Huehl Rd., Unit 14 Northbrook, IL 60062 FAX (847) 272-1140


BB series miniature, pressure-reducing regulators are designed to control gas or liquid media at pressures up to 6,000 psig. They feature an adjustable or preset pressure mechanism and a choice of outlet pressure ranges up to 1,800 psig maximum. A spring-loaded, piston sensor design offers a high life cycle. BB regulators are constructed of aluminum with stainless-steel trim parts. They are available in high and low pressure with a choice of three pressure ranges each. The outlet pressure ranges can be varied by exchanging load springs from the control knob side of the regulator.
Tescom Booth 2231 12616 Industrial Blvd. Elk River, MN 55330 FAX (612) 241-3224


Lempcoloy solid, low-friction bearings are suitable for either linear or rotary motion. They offer a low coefficient of friction for smooth operation, while also offering considerably higher PV values than most typical bearings. The bearings provide excellent corrosion resistance, a broad operating-temperature range, and good electrical insulating properties. They are interchangeable with ball bushing styles and bronze and plastic bearings in both inch and metric sizes.
Lempco Industries Inc. Booth 481 5490 Dunham Rd. Cleveland, OH 44137 FAX (216) 475-7113


Weld fasteners, including nuts, screws, and pins, are designed for permanent attachment to steel through the process of resistance welding. The parts are manufactured from low-carbon and stainless steels. Leveling screws are available for height adjustments on cabinets, furniture, etc.
The Ohio Nut & Bolt Co. Booth 2622 33 First Ave. Berea, OH 44017 FAX (216) 243-4006

Leveling mounts

"Level-It" and "Anti-Vibe" swivel base leveling mounts eliminate equipment from being unstable and not level by having the ability to adjust the wide pad, via the hex, to the uneven surface on which it is placed. They are offered in stud type or threaded socket type, and in a variety of sizes from 10-32 to 1.25 and metric M6 to M24. The mounts are available in plated steel, stainless steel, and Delrin(TM) pads. They are for machine applications requiring high stability from vibration interruption of other equipment.
J.W. Winco Inc. Booth 640 Box 510035 New Berlin, WI 53151 FAX (800) 472-0670

Chopper drive

P/N 40105 chopper drive has on-board motor current control with no external fixed resistors required. It requires one, single-power source to supply motor current and logic circuitry, and runs low-inductance and low-voltage steppers. The drive has on-board, single-stepping, push-button, direction and enable switches on board, and full- featured external I/O functions.
Haydon Switch & Instrument Inc. Booth 2159 1500 Meriden Rd. Waterbury, CT 06705 FAX (203) 756-8724


The 5320/5327 ICS Design Casters are corrosion and rust resistant. Thermoplastic or polyurethane wheels are available. A rounded profile design reduces rolling resistance, allowing smooth rolling in any environment. The casters are available in 4- and 5-inch swivel, or without the total lock system. They are easy to clean, and withstand disinfectants and detergents.
Tente Casters Inc. Booth 2253 2266 Southpark Dr. Hebron, KY 41048 FAX (606) 586-5859


Lever-type solenoid valves are available in 2- and 3-way configurations. The valve bodies are made from Ultem(R), Noryl(R), or polysulfone. The elastomeric seals are available in Viton(R), EPDM, or silicone rubber. The valves offer the design advantages of relatively large orifice sizes (from 0.047 to 0.354 inches), and low internal volume. Operating voltages range from 3.6 through 24V dc or 24 through 220V ac/60Hz. Valve seating forces are carefully controlled to minimize wear and extend cycle life
Farmington Engineering Inc. Booth 961 7 Orchard Park Rd. Madison, CT 06443 FAX (203) 245-30702

Slip-resistant products

DIAMONDBACK(R) is an integrated system of extruded-aluminum, slip-resistant components designed for improved safety on access, walking, and working surfaces. The products are strong yet lightweight, and feature a corrosion-resistant finish that is virtually maintenance free.
Cressona Aluminum Co. Booth 2341 53 Pottsville St. Cressona, PA 17929 FAX (717) 385-8832

Clamping cylinders

Pneumatic cylinders are for use in automated machinery and fixturing for assembly automation. The range of bore size starts at a miniature 5/16 inch and ends at a large 8 inches, with six bores under one inch. All products are designed to save space, be easy to mount, and be long-lived in demanding limited-space applications. Functional extruded-aluminum bodies, low-friction seals, chrome-plated stainless-steel piston rods, and digital output limit sensors are all standard features.
Compact Air Products Inc. Booth 2348 Box 499 Westminster, SC 29693 FAX (864) 647-2022


N85.3 diaphragm vacuum pump pumps 5 liters/min flow and 29.2-inches Hg end vacuum in a compact, oil-free package. It features a patented, FEA-designed structure molded into the diaphragm that controls flexibility for high efficiency. It also offers a multi-port valve system that increases flow, gas-tightness, and reliability. Ryton(R)/neoprene and chemically-resistant Ryton(R)/- Teflon(R)/Kalrez(R) materials are standard with ac, dc, and brushless dc motors. Some models are available to 29.8-inches Hg vacuum.
KNF Neuberger Inc. Booth 2043 2 Black Forest Rd. Trenton, NJ 08691 FAX (609) 890-8323


PEM(R) self-clinching fasteners provide strong threads in metal and pc boards too thin to be tapped. They are designed to minimize the amount of necessary mounting hardware, to speed assembly, and to provide secure attachments. STANDARD INSERT(R) threaded inserts provide strong, durable threads in plastic materials in applications such as computers and terminal boards, business machines, aerospace, communications equipment, and instrument cases.
Penn Engineering & Mfg. Corp. Booth 2305 Box 1000 Danboro, PA 18916 FAX (215) 766-0143


DM-225i microstep control/driver commands motor movement directly without relying on pulse generation and interpretative circuitry. It converts motion commands directly to motor currents, eliminating the need for step motor indexers and reducing the overall cost of system hardware. The DM-225i includes circuitry required for I/O communications and encoder feedback, as well as C/C++ motion control library functions. The driver can be used in conjunction with a host control IBM PC or compatible, or as a run-time system without the PC.
American Precision Industries Booth 2457 45 Hazelwood Dr. Amherst, NY 14228 FAX (716) 691-9181


TRISYN 3-Phase stepping motors produce less noise and vibration than either 2- or 5-phase stepping motors. They also offer high torque at low speeds. To further reduce noise and vibration, the motors are available with 1/1, .50, .25, and 1/8 micro-step drives. These motors employ six-pole construction, with standard step angles of 0.6, 1.2, and 3.75 deg/step. Interface with the motor is accomplished through a three-lead connector.
Japanese Products Corp. Booth 2051 272 Main Ave. Norwalk, CT 06851 FAX (203) 840-1601


N86 and N98 adhesives provide a high initial grab when applied to difficult-to-adhere-to surfaces. N86 is a clear adhesive tested for oily appliance and automotive label applications. N98, the white pigmented version of N86, is for low-energy plastic surfaces, such as textured polypropylene and ABS. Both adhesives satisfy outdoor power equipment manufacturer's oil and gas exposure requirements.
Avery Dennison, Industrial Products Div. Booth 642 15939 Industrial Pkwy. Cleveland, OH 44135 FAX (216) 676-2739

Packaging materials

Sheets and planks protect and cushion a variety of shipments, from intricate computer boards to fragile glassware and perishable food items. They are available with a minimum thickness of .25 inch, in a variety of colors, both standard and custom sizes, and in several forms, including end caps, pouches, edge protectors, rolls, and die-cut shapes. Specialty ingredients can be added to meet individual application needs. Sheets and planks are made from starch; can be disposed of by composting, rinsing with water, or leaving outside for the rain to wash away; and are biodegradable and environmentally safe.
American Excelsior Co. Booth 2743 Box 5067 Arlington, TX 76011 FAX (817) 649-7816

Metal injection molding

Metal injection molding (MIM) uses fine metal powders that are blended with a binder system to create a compound that can be molded in conventional plastic-injection-molding equipment. The binder is removed from the molded parts using either a thermal or solvent debind process. The final step is a high-temperature vacuum sintering. The finished parts are typically 96 to 99% of the metals' theoretical density.
PCC/Advanced Forming Technology Booth 1349 2150 Miller Dr. Longmont, CO 80501 FAX (303) 651-6143


Small, oil-less compressors are available in models from 0.25 to 1.5 hp with outputs ranging from 20 to 175 l/minute/0.7-7.0 cfm. Some models include adsorption air-dryers which ensure absolutely clean and dry air with a dew point of -40C/F, eliminating the possibility of bacterial growth in the compressed air. The compressors are rated for continuous duty and are suited for medical, laboratory, dental, and pneumatic/automation applications.
Jun-Air USA Inc. Booth 2763 1303 Barclay Blvd. Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 FAX (708) 215-9449

Marking machines

Automatic ink code-marking machines may be mounted in any orientation. Simple, smooth operation means minimal maintenance and improved impressions. Fast drying ink (typically one second or less in all basic colors including white) can be easily changed with the quick-change ink reservoir. A removable marking head makes message changing fast and easy. The sealed ink system allows discontinuous operations with immediate start-up of comparable previous impressions.
Sprinter Marking Inc. Booth 2163 220 N. Fourth St. Zanesville, OH 43701 FAX (614) 453-6750

Terminal blocks

Terminal blocks are available in European-styled pluggable or side-stackable versions with various center-to-center spacing: 0.1 inch, 5 mm, 0.2 inch, 7.5 mm, and 10 mm. All of the micro-sized MSD series terminal blocks are either of cage clamp or with/without wire guards. Other models include high-power thermoplastic or phenolic terminal strips of various mounting styles. Some carry ratings up to 30A, 600V.
Blockmaster Electronics Inc. Booth 1688 2350 Brickvale Dr. Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 FAX (708) 595-4545

Fire shield

Fire shield is designed to prevent fires caused by damaged or deteriorated power cords. It protects appliance and extension cords from electrical fires, and provides shock protection for individuals from hazardous electrical ground fault conditions. Fire Shield models are available in two- and three-wire cordsets.
Technology Research Corp. Booth 2276 5250 140th Ave. North Clearwater, FL 34620 FAX (813) 535-4828


Socket pins are low-cost female sockets for easy replacement of printed circuit board plug-in's and semiconductor devices. They are low-profile, high-density, and made from beryllium copper and are gold plated. Model P59-220 accepts a 0.010 through 0.017 inches male, and P70-022A accepts a 0.017 to 0.020 inches male. They can be used either directly in printed circuit boards or with a molded socket assembly. In a printed circuit board they are soldered in place, usually while plugged into a device for ease of handling. The device can then be removed and replugged at will. In plastic assemblies, sockets are molded or inserted in place.
Autoswage Products Inc. Booth 359 726 River Rd. Shelton, CT 06484 FAX (203) 929-6187

Imaging system

The Prism DS infrared imaging system utilizes focal plan array (FPA) detector technology, a 486 microprocessor, and PC Cards for 12-bit data storage of field-captured images. AnalyzIR+(TM), its companion image analysis and report generation software, offers advanced features allowing the user extensive analysis ability.
FLIR Systems Inc. Booth 1557 16505 Southwest 72nd St. Portland, OR 97224 FAX (503) 684-3207


The Molveno TECHNO(TM) Series of rockers for 13- x 19-mm panel cutouts are water and dust resistant, compact, and durable. They can handle 100A inrush and feature International Agency Approvals at 15A, 125V ac and 10A, 250V ac. The DUOTONE(TM) molded rocker indicates the "ON" position without the added cost of illumination.
DNA Group Inc. Booth 2627 Box 31727 Raleigh, NC 27622 FAX (919) 881-0144


24-V FailSafe GuardSwitch(TM) non-contact, safety-interlock switches use a watchdog circuit that allows them to remain in an open electrical configuration. The Level II switches are defeat resistant and useful for industrial applications, such as the packaging and manufacturing industries. Unlike standard reed switch interlocks, the circuit has been designed to have an "open" failure mode. If the main reed sticks closed when the guard opens, or if the watchdog reed sticks closed when the guard closes, the in-line fuse will blow, opening the circuit. The circuit will draw up to 4.5A to blow the fuse in less than 200 msec.
Sentrol Industrial Booth 1261 12345 S.W. Leveton Dr. Tualatin, OR 97062 FAX (503) 691-7563


Liquid tight cord grips are made of PVDF with a Viton(R)-form seal for harsh environments. They are resistant to most chemicals and can handle temperatures from -30 to 300F and pressures up to 150 psig. The splines allow for a substantial cable range for each of ten basic sizes and cable diameters from 1/16 to .75 inch. Threads are .25 inch to 1.50 inches NPT.
Sealcon Booth 1948 14853 E. Hinsdale Ave., Suite D Englewood, CO 80112 FAX (303) 680-5344


Series 6 fiber-optic modems allow for reliable communications in high EMI/RFI, lightning-prone applications, or over long distances. The duplex optical model has a self-healing ring capability built in, while the single-fiber model is compatible with low-cost fiber-optic slip rings for rotary applications. These modems are compatible with Allen Bradley and Honeywell PLC systems. The Series 6 modems slide into the PLC or Remote I/O rack for convenient mounting or can be mounted externally to the rack when the rack is full.
Weed Instrument Co. Inc. Booth 962 Box 300 Round Rock, TX 78680 FAX (512) 434-2801


Toolbox Professional software enhances the AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop with design automation tools intuitive to mechanical design. Users can streamline the creation of construction geometry, and create features in their solid models. It has the look and feel of AutoCAD and Designer. The menus are fully integrated with Autodesk products, and commands are accessible through easy-to-use dialog boxes. An automated menu integrator will build AutoCAD menus based on the individual configurations.
CINLOGIC Inc. Booth 1107 2 Wellman Ave. Nashua, NH 03060 FAX (603) 595-0381


The ADINA system includes programs for linear/nonlinear analysis of solids and structures, heat transfer analysis of solids, solution of field problems, and CFD. The software features a graphical user interface. It runs on PCs, workstations, and supercomputers, and interfaces to CAD programs.
Adina R & D Inc. Booth 911 71 Elton Ave. Watertown, MA 02172 FAX (617) 926-5199


Spesin(R) PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) resins combine excellent thermal and mechanical properties with easy processing. A general-purpose PBT provides excellent surface gloss and electrical properties, good chemical and weather resistance, and excellent elongation. Glass-fiber-reinforced resin offers excellent mechanical properties, especially tensile and flex strength. Spesin is available in three flame-retardant grades. The resins is suited for electrical and electronic parts, as well as for automotive and industrial applications.
Advanced Web Products Booth 2607 529 Fifth Ave. New York, NY 10017 FAX (212) 808-0190

Collars and couplings

Nomar(R) shaft collars and couplings are available in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Shaft collars are produced in one- and two-piece designs, with smooth and threaded bores, and in English and Metric sizes. Shaft couplings are available in one- and two-piece designs.
Ruland Manufacturing Co. Inc. Booth 2352 380 Pleasant St. Watertown, MA 02172 FAX (617) 924-9205


Single-disc, self-adjusting clutches mount on a driving or driven shaft. They cover transmitted horsepower ratings from fractional to 25 hp, torque ratings to 5,000 lb-inches with thermal capacities to 2.5 thermal horsepower, and maximum operating speeds to 3,600 rpm. Most are available in sheave, pilot, or coupling mount versions. Features include controlled acceleration, rapid cycling and indexing, positioning, tension control, overload protection, and torque limiting.
Horton Inc. Booth 2832 1170 15th Ave. S.E. Minneapolis, MN 55414 FAX (612) 378-6496

Metering pump

Three-port proportional metering pump will meter two separate fluid sources into a single fluid stream, or will divide a single fluid source into two separate proportionally metered outputs. Both the metering and valving functions are accomplished with a single positive-displacement piston, eliminating the need for check valves and/or diversion valves resulting in drift-free accuracy of better than 1%.
Fluid Metering Inc. Booth 2056 29 Orchard St. Oyster Bay, NY 11771 FAX (516) 624-8261


Metal stampings demonstrate the company's capability to produce welded contact terminals, fasteners, and threaded terminals. Welded contact terminals include silver tin-oxide as a contact material, as well as fine silver and silver alloys, such as silver nickel and silver cadmium oxide.
Mohawk Mfg. Co. Booth 495 1270 Newfield St. Middletown, CT 06457 FAX (860) 632-9015

Grid bases

S.A.F.E. grid bases can be produced in almost any shape or size with a standard grid pattern. Each hole has a precision bushing and threaded inserts so each can be used for positioning and/or clamping. Typical precision hole-to-hole tolerance is n0.0006 inches non-cumulative. Base material is class 40 gray cast iron or aluminum. The grid bases have universal use on all machines, and their reusable components make them useful for a variety of applications.
Advanced Machine & Engineering Co. Booth 731 2500 Latham St. Rockford Il 61103 FAX (815) 962-6076


Select A Fuse for Windows(R) is a PC-based, Windows-compatible program for selecting overcurrent protection for low- and medium-voltage motors, power and control transformers, and general loads. Select A Fuse provides comprehensive technical information, a full product cross reference, and the ability to check system coordination.
Gould Shawmut Booth 760 374 Merrimac St. Newburyport, MA 01950 FAX (508) 462-0181


Heavy-duty, vertical-handle toggle clamps deliver holding capacities of 750, 2,000, 3,000, or 6,000 lbs. They are available as complete clamps or as basic toggle clamps mated with optional handles, grips, clamping arms, and base plates. The complete clamps come with either a straight base or integral flanged base. A weldable pivot base is also available for mounting clamps at an angle. The clamps are suited for applications in automotive manufacturing and other production environments that require high clamping forces and long service life.
Carr Lane Mfg. Co. Booth 768 4200 Carr Lane Ct. St. Louis, MO 63119

Cable controls

Mechanical cable controls and actuation products provide remote actuation of any lock, release, or locking gas spring. Applications include furniture, physical fitness equipment, recreational vehicles, transportation and specialty seating, and medical furniture and equipment.
Cable Mfg. & Assembly Co. Inc. Booth 1453 10896 Industrial Pkwy. NW Bolivar, OH 44612 FAX (216) 874-2373

Linear drives

Rolling-ring linear drives combine compression and friction to convert rotary input from a motor into linear output. Pitch is adjustable, even "on-the-fly," while the smooth, threadless shaft rotates at a constant speed in a unidirectional manner. Applications include spooling, reciprocating, and positioning .
Amacoil Inc. Booth 2725 2100 Bridgewater Rd. Aston, PA 19014 FAX (610) 485-2357


Gearmotors feature either stepping motors or brushless dc or ac motors, making it possible to achieve lower speeds and higher torque. Parallel shaft gearheads, made with precision spur gearing, are integrated into the motors. Rated torque of the Size 23 is up to 22 lbs-in and 87 lbs-in for Size 34. Gearheads are grease lubricated and can be supplied with sleeve bearings or ball bearings. Furnished in die-cast housings, the motors have permanently lubricated ball bearings.
Eastern Air Devices Inc. Booth 2068 1 Progress Dr. Dover, NH 03820 FAX (603) 742-9080

Planning system

Process Innovator, a GT/CAPP ( Group Technology/Computer-Aided Process Planning) application, uses GT or other parts classification to achieve productivity and savings of either generative or variant process planning. It helps manufacturing and design engineers to develop, illustrate, and standardize methods and work instructions for manufacturing mechanical and electronic parts and assemblies. Three-tier client/server using object coding runs on multiple hardware and operating systems, and accesses current relational database managers such as Oracle, Sybase, and DBZ.
Cim Intelligence Systems Inc. Booth 486 1 Forbes Rd. Lexington, MA 02173 FAX (617) 863-8287

Slide system

The Hepco heavy-duty slide system combines long-length slides and flat tracks with a range of complementary and interchangeable components. The components may be used with double-row ball bearing assemblies or with blocks containing four-needle roller bearings. Slides and flat tracks are available up to 4 meters in length in both precision ground and commercial versions, along with a rack-cut option with pinions.
Bishop-Wisecarver Corp. Booth 700 2104 Martin Way Pittsburg, CA 94565 FAX (510) 439-5931


Zero-backlash metal bellows couplings provide servo-quality torsional stiffness while compensating for any type of misalignment between two rotating shafts. These lightweight, stainless-steel couplings are suited for use at very high rotational speeds with a torque range up to 12,390 lb-inches without backlash. They provide precise transmission from highly dynamic servo and vector drives to the ballscrew slides and gearboxes of CNC machine tools, packaging machinery, rotational presses, robots, textile and printing machines, and other high-performance applications. The couplings are non-disengageable, elastic, and form and friction fitting. They require no preventative maintenance.
Rimtec Corp. Booth 2063 825 N. Cass Ave., Suite 305 Westmont, IL 60559 FAX (708) 325-1404

Fabric welder

The Soni-join fabric welder uses ultrasonic energy to generate local heating between adjacent fibers in synthetic fabrics, such as nylon and polyester. The heating is sufficient to soften and even melt the fabric, allowing joining to occur by welding. Special applications include spot welding short batch lengths of polyester lace for continuous production porcessing, and joining lengths of synthetic elastic to form banded products.
S.R.A. Developments Ltd. Booth 2642 - 2645 Bremridge House, Bremridge Ashburton, Devon, UK, TQ13 7JX FAX 011-44-1364-653589

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