Multiple Wireless Sensor Control with Built-in Solar Panel

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March 15, 2011

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Multiple Wireless Sensor Control with Built-in Solar Panel

RugidComputer Inc.'s new WiSI canmonitor and provide power to sensors in remote locations where power is notavailable. It also provides for data acquisition and control in these remotelocations where it was previously not practical.

This is the kind of device "where you can climb amountain and put it on the mountaintop and never have to change the battery," saysCherylMelchior, vice president of Rugid Computer Inc. "What makes this great is theintegrated energy storage, so there are no batteries to change ormaintain."

WiSI has an integrated solar panel witha 10-year maintenance-free energy storage plan and communicates up to a weekwithout sunlight. WiSI's self-configuresinto a robust wireless network, adapts to changing environmental conditions andhas a 2.4GHz radio. Data is passed up to two miles per hop with 128-bit AESencryption.

StandardI/O includes four each: analog inputs, digital inputs, digital outputs; 5V and18V dc instrument supplies for powering sensors or a 4-20mA loop, 0.25mA supplyfor powering RTDs, and an RS232 port. WiSI networks integrate into systems viaModbus RTU. One WiSI can provide the functionality to monitor/control up to eightsensors that previously required an RTU, radio, battery, outdoor/weather-proof enclosure,antenna, solar panel and solar regulator.

Itweighs less-than 1 lb and packaging is designed to slip inside a 2-inch pipefor easy deployment. The radio requires no tools or additional fixtures formounting. Configuration is provided via free software and the lack of need for jumpersor DIP-switches eliminate the need to dismantle the radio package to changeconfiguration.

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